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2018 Board of Review
May 21, 2018



MAY 21, 2018


The 2018 Board of Review was called to order by Village Clerk Connie Kreitzman with Marty Pint, Amanda Swanson, Jackie Tollefson, and Beth Baehmann.  Also present was Ray Koscak, the appraiser with Grota Appraisals.

Roll Call was taken with Trustees Jackie Tollefson, Marty Pint, Amanda Swanson, Beth Baehmann and appraiser Ray Koscak.

Election of Chairman - Marty Pint was nominated as Chairman by Beth/Jackie.  There being no further nominations, Marty was appointed Chairman.

Election of Vice chairman - Beth/ Marty nominated Jackie as Vice Chairman.  There being no further nomination, Jackie was appointed Vice Chairman.

Election of Clerk – Connie was nominated as Clerk by Marty/Jackie.  There being no further nominations, Connie was appointed Clerk.

Clerk’s Report – Connie gave the Clerk’s report and advised that Connie had completed training March 15, 2018, Jackie completed training May 16, 2017 and Beth completed her training April 9, 2017.  The Training affidavit was sent in March 21, 2018.   The public notice was published in the Watertown Daily Times the 15 days prior, and the notices were posted at the Village Hall, the Post Office and the Village Website.   The assessment roll was received and reviewed on May 16, 2018.

Assessor’s Report - Ray Advised that the open book was held April 30, 2018 form 3:30pm-5:30pm, with one person stopping to ask a question.   There were no late open book challenges.  There was no 70.43 correction or 70.44 omissions this year.   The estimated level of assessment is at 110%. The last re-evaluation was in 2016 the Market value hasn’t gone up.  The assessor’s affidavit was signed on May 21, 2018 (the Meeting Date) and the notices were sent to property owners on April 6, 2017. 

No objections were received and there were no public appearances by objectors.

The recorder was turned off at 5:15 PM, and turned back on at 7:01 PM.   Marty reopened the Board of Review meeting that started at 5:00 PM, May 21, 2018.  There were no appearances and no appeals.  The Clerk would like to make some correction to training dates and published dates.  Beth’s training date was May 25, 2017 not April 9, 2017.  And the notices were published in the Watertown Daily Times on April 9, 2018 and posted at the Clyman Post Office, on the door To the Clyman Village Hall and put on the Village of Clyman Website on April 9, 2018. 

Motion by Beth/Amanda to adjourn the 2018 Board of Review.  Motion carried. The 2018 Board of Review was adjourned at 7:03 PM.


                                                                                                                Connie Kreitzman


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