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Regular Village Board Meeting
Apr 22, 2019

Village of Clyman

Regular Board Meeting

April 22, 2019

The regular monthly Board meeting was called to order by Trustee Beth Baehmann at 6:00 pm with Trustees Mike Zwieg, Toddy Grady and Amanda Swanson present.  Also, present Attorney Katherine Koepsell and Village residents Tammy Grady, Laurel Finger, Linda Manske, and Jules Plumitis.  President Marty Pint came late.

Pledge of Allegiance was said.

Renewal of Liquor License Process – Attorney Koepsell advised that every year we have to send out the applications for liquor licenses. If there is a license holder that the Board is thinking about not renewing this is the time to issue an intent to not renew.  For a non -renewal, at the time you would normally issue the applications you would issue a notice with reasons on it that says this is our intention to not renew. We are looking at WI State Statute 125-12 sub 3 Refusal to Renew Licenses. There is a limited number of things you can not renew for, one reason is, the person keeps or maintains a disorderly or riotous, indecent or improper house.  With the September 2018 prostitution bust that may qualify, that would be up to this Board to decide.  For the Village of Clyman there is the settlement agreement, there has been  an issuant, that we believe  some alleged nudity was in violation of the settlement agreement but we have not adjudicated that in front of an arbiter , we have not taken that to an  arbitration hearing so that is not a grounds for non-renewal. If we wanted to pursue that we would need to proceed through the settlement agreement.  The other thing that the Clyman Coalition Committee brought to us is that the Hardware Store has not been in operation for more than 30 days which means revoke or suspend.  Because that is not a statutory reason, we cannot use that for non-renewal, that is a violation of the Alcohol Demerit Ordinance and that would require a hearing.  If the Board pursues the nonrenewal and the Ordinance violation you need to have a hearing for both, you could do both hearings at the same time.   You would have to have the non-renewal and then have a follow up with the violation of the Alcohol Demerit Ordinance, so you would have the two hearings at the same time using all the same players.

Beth asked how we proceed from here.  Do we talk about the non-renewal that has to be before the June 30 deadline?  We have to do that in May or early June if we are going to have a hearing, put that on the May meeting agenda to set a hearing date.  We also have to notice the failure to operate as a topic for the May meeting and the Board would need to demonstrate they have not been operating as a business and set a hearing date. 

 Municipal Court-Amanda asked Katherine where we were at with Fox Lake on using them for our court.  Katherine talked to Clair Silverman from the League of Municipalities and if we went with Fox Lake it would affect our voting if a municipal judge is on the ballot, we would need those ballots. Connie said that she contacted Lynn Hronn the Dodge County Clerk of Courts to get information on using Dodge County.  Things to consider if we pursue using Fox Lake is cost for ballots at elections, a representative of Clyman needs to be at every hearing so time and distance to Fox lake vs. Dodge County.  Beth said in some of these cases when Kelly has talked to these people, she should also let Marty know and he should talk to them as well that might help.

Approve Minutes– The minutes of the previous meetings for February 25, 2019 and March 25, 2019 had been provided to the Board members.  A motion to approve the minutes from the February 25 meeting was made by Beth/Amanda. Motion carried.  A motion was made by Todd/Mike to approve the minutes from the March 25 meeting. Motion carried.

Citizen Comment –Laurel Finger

  • spoke about wanting her copies of the Town of Clyman ordinances back.
  • Recommends the Board to adopt similar ordinances for the Village
  • Starting up a neighborhood watch program
  •  Playground equipment that we have that has not been installed
  •  Properties that are not within the ordinances and need to be cleaned up

Fire Department Reports- Amanda will ask Eric about the hotel bill for Dave Decono and what conference he went to.  She will also ask him if Dave shared the information from the conference with other members of the fire department.  Amanda also said we still have not gotten a list of who has all donated money towards the new fire truck.  She will follow up with Eric on that as well.

Generator for Fire Department-Marty was not here and he had the information on the generator.  Amanda thought it was for the fire station, so we have emergency backup when we lose power, we can also use the fire station as incident command if power is out throughout the Village. Amanda will check with Eric we need more information on this.

Ordinance Officer Report –Report was previously provided to the Board.  Amanda asked if any of the items on the report were complete.  Connie advised that if Kelly has signed and dated them on the bottom then they are complete.

Zoning Administrator-As stated in Ordinance section 440-80 of the Village of Clyman Code book we should have a designated Zoning Administrator.   A motion to contract with GEC to be our Village Zoning Administrator was made by Beth/Mike. Motion carried.

Generator for Fire Department -Marty came in at 6:33pm took over as presiding officer and we went back to the generator for the Fire department.  Marty said Eric would be covering the cost of the generator.  The estimate for Installation is $5,800.00 and if the Board approves that money could come out of the 2% monies.  A motion to go ahead and use the 2% money for the installation of the generator up to $5,800.00 was made by Beth/Amanda.  Motion carried.

Board of Review Members -The ordinance reads that you need to have a Village citizen on the Board of Review.  Beth said that since all the Board members are citizens of the Village and after talking to other Municipalities the Board members count as citizens so she didn’t think we would need an additional citizen but said Connie should ask Katherine about it.   Tammy Grady said she would be willing to be the citizen on the Board of Review if we need one.  Marty said fine if we need someone Tammy can be the citizen board member. Connie will check and bring back information to the Board at the next meeting. Todd has watched the DVD for training and Beth will be watching it.

Personnel Hours Report –The report was provided to the Board there were no questions on the report.

Delinquent Utility Accounts-Beth provided a handout of the protocol that was written that we could follow.  Reasonable effort to have a person or telephone contact with the delinquent customer twice per week for 2 weeks and delinquent letter is mailed. Keep a record of the contacts and attempts, mail or had deliver a 10 day disconnect notice, only disconnect when the Village Office is open the day of and the day after disconnecting.  The Board all agreed this is what we should do.

Employee Job Calendar -Beth said with the two employees she would like to see a master calendar of when they do things like reports and what reports and when they need to be done by.  We don’t really have a backup plan for our employees if something would happen to one of them.  Connie advised she does have a master binder she has started that list all the report she is doing and samples of how to do them. Beth said she will talk to Tim about it if the Board supports the idea of it all.  Marty said right now everything is getting done but it would be a good idea to have a backup plan.  The Board agreed.

Invoice and Paid Bill Report- Reports were previously provided to the Board there were no questions on the reports. A motion by Amanda/Todd to pay the bills. Motion carried.

Budget Report –Connie advised the miscellaneous line item was property tax overpayments, property tax payments to the county and school districts and the State and Federal employment taxes.  At the end of the year the accountants adjust them to where they want that money to go but for now, they want it in the miscellaneous column. The unearned column is the difference between YTD Actual and Budgeted.

Garbage/Recycle Bins - Discussion followed on if we are allowing residents to have more than one garbage and recycle bins.  The City of Watertown said they do not provide more than one garbage can, but they can provide more than one recycles bin at a cost of $3.99 Plus, the monthly pick up fee of $16.73.  Marty asked if they count each garbage and recycle bin when they pick up or how they do that.  Connie will need to check with Watertown to find out.  It was decided that if anyone calls asking for another bin, we will not provide another bin.  We will look into this further and see if there is a way to charge back to the resident the cost for the extra bin and pick up.

Next Meeting- The next meeting will be May 20 at 6:00pm since the 27this Memorial Day.

Adjournment – A motion by Beth/Mike to adjourn. Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 7:10 pm.


                                                                                                Connie Kreitzman

                       Village of Clyman

                                                                                                Clerk /Treasurer




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