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Regular Village Board Meeting
Sep 28, 2020

                                                                                       Village of Clyman

Regular Board Meeting

September 28, 2020

6:00 PM

Call to Order/Attendance –The September 28, 2020 Village of Clyman Board meeting was called to order by Village Trustee Beth Baehmann at 6:02 p.m. with Village Trustees, Todd Grady, and Mike Zweig, present.  Also present was Utility Superintendent Tim Dornfeld, Laurel Finger, and Harvey and Deloris Zeman. President Marty Pint and Trustee Amanda Swanson were not in attendance.

Pledge of Allegiance was said.

Approve Minutes - Motion by Todd/Mike to approve the August 17, 2020 minutes as presented. Motion carried. 

Harvey Zeman Sewer Main –Harvey is considering the possibility of having a house built on one of his lots and is asking the Board what would need to be done to get water and sewer to this lot, and who would be responsible for putting in the water and sewer lines and the road to the property.  Beth advised this would all have to go through our Engineer at GEC.  Todd suggested Harvey reach out to the engineer directly, he can explain what he is looking to do, and start gathering information on what would have to be done and get an idea for costs.

Citizen Comment –None.  

Easement on Stan Jones Property – Beth reported that Marty is working on this, we will post pone until the October meeting.

DSPS Inspection Services -  Connie explained that she talked with Doug Hill from GEC, he said to get this done we could mark up the sample ordinance to make it our own, get it sent into the State and then continue to work on updating the Village Ordinance.  We will post pone until the October meeting. Connie will work on the sample ordinance to get it ready for the October meeting.

Fire Department Report -  Connie reported that at the last meeting it was asked what the fire horn was, she reached out to Eric and he said it was voice paging playback LAR does nothave this yet. The Board also asked if Eric could split out the EMS and Fire Department budgets when planning the 2021 budget.  Eric said he was planning on doing that.     

Beth said she spoke with Eric and that Jerry the fire inspector will be starting fire inspections again.

Delinquent Utility Accounts Report – Connie did not have a printout for review but informed the Board it has not really changed from last month.   We will be getting ready for tax certification letters to go out in October.

Personnel Matters – There were no question on the report.

Invoices for Payments – Beth asked what the Verizon Police Cells were in the amount of $124.20, Connie said that is for Tim and Kelly’s cell phones, and that it was coded incorrectly. Only a portion of the amount should go under police cell, most of it will get split between village operating supplies and sewer and water.

Connie said she finally got an answer from someone at the USDA on what the Equipment fund money could be used for. It is intended to make the payment if the utility comes up short at payment time.  We are supposed to be putting $8,434.00 every month into the WWTF account to get ready for the October and April payments. We had to skip several months because we were running low of money in the Utility checking account.  We are about 15 – 16 thousand short of the $50,604 payment for October.  If we take that shortfall out of Utility checking account, it will lower the checking account to about 31 thousand.  Connie asked at what point is it considered running short of the payment, and could we take some money out of the Equipment Account. Mike said he thinks we should take money out of the Equipment account and use it as shortfall for the loan payment.  Beth agreed.  Discussion took place on the different accounts and if the money would come out of the Equipment account or the Reserve account.  Connie said from her notes the Reserve account is required by the DNR and we need to get 101 thousand into that account in 10 years. We usually put 11 thousand into that account every December.  The Equipment Replacement account is the one for the USDA and we put around 9 thousand in that account every December.  Beth said the one to cover the shortfall for our loan payment would be the one required by the USDA account with the 80 thousand in it, we would not be taking it down that much,  we would only be taking out about 16 thousand for the shortfall. Then we will get back on track with putting in the 8 thousand every month to get ready for the April payment.  A motion by Mike/Todd to take the shortfall out of the Equipment account required by the USDA to transfer into the WWTF account to cover for the October payment. Motion carried.

A motion was made by Mike/Todd to pay the bills. Motion carried.

Budget report –Review of budget reports. Connie advised we will be getting a shared revenue payment in November in the amount of 88 thousand and the GTA payment in October for about 5 thousand.

