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Village Board Meeting
Oct 23, 2017



OCTOBER 23, 2017 – 6:00 PM

The regular monthly board meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM by Village President Mike Siegel with Trustees present as follows: Marty Pint, Amanda Swanson, Beth Baehmann, and Jackie Tollefson .  Also present were utility superintendent Tim Dornfeld, Fire Chief Eric Howlett, Citizens Dan & Martha Chaveriat, laurel Finger, Tim Swanson, and Carmella Marsh.

The Pledge of Allegiance was said.

Land Division for Dan and Martha Chaveriat - Motion by Amanda/Beth that the Village Board makes no recommendation on the land split. Motion carried.

Minutes- Motion byMarty/Jackie to approve the minutes as presented.  Motion carried

Fire Department-Fire Chief Eric Howlett asked if there were any question on the reports. There were no questions on the reports.  Eric also gave the board information on financing options for a new fire truck.  Eric will send the information to Connie to distribute to the board for further review.

Park committee- Mike thanked Amanda, Dan and Laurel for their work done at the park this summer. Mike also advised that the park committee will be dissolved as of this evening and we can start back up in the spring asking for volunteers to be on the committee at that time.

Hamburger stand- Mike had called all the board members to get their approval for the removal of the hamburger stand.  The hamburger stand was taken down and cleaned up, the cost was $4,400.00.  It was decided not to pour concrete at this time, since there are no final decisions on what if anything will go on that spot.  By not pouring the concrete at this time we saved $3000.00. 

Credit card – We are looking at the Visa community card through Partnership Bank, it looks like it will serve our purposes. We will need approximately 8 cards, Connie will check to see if the cards can be set up with different spending limits and to see if some of them can be set up to purchase fuel only.   Motion by Beth/Marty that if those questions get answered favorably to go forward with the paperwork and switch out the credit cards to the Visa Community card through Partnership Bank. Motion carried.

Humane Society-The board felt that the cost for Dodge County Humane Society was very high.  We currently work with Watertown Humane Society but there is no signed contract. Connie will get more information and cost from Watertown Humane society and bring information back to the next monthly meeting.

Christmas Decorations– Beth asked if we have decorations and if they are in good shape.  Tim advised that yes we do have decorations and they are in good shape.

 New Attorney- Our attorney Steve Hannan is retiring at the end of the year.  Connie advised that she asked Steve for a recommendation for a different attorney form his firm.  Steve recommended Katherine Koepsell.  Connie will check with Katherine to see if she would be interested in being the Village attorney.

Delinquent utility Accounts - Beth checked into what can be done with delinquent accounts.  She put together a summary of the guidelines from the Public Service commission (PSC). An account is considered past due 20 days past the issuance of the bill. The clerk would need o make a reasonable effort to have a personal or telephone contact with the customer. A record of the contact and attempts to contact must be kept.  We would need to mail or hand-deliver a 10 day disconnect notice. An account can only be disconnected when the Village Office is open the day of and the day after the disconnect.

  Once the person has been contacted they would need to pay the month they owe plus work out a reasonable payment  plan for the delinquent amount that they owe. Beth advised that January would be a good starting point we will come up with a definitive plan of action and discuss further at the December Village Board meeting.

Superintendant comments-

                Tree Root Issue – Mike advised since we don’t know for certain whose tree it is and the unique circumstances that the roots are both in the main and the lateral at the joint the cost should be split with the property owner and the Village. Beth agrees with Mike that it is a Village issue and a property owner issue.  Jackie questioned if we could be setting precedence if we paid for half of the cost.  Discussion was that each case would need to be looked at a case by case.   This case has the unique circumstance of the tree roots coming in to the main and the lateral at the juncture.  Carmella asked if the board was paying to cut the roots out now and Mike clarified that the village was willing to split the cost for cutting the tree down with the property owner, Carmella said she was fine with that.  Carmella wants to get something done as soon as possible so she doesn’t’ have sewer backed up into her basement again.  Further discussion followed; if we cut the tree down the roots could still be a problem for a couple of years.  Marty asked if instead of cutting the tree down could we cut the roots out and then pour concrete around that joint area to prevent the tree roots from growing back into it.  That might be the best option we would need to get cost for that and bring it back to the next month’s meeting.  Carmella’s main concern right now is to get the roots out now so that she doesn’t have sewer backed up into her house again. 

