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Regular Board Meeting MInutes
May 20, 2019

Village of Clyman

Regular Board Meeting

May 20, 2019

The regular monthly Board meeting was called to order by Village Trustee Beth Baehmann at 6:03 pm with Trustees Mike Zwieg, Toddy Grady and Amanda Swanson present.  Also, present Clyman Village Attorney Katherine Koepsell, Citizens Jules Plumitis, Michael Erwin, and Bradley Williams.  President Marty Pint came late.

Pledge of Allegiance was said.

Approve Minutes– The minutes of the previous meeting had been provided to the Board members.  Motion by Mike/Amanda to approve the minutes as presented. Motion carried.

Citizen Comment –No citizen comment.

Community Get-Together –Jules Plumitis spoke and said a group of them from Clyman would like to have a Clyman community get together like a cookout on June 8, 2019 from 11:30 -2-:30.  Potentially have the hall if it is raining. We would supply food and soda and some games. We could ask people to bring a dish to pass but they wouldn’t have to.   The whole idea is for us to start getting to know our neighbors again.   Hopefully it will be a good turnout and a fun time.

Liquor Renewal Application and Intent to no Renew - Attorney Koepsell advised it is time for liquor license renewal.  If we are considering any non-renewals, we would issue an intent to not renew in lieu of the application.  We have to put our reasons in our notice and once the notice is issued, we have to have a hearing.

There has been at least one prostitution conviction as a result from last September’s arrest at The Hardware Store that may be grounds that would fall under the State Statute for non-renewal.

A motion to send a nonrenewal letter to 942 Main St. Inc/Don Raffaelli was made by Amanda/ Todd. Motion Carried.

A hearing date for the non-renewal for 942 Main St. Inc is set for June 12, 2019 at 6:00 PM.

Discussion took place regarding non-operation and abandonment for 942 Main St. Inc.   Clyman Village Ordinance 235-17-talks about abandonment and that abandonment shall be sufficient grounds for revocation of any alcohol license, and the Alcohol Demerit ordinance  says that you have to keep your business operating to continue to hold a liquor license and failure to do so is grounds for revocation.

Amanda made a motion to say that 942 Main St. Inc has been abandoned and not in operation since December 31, 2018 from our knowledge, and to proceed with the abandonment according to the Alcohol Demerit System. Mike seconded the motion. Motion Carried

The notice for nonrenewal and for the abandonment issue will be sent in one notice.  The  hearing on June 12that 6:00 will be for both things as well.

(Marty came in and took over as Chair of meeting)

Discussion and possible action on Municipal court- Connie advised we did not get the information back on the cost for going with Dodge County.  Table this until we get the information.

Fire Department Reports:  Amanda did get the information regarding a check written out to Dave Decono it is for the upcoming Chief’s conference in June.   There was no question on the report.  Beth reported that her and Mark Othmer have been meeting to get an agenda together for the committee that the joint boards petitioned, to look over a few things, they are getting things in order, but nothing to report yet just want to make sure the Board knows this hasn’t been dropped, it’s in progress.

Ordinance Officer Report- Question to Marty if a report was ever filed with Jody at the county concerning living conditions at a property.    Marty did not file a report with Jody. Marty will file a report.   Beth said a complaint came in about a dead rat found on the street ahead of that residence.  Beth said she made a call to GEC to check into the process of condemning places, it is not an easy process and we would have to do more investigating on something like this.

Personnel Hours Report –The report was provided to the Board there were no questions on the report.

Delinquent Utility Accounts-Report was provided to the Board. Connie said letters were sent out last month and we did get quite a few responses.  Connie said we still need to work out a deferred payment plan for this process as well.

Invoice and Paid Bill Report –Amanda asked what the digger hot line ticket charge is.  Beth said if somebody calls and wants to do something in there back yard the Village gets charged that is the way it has always been.  Connie said typically, we have a credit that is why you haven’t seen that on the report before.  A motion was made by Beth/Todd to pay the bills. Motion carried.

Budget Report –Report was provided to the Board members. The new reports give us a much better idea of where we stand each month. Amanda thought the Fire department was going to use some of the Lifequest money to pay on the truck. Beth said she believed that is correct they were going to take care of a payment. Connie said the timing didn’t work out when they brought It up because the Village already paid their first payment for this year, but she thought that it was going to be used for the second payment.  This should be brought up at the Joint meeting in July.

Agreement of Services as part of building permit –Connie advised that at last month’s meeting the Board approved using GEC as the Zoning Administrator. but didn’t realize GEC needed a separate motion from the Board to use their agreement of Services form and then they would add this to the building permit application. A motion by Beth/ Amanda to use GEC’s Agreement of Services form as part of the building permit application.  Motion Carried.

Amending Ordinance section 18-1 (A) -Composition of Board of Review.The current ordinance says we need to appoint a citizen to be on the Board of Review.  A motion by Beth to amend Ordinance section18-1 (A) Board of Review Composition to  strike   “one citizen member”  and  strike the sentence “the citizen member shall be annually  appointed at the organizational meeting by the Village President, subject to  Board confirmation”  with this change the Board of Review is composed of President and all members of the Village Board.   The village Clerk/Treasurer shall serve as the clerk of the Board of Review, Todd seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Resolution 2019-003- A resolution to amend resolution 2019-001 authorizing to solicit bids to sell old Fire Truck. Connie said I we just added one extra line to the original resolution 2019-001 to say that the Fire Chief is to be the authorized contact on behalf of the Village and Town of Clyman.  A motion by Beth/Amanda to accept resolution 2019-003. Motion Carried.

Review Employee Calendar-Beth did not have a chance to talk to Tim about the calendar yet.  She will also ask him about a contact list for when he is off.

Ordinance regarding sexually oriented adult entertainment establishments- Beth advised we need to do something like this but not right now we should table this for now, we should start reading it all over and do our homework on it.  Marty said let’s table it until at least July.

Farm Progress Day Sign- Walters would like to put up a sign at the park advertising Farm Progress Days. The Board had no issues with that they can put up a sign.

Permission to Land Access –Marty said at the North end of the lagoons there is a driveway and Ronnie Rettschlag asked for permission to go onto this driveway to get into his land from here for deer hunting.  Board agreed to grant him permission.

Lagoons –Discussion on the lagoons, consideration if we would want to sell and who owns the property around the lagoons    The Board Is not considering selling the lagoons at this time.

Board of Review Dates –Board of Review will be held on June 3, 2019 at 5:00pm – 7:00pm.  We need a quorum of the Board to be at this meeting Beth, Todd and Amanda will be there, Marty and Mike were not sure at this time. Open Book was held on April 29, 2019,  3:30pm-5:30pm.

Next Meeting- the next regular monthly Village of Clyman Board meeting will be on June 24, 2019 at 6:00pm.

Adjournment – A motion by Beth/Amanda to adjourn. Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 7:45pm.   



                                                                                                                                Connie Kreitzman

                                                                                                                                Village of Clyman

                                                                                                                                Clerk /Treasurer




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