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Regular Village Board Meeting
Feb 25, 2019

Village of Clyman

Regular Board Meeting

February 25, 2019

The regular monthly Board meeting was called to order by President Mary Pint at 6:00 pm with Trustees Beth Baehmann, Mike Zwieg, Toddy Grady and Amanda Swanson present.  Also, present Clyman Village Attorney Katherine Koepsell and several citizens.

Pledge of Allegiance was said.

Approve Minutes– The minutes of the previous meeting had been provided to the Board members.  Motion by Beth/Amanda to approve the minutes as presented. Motion carried.

Citizen Comment –Father Mike Erwin spoke and said that he looks forward to the process of transitioning the old strip club into apartments and that he hopes it will be done in a solid way that not only follows ordinances but also allows for truly an upstanding apartment place and doesn’t fall backwards into some of the previous usage.  He also said the group that has been working on so many of the issues will be staying together to do some community watch dog things and by staying together if things start to go backwards, they will be able to take action right away.

Laurel Finger spoke and said she is hoping that the Board will consider working on an ordinance like the one the Town of Clyman has to hopefully prevent this type of situation from happening again.

Insurance Renewal Carol Stearns- Insurance Renewal packets were provided to the Board. Overall the premium went up $799.00 due to an increase in property value and rate increase in auto. This will also depend on how the Fire Truck balances out with the new fire truck coming on and hopefully the old one coming off.

Community Insurance Corporation has the liability lines and that stayed the same as last year at $4,251.00 and we have a 3-million-dollar limit.   We have a 3-million-dollar limit for each claim, you never hit an aggregate, you never hit a top end you could have 10 claims and there will always be 3 million for each claim.   Auto physical damage went up $35.00 with the replacement of the Village truck the new truck has a higher value.  EMC has the rest of our coverage, Carol said the $8,602.00 does not reflect the new fire truck they haven’t issued the endorsement yet, so the premium hasn’t’ hit.  With selling the old KME fire truck it will potentially counter balance the premium.

EMC likes to see the properties at 100% value, so they did increase some of the property values to be at 100%.  Crime came down by $5.00 and workers comp came down $ 9.00.  We did get a dividend check for $635.00 last year since we had no claims, and if we go through the end of this month with no claims, we will probably get $662.00 this year, dividends are not guaranteed, however. 

Marty had questions on some of the replacement values, Carol will check with Eric to see if the replacement value is where it should be on some of those items.

A motion was made by Beth/Mike to continue with the EMC Insurance with the changes being investigated and the total premium right now of $26,666.00. Motion carried.

We rejected the injunction relief endorsement and the auto medical payment endorsement policy.

Agenda Posted– The meeting agenda was posted at the Clyman Post Office, Clyman Village Hall and Clyman Lions Club Hall and on the Village of Clyman Website.

Ordinance for Plan Commission- We need to pass an Ordinance to establish a plan commission. The league of Municipalities has recommended, and Chapter 62.23 of the State Statues says that we should have a plan commission to hear matters as to zoning.  It will be run as prescribed in accordance with State Statue 62.  Beth requested that all ordinances and resolutions when referring to the village Board read the same throughout the ordinance.  In our ordinances and resolutions, they refer to the Board in several different ways, for example “the Village of Clyman Board, the Board of the Village of Clyman, Village Board of the Village of Clyman.  A motion was made by Beth/Amanda to approve Ordinance 2019-001 An Ordinance to establish section 18-6 of the Code of the Village of Clyman. Motion carried.

Plan Commission- Marty has appointed the following people to be on the Plan Commission: Beth Baehmann, Todd Grady, Randy Key, Connie Kreitzman, Joe Roberts, Dan Finger and Colleen Bruhn.  The Village Building inspector will also be part of the Plan Commission.  Dan Finger asked to speak, he wondered if it would be considered a conflict of interest with board members on the committee if the plan commission comes before the board to recommend something.  Katherine advised that often Board members serve on various committees and that it would be up to the committee to ensure if there was a difference in opinion between the Board members and committee that the committee would need to find a responsible way to present to the full Board so that the appropriate decision of the committee comes through. Discussion followed on the length of terms for Plan Commission, the term is 3 years and to start out with we should have everyone on for the full 3years till we are established and have a good understanding of the responsibility of the Plan Commission, then later down the road we could consider staggering the terms so everyone’s term isn’t up at the same time.

Recommended Language– Katherine advised that currently the way the ordinance reads, any facility seeking a conditional use permit to put apartments on the first floor would not be allowed to, because the zoning ordinance says in the business district you are not allowed to have first floor apartments.  When checking into this there doesn’t seem to be any good reason to not allow it and there are already quite a few properties that were grandfathered in and have apartments on the first floor.  The Board needs to decide if they would like to  continue with this restriction, does it make sense or would they like to recommend to the Plan Commission  to amend  the language to section 440-18 ( C) (4) to say the following are permitted as condition uses in the business district, and it would be deleting all references that say we don’t allow  dwelling on the first floor.  This is not a blanket use it is not saying that anyone owning a building in the business district can just convert into apartments they would need to apply for a conditional use permit and that permit would be approved by going through the Plan Commission. A motion was made by Amanda/Beth to take to the Plan Commission the recommended language change to amend section 440-18 (c) (4) of the Village of Clyman Code. Motion carried.