                Generator for Well  # 4- Tim advised that he had gotten bids for a generator they came in at 20, 30 40 thousand and right now his pump company has a used one he could get for under 20 thousand dollars. Tim said he just wants them to be aware that we do need a generator for well #4, if the power goes out someone needs to be around to run things. If the power would happen to go out and Tim wouldn’t be around it could be really bad we could collapse water mains, and have lots of issues.    Mike said we have money in an account that we are required to have for just this type of thing and that a used one would be the way to go.  Further discussion on if we would need to have a fence around it, and what else we might need for the generator.  Motion by Marty/Amanda that the water department purchase a used generator, install a concrete pad, fence and electrical and everything to make it operational at pump 4 and not to exceed 25 thousand dollars. Motion Carried. Figure the fencing around it at a large enough area to fit whatever equipment you may need to use in there.

                Water Tower Maintenance – Tim wanted to let the board know that he forgot to mention last month that with terminating the water tower contract that some of the monthly cost with that contract was going toward painting the water tower at some point in the future.  Tim advised that the paint looks good and if we keep up with touching it up it may be 15 or 20 years before we would need to repaint it all.  Mike said if you figure what we are saving by terminating that contract and we don’t have to paint it for 15 years we will still be coming out ahead.

                Road improvement meeting – Tim went to the local road and improvement meeting; they require you to have a 5 year plan on what roads need repair.  South St was on the 2016 year plan and we did get that done last year.  The last two streets we have left to do is Circle view court and North St. and we got Junction Rd.    Tim said he needed to make a decision right away at the meeting so he chose not to do anything for 2018, he said there is only so much money to go around and you don’t know who is going to get the money. Since there was already so many projects put in for 2018 Tim thought we would have a better chance of getting some money if we put our projects in for 2019.    Amanda recommended that we put in for Junction road for 2019 since that one is really bad. Tim also advised that Church St. should be slurry coated it was supposed to have been done last year but the South St needed to be done instead.  He did get a quote of 13,000.00 last year for Church St.  It would probably be up to 14,000.00 this year, but Tim would like to check with another company as well.

The parking lots are done now and they turned out awesome.  Marty and Amanda questioned the banks on the back side of the fire department parking lot if fill would need to be added so it wouldn’t erode Tim said he will keep an eye on that and add fill if we need it. 

Citizen Comment:  Jackie gave a report summarizing what she learned from the plan commission work shop conference she attended.

Tim wanted clarification on the root issue and what the board wanted him to do now. Motion by Beth/Jackie   to go ahead get the roots cleaned out as soon as possible and if he  can get an excavator in  to dig  it up and pour concrete not to exceed $3,000.00 to go ahead and do it,  and to split  the cost with the  property owner. Motion carried.

Tim Swanson asked if anything had been done from the last meeting with enforcing some of the ordinances on keeping too much “junk “ on yards and overgrown weeds etc.  Mike did talk to the person and told them if it would be neat and organized and not so Mike stated that he did talk to some people about the shape their yard was in and so did Kelly our ordinance officer. .  Mike also stated that starting next month Kelly Cotter our ordinance officer will come to the Village Board meetings to give us a report for the calls she is getting as ordinance officer.  Jackie added that  Mike should  make sure that any conversations he has with people about the ordinances should be documented, that would be the first step if further action would need to take place.

Amanda Wanted to remind everyone of the bake sale that the Fire department was having on October 29, 2017 during Trick or Treat hours.

Correspondence-Wanted to point out the letter from the USDA we got a really good report from them.

Personnel Matters-   Mike informed the board that the police car was sold for $3,500.00.  Mike personally paid the $600.00 to have all the equipment and the decals removed from the car. Mike would like the money from the sale of the police car to go to the park fund.

                Connie informed the board that she would be going to WRS training on October 31, 2017 in Sun Prairie, so the Village Office would be closed that day.  Also when she is gone for training in November we might need Kris to work a few hours to get the budget to Dodge County on time.

Invoices- Motion by Marty /Jackie to pay invoices as presented.

Next meeting date-The regular Village Board meeting is November 27, 2017 at 6:00 PM.

We need to set up an initial meeting to review the budget looking at a tentative date of November 2, 2017 at 6:00pm. 

Beth advised that on October 12, 2017 she was interviewed by Dodge County Sheriff Deputy Gib Fairman regarding a complaint that was made against Village President, Mike Siegel, and Trustees Jackie Hartman-Tollefson, and Beth Baehmann.

According to the complaint, the 3 named had a “secret meeting” violating the open meeting statute. Beth stated that there was NO SUCH MEETING and then asked when and where this meeting was to have taken place. The officer said the complainant did not know the place or time.

Beth has requested a copy of the complaint which the Dodge County Sheriff’s department will be forwarding to her. When she receives the complaint, she will forward it to the board.

Motion by Beth/Marty to adjourn.  Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM.

                                                                                                                                Respectfully submitted:

                                                                                                                                Connie Kreitzman


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