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Regular Village Board Meeting
Jul 27, 2020

                                                                                    Village of Clyman

Regular Board Meeting

July 27, 2020

6:00 PM


Call to Order/Attendance – The July 27, 2020 Village of Clyman Board meeting was called to order by Village Trustee Beth Baehmann at 6:02 p.m., with Trustees, Todd Grady, Mike Zweig, and Amanda Swanson Present.  President Marty Pint was absent. Also present was Utility Superintendent Tim Dornfeld, and Laurel Finger.

Pledge of Allegiance was said.

Approve Minutes – Beth said she would like to postpone approval of the June 22, 2020 minutes to the next meeting, she would like more specifics on some of the items.

Citizen Comment – Laurel Finger brought up several items, summer banners not being hung up, the Board not responding to her phone calls,  what is happening with the former strip club, and weeds and trash not being taken care of on properties.

Request to speak Peter Von Rueden on land split – Peter is not here we will hold off on this and see if he shows up.

Discussion on CLR Merger – There was a lot of discussion on this topic, there is a meeting on August 12, Mike and Todd will go to the meeting to represent the Village of Clyman.

Little Library and Information Board – Mike is working on this project getting someone to make the information board and the library unit. 

Delinquent Utility Accounts Report – Connie reported the PSC extended the moratorium to September 1, 2020.

Personnel Matters – Mike asked if sick/personal time rolls over. Beth said yes it does.  

Invoices for Payments – Todd asked if our Ordinance officer was still active. Connie said we have not cut a check for a while since she was home with the kids when school was out. Beth said she did just send her an email. Connie will touch base with Kelly.  Motion by Amanda/Todd to pay the bills.  Motion carried.

Budget report – Connie advised that funds are low. We have been taking out of Utilities what is due to the General Fund and we did get our Shared Revenue ($15,589.53), Video Aid ($495.28) and Computer Aid ($107.04).  We also received the 2% Fire Dues ($882.62) and Recycling Grant money ($789.56) both of which need to be paid right back out to the Fire Department and the City of Watertown.

Easement on Stan Jones Property – Marty was unable to make it to the meeting so we will postpone this until the August meeting.

Delegating Commercial Construction Inspections – The Board needs more information on this. We will postpone until the August meeting.

Support Letter for Broadband – The Board agreed it was important to send a letter of support. Motion by Amanda/Mike to approve sending out the letter of support for the Broadband for Dodge County. Motion carried.


Fireworks – Todd brought up how bad the fireworks were around his block, he said Dodge County came out three different times.  He suggested we send out a letter in June with a copy of our firework ordinance to residents.

Board Packets/Gmail Accounts – Beth is proposing that as things come in that are going to be on the agenda or that we need to read, Connie will make a scan of it and email it to us, we can read it right away and we don’t have to make all of these copies, or wait until the weekend before a meeting to get the information.  Beth also said she thinks we should all have Gmail accounts that are just used for the Village. We can set up a calendar to see what is happening and it will be a really good communication tool. The Board agreed and thought this was a very good idea.  Everyone should set up their own account and let Connie know when they are set up. Since these will be Village accounts you should not use it for personal use.

Main St. Parking – Connie said she has gotten a lot of complaints about the white van parked on Main St. by the intersection of Main and Klatt St. The complaint is when you are at the stop sign on Klatt St. you cannot see around the white van to see if anything is coming on Main St. from the right. The van is parked legally it is just hard to see around. Tim suggested we just ask him not to park there.  Amanda will talk to the owner and ask him not to park there.

Condemning Property update - Amanda reported on the information she has so far but she is still checking into things with Dodge county.

Superintendent Comment – Tim handed out some paperwork on Well rehab. Well 2 needs some work done to it soon. He said we need to stay on top of rehab for the Wells before something major happens to them. Tim also informed the Board that he talked to the Dodge County Highway Commissioner about the road project for HWY J/ Territorial road.  When they do this project, they only cover the middle of the road and we would be responsible for the remainder 6-7 feet on both sides.  They will let us know well in advance of the project so we can plan for it and possibly apply for grant money.  Tim also advised he called about the street repair for the manhole on Territorial, they are very busy right now and not sure when they will get to it.

Next Meeting – CLR meeting is August 12 at 7:30 p.m. at Reeseville Village Hall.

Regular Village of Clyman Board Meeting is August 17 at 6:00 p.m.

Joint meeting is October 13, at 7:00 p.m.

Adjournment – Motion by Amanda/Todd to adjourn. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned 7:23 p.m.

                                                                                                                                Connie Kreitzman

                                                                                                                                Village of Clyman





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