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Regular Village Baord Meeting
Mar 25, 2019

Village of Clyman

Regular Board Meeting

March 25, 2019

The regular monthly Board meeting was called to order by President Mary Pint at 6:00 pm with Trustees Beth Baehmann, Mike Zwieg, Toddy Grady and Amanda Swanson present. 

Pledge of Allegiance was said.

Approve Minutes– The minutes of the previous meeting had been provided to the Board members.  Beth had some corrections to the February 25th, 2019 minutes. There was no mention of the discussion on the Fire department record retention or the discussion on Amanda’s question of who Dale Marks is and why he got paid $264.00.  Also, the discussion on where we were at with a municipal court, and that when we have an ordinance or resolution, we want to see the language consistent when referencing the Village of Clyman Board.  Connie will re-do the minutes to include discussion on the specified topics and bring them to the April meeting for approval.  Beth also said she would like to see the citizens listed on the minutes she is willing to do a roll call at the meetings to capture all who attend. 

Citizen Comment –No citizens were present.

Agenda Posted– The meeting agenda was posted at the Clyman Post Office, Clyman Village Hall and Clyman Lions Club Hall and on the Village of Clyman Website.

Amending Ordinance§440-18 (C) (4) (Business District Conditional Use) –At the February 25, 2019 meetinga motion was made by Amanda/Beth to take to the Plan Commission the recommended language change to amend section §440-18 (C) (4)of the Village of Clyman Code. Motion carried.  The Plan Commission approved the recommended language change, now it comes back to the Board to pass as an Ordinance.  Beth pointed out that in the ordinance when referencing the Board, the language is not consistent through the Ordinance, we want it to read the “Village of Clyman Board” through-out the Ordinance.  Connie can change that right now so that it reads consistently through-out the Ordinance.  A motion was made by Beth/Amanda to adapt Ordinance No. 2019-002 An Ordinance to Amend Section §440-18 (C) (4) (Business District Conditional Use).  Motion carried.  Beth questioned the number of the Ordinance asking if 2019-002 is correct or should that be amendment to ordinance.  Connie said she followed the format used in the past with Ordinances and numbering.

Resolution 2019-002 to Amend Election Officers for 2018-2019.- Connie advised that Dianne West did not want to be chief inspector any longer so Robin Pietrowski will be chief inspector, so we need to amend the resolution naming election workers.  Beth mentioned that the resolution needs to have the language changed to reflect the Village of Clyman Board throughout be consistent.  Connie will make that change right away. A motion was made by Beth/Amanda to approve Resolution 2019-002 to amend election officials for 2018-2019. Motion carried.

Fire Department Reports- There were no question on the report. Amanda wanted to thank all the Fire Department members who worked to get the new Fire Truck all set up.  Amanda let the board know that she found out who Dale Marks is, he works on the Fire Department’s radios and pagers.

Generator for Fire Department-A new generator is needed for the New Fire truck Marty did not have the exact cost of the generator, so Amanda was texting Eric to find out.  They figured it was around $2,400.00- $2,500.00.  Amanda received a text that it was a couple dollars under $2,300.00   A motion by Beth/Todd to approve $2,300.00 for the new generator for The Fire Department.  Motion carried.

Personnel Hours Report –The report was provided to the Board there were no questions on the report.

Delinquent Utility Accounts-Report was provided to the Board.  Connie advised that when she ran the report it was a little higher than last month but since the report was run several had come in and paid on their bill.  Beth was going to look for information she had on a policy for delinquent accounts.

Invoice and Paid Bill Report – Discussion followed on E-Code the company who updates our ordinances. They charge an annual maintenance fee,  but that does not include the supplemental fee.  We received an estimate for the supplemental fee for 2 ordinances the cost was between $ 1,115.00 and $1,330.00. Beth said considering how tight our budget is right now, we could pay the annual maintenance fee but hold off on doing any of the supplemental work at this time.  Connie will check into other companies and see what is out there and what they charge.  Beth said Connie should have one of the ordinance books that she can make notes in when we amend or add a new ordinance.  We should have a binder of new ordinances, one for resolutions and one for amendments to ordinances. A motion was made by Amanda/Beth to pay the bills. Motion carried.

Generator for Fire Department -Marty wanted to go back to the generator for the Fire Department. Eric texted and found the invoice, the amount on the invoice was $2,384.00.    Motion by Beth/Todd to amend the motion to approve $2,384 for the generator for the Fire Department. Motion carried.

Budget Report –Report was provided to the Board members.  Amanda and Beth commented that they really like the new report.  Connie advised that some things might still go into the wrong GL because there are certain things the accountants have to adjust at the end of the year, like property tax payments.  Amanda likes that the principle and interest show up for the payment on the Fire Truck and not just the lump sum. Beth asked what the miscellaneous expense was in the tune of $220,385.68. Connie will check into that and let them know at the next meeting.    Beth also asked what the unearned column is, it looks like it is the balance of the budget minus the year to date. Connie will check on that as well.  Marty asked about the park he thought we did not put any money into the park this year.  We didn’t put anything extra in this year we left the budgeted dollars for the park the same as last year. 

Building Permit Report-Building inspector asked the Board to review the list of what needs building permits and what doesn’t.  The Board agreed that the list remains the same.

March sewer back – Marty talked to Mr. Marsh and he is going to cut the tree down and he will continue to dump the root killer down the drain if he feels the water is starting to move slow, he will do his own rotor rooting.  Marty asked him about the liner and Mr. Marsh did not want to do that at this time.  Beth said so we did not televise this yet and Marty said no, and we don’t’ have to at this time.  Marty also said that Tim said if the root ball breaks off, he will be able to see it down at the lifts station rescue it will probably float or if it draws all the way down, he will be able to see it at the very bottom.

 Chloride report – Connie wanted to point out that last month she said it was the chloride levels that were high but it is actually the ammonia levels that were high not chloride.

Next Meeting- the next regular monthly Village of Clyman Board meeting will be on April 22, 2019 at 6:00pm.

Adjournment – A motion by Amanda/ Beth to adjourn. Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 7:45pm.

                                                                                                                                Connie Kreitzman

                                                                                                                                Village of Clyman

                                                                                                                                Clerk /Treasurer

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