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Regular Village Board Meeting
Feb 22, 2021

                                                                                  Village of Clyman

Regular Board Meeting

February 22, 2021

6:00 PM


Call to Order/Attendance –The February 22, 2021 Village of Clyman Board meeting was called to order by President Marty Pint at 6:00 p.m.  With Trustees Beth Baehmann, Amanda Swanson, Todd Grady, and Keith Braunschweig in attendance. Also, in attendance, Utility Superintendent Tim Dornfeld, and Mark Tomashek.

Pledge of Allegiance was said.

Land Split, 1130 Main ST– Mark presented the new map with the correct setbacks. The plan Commission met on February 3, 2021, their recommendation to the Board was to approve the land split with the corrected setbacks.  A motion by Beth/Amanda to approve the land split for 1130 Main St. Motion Carried.

Approve Minutes –The minutes of the January 22, 2021 meeting were previously presented to the Board. Beth had a couple of items she wanted in the minutes from the January meeting. There was discussion on the Sewer backup issue on Territorial Rd and nothing in the minutes regarding that discussion. Also, not in the minutes was a comment about shoveling out fire hydrants.  The noted items of discussion will be entered into the minutes and brought back to the March Board meeting for approval.

Citizen Comment – Amanda thanked the Fire Department for shoveling out the fire hydrants. Marty commented that most of them were already cleared of snow.

LWMMI Insurance Renewal –The Board reviewed the previously handed out no fault sewer policy. Todd questioned what the premium would be for the no fault sewer policy, that was not included in the information. We will need to get a quote on what the premium would be if we are going to make a logical decision.  Beth asked if the numbers were changed on the vehicle information to reflect the correct value. Connie advised that the vehicle information was corrected, and she checked with Eric regarding the Fire Department information and that was correct as well.

Fire Department Reports –Beth asked if the report for the Fire Department that Connie provided included everything that the Village spent in 2020. Connie said no, another bill came in for December and the insurance was not included in the report. Connie will have an updated report for the March meeting. Discussion followed on the grant dollars that were applied for.  Discussion followed on Turnout gear, payroll acct and fire runs, we will have to discuss some of this at the Joint Meeting on March 9, 2021. Beth asked if there was any information that came from the CLR meeting, Todd and Keith said it was mostly just review of information that was gone through last time.

Delinquent utility accounts report –Discussion followed on how to read the report, the number of times some people have been delinquent and dates that payments were made.  Connie said that she has been trying to reach a few of the account holders and they do not have current phone numbers and or a current mailing address.  Tim and Connie have stopped at the homes, but no one answered. Connie did tape a notice on one customer’s door.  Beth asked if she took a picture of the note taped to the door and suggested that a picture be taken if we need to tape notes to doors in the future.  She also suggested sending certified mail to ones we cannot reach but have a current mailing address for. Connie also advised that delinquent letters or postcards have been mailed out to delinquent customers.

Personnel -

  1. Timesheets –No questions on the report.
  2. DSPS –No meeting is scheduled.
  3. Policy, Procedure and Protocol – Beth said we should have something in the books on snow removal.  Discussion followed on snow removal, everyone needs to really think this through, and we need to come up with a procedure for this.
  4. Vacation coverage –This is also something we should have a procedure for, the Board needs to know when employees are off and who is covering so they know who to call if something comes up. Marty said we also need a set of spare keys for everything, the trucks, the garage, pump houses, etc., they should be kept here at the hall so if we need to get in somewhere or have to plow when Tim is gone, we can get things taken care of.  Tim said he is working on getting a spare set of keys.
  5. Insurance Claim –Discussion followed on whether we should fix the truck or let it go. We will need to find out what our deductible is and then decide.
  6. Email set up -Beth has everyone set up with the new email accounts. This will be the emails that Connie uses to communicate to Board members and to send packet information to.  Todd recommended that we set up a google folder where we can drop everything into for the meetings, everyone would have access to it and would just go into the folder to find the meeting packet information.  Everyone thought this was a good idea, we will set up a shared google folder for meeting packet information.
  7. Budget report –No questions on the report.