Beth gave  an update on the CARES grant, she had an online meeting with Elizabeth from GEC all about the CARES grant and found out that each municipality is given this chunk of money, it should be around 6 thousand for the Village of Clyman.  She received a comprehensive list from the meeting on what kind of things the money could be used for.  We could use the money for new chairs, that can be wiped down and sterilized.   If we do not use the money it can be gifted to another community.

911 Joint Powers Agreement -This is just something we do every year it is a formality.  A motion was made by Todd/Mike to continue with the Joint Powers agreement.  Motion carried.

Superintendent Comment –

            Main St Parking – Tim said there is room to eliminate the three angle parking spaces between the Post office and Doyle’s north driveway entrance so you could put 2 inline spaces vs. 3 angle spaces.  Discussion followed on the parking; it is difficult to see, you need to inch out, but it is no harder to see there than on Church St.  A lot of people use the end stall when going to the Post office and you will lose that stall if we change the parking.

 Beth said that Marty wanted her to update everybody that someone vandalized Doyle’s trailer, they spray painted something about getting this junk off the Clyman streets on it. Dodge County Sheriff’s department was called about the situation.  Beth said this will not be tolerated in any way shape or form. He is legally parked he has a right to be there, if we want to change the way he parks we can do that, but the vandalism must stop.  Beth said we will post pone any decisions on the parking spots for now. 

            Testing Commercial & Industrial Water Meters – Tim said he will be testing commercial and industrial meters next week and it will cost about a thousand dollars.

            Curb stops – Tim said he knows where they all are, some of them may need to be marked with spray paint again. Tim updated us on the curb stop situation on First St. He worked it out with the property owner to get the water turned off within the property.

            Vandalism – Tim reported that south of Mr. Grady’s residence on the east side of the road there is a catch basin, and the grate was pushed down into the hole.  He barricaded it off until it could be fixed. When the manhole was fixed on Territorial Rd. Tim asked them to bring their mini excavator to Collins St and get the grate out of the hole and back in place. 

The other act of vandalism was at the park by the batting cage.  Someone took a prybar buried it in the ground leaving part of it sticking up out of the ground, he assumes whoever did this was hoping it would be hit with the lawn mower.  Steve found it when he was weed whacking in that area.

Winter Preparation -Tim said he is starting to prepare for winter, the tractor is in good shape,  salt and sand are being stored at the Town of Emmet and he needs to get new tires for the pickup truck yet.  He also said he did not have the DOT inspection done this year but will get it done next year.

Correspondence – Beth asked Tim if we have any lead in the Village.  Tim said there was some in his old house. Tim advised that every 3rd year he has to do a massive water testing program, and that all the results came back fine. Tim said any lead that was between the main and the curb stop was taken out, but from the curb stop to the house would be the homeowner’s responsibility. 

Condemning Property update- Amanda was not here to give an update.

Trick or Treating - Trick or Treat will be on October 31, for one hour  from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. we will post it to indicate that everyone should wear face masks and practice social distancing, anyone wishing to participate in handing out candy should turn on their porch light.

Little Library & Communication Board Update -Mike said he will be meeting with the guy next month when his shop is done.


Resignation Mike Zwieg -Beth said that we appreciate Mike for the time he served, and we hate to see him go.  Mike said he cannot serve the way he wants to; he cannot make meetings at night with his new job. He would like to continue to work on the little library and communication board.  The filling of hisvacancy needs to be appointed by the Village President; we will put up a posting seeking letters of interest for the Trustee position.

Next Meeting Dates –

  1. Joint meeting October 13, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. Connie will contact Kris to confirm where the meeting will be held.
  2. Village Board meeting October 26, 2020 at 6 p.m.
  3. Village Budget workshop Connie will contact Board members to find out when they are available to meet.
  4. Beth said that she would not be able to meet with Tim and Connie this Thursday, but we would try to meet next Thursday.

Adjournment –Motion by Todd/Mike to adjourn this meeting. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned 7:28 p.m.

                                                                                                Connie Kreitzman

                                                                                                Village of Clyman



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