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Regular Village Board
Jul 22, 2019

Village of Clyman

Regular Board Meeting

June 24, 2019

6:00 PM

Call to Order/Attendance -The regular monthly Board meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM by President Marty Pint, with Trustees Beth Baehmann, Todd Grady, Amanda Swanson, present.  Also, in attendance was Ordinance Officer Kelly Cotter, Utility Superintendent Tim Dornfeld, Pete Thompson Dodge County Highway Commission, Lukasz Lyzwa General Engineering, and Tim Swanson Village Resident.

Pledge of Allegiance was said.

Approve Minutes- The minutes of the previous meeting had been provided to the Board members.  Beth pointed out under the Fire Department report Dave Decono’s name was spelled wrong.  Motion by Beth/Amanda to approve the minutes with the spelling correction. Motion carried.

Approve Plan Commission Minutes-The minutes of the Plan Commission meetings had been provided to the Board Members. Motion by Beth/Todd to approve the March 19, 2019 and the May 30, 2019 Plan Commission minutes. Motion carried.

Citizen Comment –Amanda wanted to thank Tim for his help in locating their lot line.

2019 Road Project- Mr. Lyzwa advised thatin the fall of2017we applied for the LRIP funds and were awarded some funds through the State program. Under consideration for the work to be done was Main ST, Circle View Ct and North St. With budget cuts the Board voted to spend just enough money to get reimbursements.  GEC bid out the project this spring and opened the bid May 10, 2019, bid came in high.  At the time bidding went out we were considering the section of Main St past Territorial Rd to Circle View Ct. and then alternate 1 was Main St from Territorial Rd to the Village limits.  We only received one bid from Northeast Asphalt and the base bid was for $34,512.50 which is above the allocated Village funds. There is a 60-day acceptance period for signing the bid contract, which would be July 10.  Mr. Lyzwa advised he talked to the bidder Northeast Asphalt and because they are going to do some work for the Town of Clyman there is a potential for a deduct of $1,000.00 if both projects can happen at the same time.  There may be some revision needed to the bid form and bid recommendations because of the changes to the scope of work. When everything was submitted to the State it was for multiple streets and it is now cut down to just one. There is a possibility that we will have to re-bid the project in order to qualify for funds. Mr. Thompson advised that he didn’t know if the State will allow a reduction in the number of roads under the same project umbrella or if the State would say no you are creating a new project. Mr. Lyzwa advised that with the 60-day acceptance time frame one option would be if the Board wanted to accept the bid, they could designate the Village President, if the change is accepted by the State, to sign the documents before the 60-day period. Marty questioned if the State would be able to get back to us by July 10. Mr. Thompson said yes, he would call the State tomorrow and they would probably get back to us in a day. Beth said worst case scenario we can hold a meeting quick just to decide on accepting the bid. Further discussion took place on the LRIP program. A motion was made by Beth/Amanda to accept the base bid of $34,512.50 from Northeast Asphalt of Fond du Lac, contingent on the State LRIP program accepting our change in the project.  Motion carried.

Change Order –The change order is for the $1,000.00 discount if Northeast Asphalt is allowed to perform the project at the same time as the Town of Clyman’s project. A motion by Beth/Todd to accept the change order number 1 as presented. Motion carried.

Simplified Rate Increase – Connie advised that in the Board packets was a copy of the application filled out with the PSC to request a 3% rate increase. Beth questioned if we wanted to do a full rate study would we need to wait a full year.  Mr. Lyswa advise to either proceed with this one or stop this one and proceed with the full rate increase study.  The full rate study is quite expensive probably looking at $15,000.00 - $20, 000.00.   he said you will literally spend all the money you make in the next five years on the study you are better off doing the 3% each year,  A motion by Beth/Todd to act on the simplified rate case application for the3% rate increase for water as allowed per PSC guidelines with the estimated increase in billing as of October 2019. Motion carried.

 Mr. Lyzwa also informed the Board that his company has a program free of charge where they will come in and do a grant presentation to municipalities to talk about what is available for grants and planning for the future.  Connie will work with GEC to set up a date for the presentation.

Ordinance Officer Report -the report had been previously provided to the Board members, there were no questions on the report.

Municipal Court -Kelly advised that to proceed with Dodge County we would need a NCIC number, it is a national crime number and comes per agency, we need to find out if we have an NCIC number. We would need to add at least $5.00 more per citation.  The county issues a bond book that would set the fines and we would need to look at our ordinance book to see if there are fines listed in the ordinances that would need to be changed.  We will need to check into these things before we can go any further.

Compliance Maintenance Resolution -Tim said this is an evaluation of the Wastewater Treatment Plant and everything that goes along with it like lift stations, collection system etc. and how it all is working. It is a report on how we are doing.  Ammonia nitrogen levels were high this winter. Discussion followed on what we can do for the upcoming winter to keep the levels lower.  Motion by Amanda/Todd to accept Resolution 2019-004 Compliance Maintenance Resolution. Motion carried. Further discussion took place on the WPDES Permit which expires in March of 2022.

Liquor/Cigarette/Operator Licensing –We have applications from Mercer T’s and the Lions Club.  Motion by Amanda/ Beth to approve both the Liquor and Cigarette licenses for Mercer T’s. Motion carried. Motion by Amanda/Beth to approve the liquor license for the Lions Club. Motion carried.  Motion by Beth/Amanda to grant  operators license to Jenny Adkins ,Malissa Adkins, Vannessa Staude, Ashaly Adkins Martin, Alexandra Gillingham, Timothy Mercer, Summer Alvarado, Andrea Stone, Russell Zastrow, Tammy Zastrow, Neal Kohlhoff, Nancy Basol, Steven Lehmann, Marty Pint, Donna Wolter, Anthony Wolter, Kyle Krueger, Amy Wolter, Broch Cotter, and Kelly Cotter.  Motion carried.

Fire Department Reports -No reports

Personnel hours –No questions on the report

Delinquent Utility Accounts –No questions on the report

Invoices for Payment –Motion by Amanda/Beth to pay the invoices. Motion carried.

Budget Report -Connie pointed out the transfer of funds, from Utilities checking to Village checking for Utilities share of first quarter bills.  In August we get the settlement for the remainder of property taxes.

Furnace Quotes –We will table this until next meeting, we should have all the quotes in by then.

CDBG Housing-We received a letter from State of WI Department of Administration asking if we wanted to continue with the CDBG Housing funds. Table till next meeting, Connie will find out more from the person who manages our CDBG account.

Clyman Canners Pig Roast -Kyle Krueger wanted to let the Board know they are planning on a very large crowd this year and are having a meeting Tuesday June 25 at 7:00 pm to discuss and plan for the event.  He wanted to invite any members of the Board to come if they had any concerns about the Pig Roast.

Next Meeting –July 22, 2019

Motion by Amanda/Beth to adjourn. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 8:06 PM.

 Respectfully submitted


Connie Kreitzman

Village of Clyman


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