Invoices for Payments – Motion by Beth/Amanda to approve paying the invoices. Motion carried.

Supervisor Comments –

                Chloride Source Reduction Plan – Tim advised this is something we are required to do for the length of the permit which expires in March of 2022.  We must do certain things each year and send in a report to the DNR.  The report is completed and sent in for 2020.  As part of this report in 2019 we approved Ordinance #2019-005 establishing criteria for water softeners for any new construction and any replacement of current water softeners in the Village, this ordinance says that all water softeners installed after December 1, 2019 must be approved and inspected by a representative of the Village.

Water Tower Cleaning & Inspection –Tim advised that it is required every 5 years the water tower needs to be cleaned and inspected. We have an estimate from Water Tower Clean and Coat, Inc. for draining cleaning and inspection of the water tower. He said it will only be down for 1 day.  Todd asked how it will affect fire protection, Tim will talk to Eric about this. Motion by Keith/Todd to approve Water Tower Clean and Coat, Inc. to do the cleaning and inspection of the water tower to be done this spring for a cost of $2,500.00. Motion carried.

Fueling tractor –Todd found a small 65-gallon tank with an electric fuel pump for under $100.00.  Discussion followed and Marty is going to check into this further looking at some other options.


A. 2019 Financial Audit - No questions on the information provided.

B. Cybersecurity Advisory - Tim said we do not use these types of operating systems.

C. Town & Country rate change– We received a letter notifying us of a rate change, Tim said we do not really use Town and Country anymore, we use Wondra.  Discussion followed on the companies charging so much more for anything needed on off hours. Marty said what we would need to do if there is a water main break on off hours is to shut one end off and turn the other end down.  You should be able to then have them come on normal business hours to fix it and avoid the extra cost.

D. Foundation Board -Beth wanted to let the Board know that she got an email from Kyle Krueger, regarding the Foundation Board wanting to connect with someone in leadership from Clyman.  The Foundation Board has allocated grant dollars to support local communities in developing trails, parks, and other recreational opportunities for community members to be active together.  They would like to meet with someone from leadership to discuss possible plans/wish list for our community.  Beth is willing to meet with them.

Minor subdivision letter of intent Ron Callies - Motion by Beth/Keith that we have no recommendation for the minor subdivision for Ron Callies. Motion carried.

Minor subdivision letter of intent Rita Mamayek - Motion by Beth/Amanda that we have no recommendation for the minor subdivision for Rita Mamayek.  Motion carried.

Ditch Cleaning –We have a thousand feet of ditch that needs to be cleaned out.  The section of ditch that needs to be cleaned is by our old lagoons on highway M.  It will cost $2.00 a foot to clean. Motion by Beth/Todd to hire Andy’s Excavating to do the ditch cleaning that we need to do by the ponds not to exceed $2.00 a foot. Motion Carried.

Ordinance Officer Report -   Connie said she did not have a report for the Board but that she continues to get complaints about the RV that is parked on Collins St.  Todd and Amanda both said that someone was working on it and they got it moved a little bit and then it died so they must need parts for it.  Beth said that we will not be able to contract with Emmet at this time, they are having a staffing shortage so they cannot take us on right now. Connie will contact Kelly to see that she is still going to be the Ordinance officer for the Village.


Update Condemning Properties -Amanda said that she called Mr. Parrot for more clarification on rates, and he was on vacation. She also said that Katherine has not called her back.

Next Meeting –

 Joint Meeting March 9, 2021 at 7:00 pm.

Village Board meeting February 22, 2021 at 6:00 p.m.

Beth asked Tim if we ever did anything about the oxygen sensor. Tim said the sensors are not working but when he goes in, he is wearing the 4-gas meter and that is working.

Keith asked about who replaces street signs and that the Yield sign on Center St. needs to be replaced. Tim said he replaces signs.

Tim said that he went to the pump house and saw that we have a lot of water usage so there is a leak somewhere, instead of running at 21 thousand we are running at 63-68 thousand. He will work on finding the leak.

Adjournment –Motion by Amanda/Todd to adjourn. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.


                                                                                                                                Connie Kreitzman

                                                                                                                                Village of Clyman










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