Alcohol Demerit Ordinance- Attorney Hartman was not able to attend but sent a letter to Village Attorney Katherine Koepsell for the Board to review.

Fire Department Reports:  Amanda asked who Dale Marks is and why he was paid $264.00.  No one knew so Amanda will ask Eric about it and get back to the Board with the information.

  1. Record Retention - Marty was cleaning up at the Fire station and he checked with two full time Fire stations to ask about record retention, they both told him that they needed to keep records for 7 years Marty said he kept 8 years.  He said we have run sheets dating back to 1978 they basically say who was on the call and where they went.    Marty said the only ones you would not see is medical because you run in to HIPPA laws.   Beth said she would like to see something in writing on how long you need to keep records we want to make sure we do this correctly.  Beth also said she would like to see them scanned in and saved electronically and the we could shred the paper copies.     Marty will need to get a hold of the State to get more information on retention and he will talk to Eric about it as well.
  2. Lifequest account – Marty would like to table this until a joint meeting can be held, and discussion with both Boards present can take place.  Amanda stated for the Board members that may not know, the Lifequest account is funds that we get paid from patients that are not from the Town or Village of Clyman that have received services from Clyman’s Fire and Ems departmentsAnd the money can only be used for certain things.
  3. Resolution 2019-001-Beth had requested that on the resolution the language be changed when referring to the Village of Clyman Board to be consistent throughout the resolution. As it was originally written the Board was referred to 4 different ways, Connie cleaned up the resolution so that it would read The Village of Clyman Board throughout the resolution.  We would like this to be consistent moving forward with all resolutions and ordinances to read the “Village of Clyman Board”. Connie advised that the Town of Clyman will to do a resolution also and we will need to get a copy once they get it approved.   A motion was made by Beth/Mike to accept resolution 2019-001 A resolution Authorizing to Solicit Bids for Selling the Old KME Fire Truck.  Motion carried.

Ordinance Officer Report –There were no questions on the reports.  Amanda asked if we have heard anything from Fox lake at all and where we were at with getting a municipal court for enforcing citations.  Marty said that after all the other stuff that we have been dealing with it got pushed to the back burner.  Connie will follow up with Katherine to see if can get back on track with this.


  1. March sewer back – Richard Marsh talked about the issues they have been having with their sewer backing up. He said he has to go in almost monthly and run a 120-foot snake down their lateral to make sure it is clear. When he does that, he never pulls anything back no roots or anything.   He puts root killer down almost monthly as well.  He said they have been talking about taking the tree down, but he could be dealing with the roots for another 3 -5 years.  Beth said we need to get a definitive answer and get it on video tape, where the root ball is.  If it’s coming in the main, we’ll need to take care of it, if it’s in the lateral they will need to take care of.  Marty said he will tell Tim to call Visu-Sewer and they can camera it first and if it is in the main, they should jet it out right away as long as they are there.  Beth said we also need a commitment about the tree being taken down. Carmella said they would take their tree down but remember there’s a tree very close that is just as big that is not their tree.  A motion was made by Beth/ that we contact Visi-Sewer or somebody to do a video of the main and the lateral to see exactly where the penetration is happening and make a video to be available to the Village Board and the Marshes.  Marty will get a hold of Tim tomorrow, but it will probably take at least three weeks before anything can get done.  Beth said again, I ask for the commitment that the tree be removed, and Marshes said yes.
  2. Chloride report – the report was provided to the Board along with Tim’s response to what he is doing to address any issues with high levels of chloride. The cold weather affects the high levels and Tim is trying different products and has consulted with experts in the field on what to do to try to lower the levels.

Personnel Hours Report –The report was provided to the Board there were no questions on the report. The Board did want to thank Tim for all the extra work with the snow plowing and salting.

Delinquent Utility Accounts-Report was provided to the Board.  The total amount owed in delinquent bills went down from last month.

Invoice and Paid Bill Report –A motion was made by Beth/Amanda to pay the bills. Motion carried.

Budget Report –Report was provided to the Board members there were no questions on the report.

Clerk Training –A motion was made by Amanda/Beth to approve any training that the clerk needs to go to for 2019.

Advertising in Dodge County Fair Book –The Board decided they do not want to advertise in the Fair book this year.

Sikich Engagement Letter– A motion by Beth/Amanda to sign the engagement letter for Sikich. Motion Carried.

Board of Review Dates –Board of Review will be held on June 3, 2019 at 5:00pm – 7:00pm.  We need a quorum of the Board to be at this meeting Beth, Todd and Amanda will be there, Marty and Mike were not sure at this time. Open Book will be held on April 29, 2019 form 3:30pm-5:30pm.

Next Meeting- the next regular monthly Village of Clyman Board meeting will be on March 25, 2019 at 6:00pm.

Adjournment – A motion by Beth/Amanda to adjourn. Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 7:45pm.

                                                                                                                                Connie Kreitzman

                                                                                                                                Village of Clyman

                                                                                                                                Clerk /Treasurer



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