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Village Board Meeting
Nov 27, 2017



November 27, 2017 – 6:00 PM

The regular monthly meeting was called to order by President Mike Siegel at 6:00 PM with Trustees Marty Pint, Beth Baehmann, Jackie Tollefson and Amanda Swanson present.  Also present were Utility Superintendent Tim Dornfeld, Laurel and Dan Finger, Carmella Marsh, Craig Kragenbrink.       

The Pledge of Allegiance was said.

Public Comments on 2018 Proposed Budget– Laurel had a couple questions. She saw a general synopsis on the budget and  saw that the Village had gone over considerably on the park for what was budgeted for 2017, and the proposed budget for the park for 2018 was lowered.  She is wondering what the explanation of that would be.  The board responded that we were over budget because the hamburger stand was torn down, heat for the hall was up and wages were up. Discussion followed on where the money came from for the tear down of the hamburger stand.  We have contingency funds and we used money out of the contingency funds for the tear down of the hamburger stand.  The budget for 2018 was only lower by $300.00 because we did not put in a park contingency fund for the proposed 2018 budget. It is a budget, we can go up or we can go down depending on what the actual expenses really are. 

Laurel also said that there is a drop in highway aides proposed for this year and wanted to know if we were anticipating any kind of road projects that would change because of the difference in the highway aides.  The board responded that Tim is on a committee for a five year road plan with the county.  We chose not to request any aides for 2018, there were so many other municipalities that needed it for 2018 we thought we would have a better chance of getting funds for 2019 & 2021.  We did talk about getting Church St done in 2018 and that would cost about $12,000.00 - $13,000.00 but we did not request any highway aide for that. 

Discussion and possible action on Proposed 2018 budget and resolutions: - A resolution for the budget was not prepared; Marty asked if we needed a resolution for the budget Beth though yes we do.  Connie will prepare  resolution 2017 – 007 for the budget. A motion was made by Marty/Jackie to accept the 2018 proposed budget resolution 2017-007. Motion carried. 

Resolution No. 2017-004 (Local Tax Levy) – Motion by Marty/Jackie to accept resolution 2017-004 the 2017 tax levy of $222,704, which results in a tax rate of .00108739.  Motion carried. 

Resolution 2017-005(2018 Salary Schedule) – Motion by Amanda/Marty to accept resolution 2017–005, the 2018 Salary Schedule.  Motion carried. 

Resolution 2017-006(Naming Election Officials for 2018-2019)) – Amanda asked if Kris could be on as an election worker since she does not live in the Village. Yes she can be on as an election worker.  Motion by Marty/Amanda to accept resolution 2017-006 Naming Election Officials for 2018-2019. Motion carried

Request to speak Lukasz Lyzwa– Lukasz is from General Engineering Company, he came to talk about the parking lot invoice and Application form.  Lukasz said the project went really well and we came in under budget by around $20,000.00, even with having the change order for curb and gutter.  According to the contract, the Village can with hold $4,538.83 if we aren’t happy with the work.  The Village board agreed that everything looked good and were happy with the work.  A motion was made by Beth/Marty to release the funds in the amount of $4,538.83.  Motion carried.  Lukasz also said that we received an invoice for $1442.50 from GEC, that shouldn’t have been sent, we should disregard that invoice.  The Contractor’s application for payment was signed to pay contractor $90,776.50 (this includes the $4,538.83).

Minutes– Minutes from the previous meeting had been provided to the Board. Jackie pointed out a spelling error – Eric’s name was spelled wrong.  Motion by Beth/Jackie to approve the minutes with that small correction.  Motion carried.  (Connie will correct the spelling of Eric’s name)

Fire Department Report – The monthly reports were presented to the Board for review. The Board had no questions. 

Discussion and possible action on 3% water rate increase–   Discussion on a 3 % water rate increase; this is an ongoing thing year after year.  Motion by Beth/Marty to continue the 3% water rate increase. Motion carried.

Discussion on Humane Society - Motion by Beth/Jackie to go with Watertown Humane Society with the “per animal fee”. Motion carried.

New Attorney – Motion by Beth/Amanda to have Katherine Koepsell from QBS Law firm as our new attorney.

Delinquent Utility Accounts- Does this report list the accounts that went on the tax roll – no it does not this report would include delinquent bills from October that is when the new cycle begins.   The question was also asked if Connie knew how it showed up on the tax bill for those whose delinquent account went on the tax roll.  Connie did not know the answer to that but she does fill out a “special assessment” form for the county with this information.

Ordinance officer report –For the month of October the types of issues Kelly dealt with were weeds, box elder tree & box elder bugs, vehicles parked on other people’s property, roosters crowing at all times of day and night, too many chickens at a home, excessive vehicles on property that weren’t registered.    Kelly’s understanding of the ordinance is that if the vehicles are registered there isn’t much the Village can do about it.  She will go back and ask to see registration forms for the vehicles.

Superintendent Comment:

  1. Marsh tree root issue.  The estimate that came in from Jerry Hepp was at $5,000.00  this would be billed for time and material so we don’t know for sure what the cost would be, but it could be up to $5,000.00 which was over what was approved to spend at last month meeting.  The board would like to have the issue televised again start with the main and see what it shows then if necessary we will televise the lateral.  A motion was made by Beth/Amanda to have the main televised so the board can take a look at it at the next meeting. Motion carried.
  2. DNR Sanitary Survey Repot the report came in we have 2 deficiencies that need to be addressed.  The first deficiency is the Emergency Operations Plan does not contain procedures for switching to auxiliary power, compliance due date is 2/01/2018. The second deficiency is there are not adequate records for the valves, compliance due date is 4/01/2018.  We need to send a response back by December 22, 2017 to let them know that we will be complying with the deficiencies.
  3. Five year road plan.  The five year road plan was discussed.  We put nothing in for the years 2018 & 2020, and 2022.  For 2019 we put in to do from J north 1/8 of a mile past the apartments. For 2021 we want to do Circle View Ct and North St.  You can split it into two years, you could do it all in one year, you could put binder on and leave it for 1-2 years and then put the final coat on but we will not receive any reimbursement until it is all done.  Amotion was made by Beth/Marty to accept the five year road plan as presented. Motion carried.

Citizen CommentPersonnel– Laurel had a concern about having Kris be on the election board it was her understanding that it is illegal and it is of her opinion that it is unethical.  Mike said he wasn’t’ aware of that being illegal and said that Connie will check into it.  Connie asked about the resolution that was passed earlier, the resolution can stand unless we find out that Kris cannot be on as an election worker. 

Amanda brought up that the fire department is promoting fire awareness by doing “Keep the Wreath Green” again this year. The wreath hanging at the fire station will have all green lights on it, if the fire department has to respond to a fire they will change a light to red.

Correspondence – Connie just wanted the board to know there will be a slight increase to the garbage and recycling pick up through Watertown, and a slight increase to Dr. Backup for 2018.

Payment of Bills and Unpaid Invoices – Beth asked what Hawkins Company is. Hawkins is who Tim orders his chemicals from. A motion was made by Amanda/Jackie to accept the bills/invoices as presented.  Motion carried. 

Caucus Date– The date for the Caucus meeting needs to be between January 2 and January 22.  The Caucus meeting will be held on January 15, 2018 at 6:00pm with the regular monthly board meeting following.

Next Meeting Date- December’s monthly board meeting will be held December 18, 2017 at 6:00 PM

Motion by Amanda/Jackie to adjourn. Motion carried

                                                                                                Connie Kreitzman

                                                                                                Village of Clyman Clerk/Treasurer

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