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Village Board Meeting
Jun 25, 2018



June 25, 2018 – 6:00 PM

The regular monthly meeting was called to order by Trustee Marty Pint at 6:00PM with Trustees Beth Baehmann, Jackie Tollefson, and Amanda Swanson present.  Also present was Utility Superintendent Tim Dornfeld.  Also a number of citizens were in attendance.

The Pledge of Allegiance was said.

Presiding officer - Motion by Beth/Jackie to have Marty Pint be the presiding officer for the June 25, 2018 regular monthly  Board Meeting.  Motion carried.

Liquor & tobacco Licenses –Motion by Jackie/Amanda to approve the Liquor License for the Clyman Lions Club. Motion carried.

Motion by Beth/Jackie to approve both the Liquor & Tobacco license for Mercer T’s Bar & Grill. Motion carried.

Motion by Beth/Jackie to approve both the Liquor & Tobacco licenses for The Hardware Store. Motion carried.

Operators Licenses –Motion by Beth/Jackie to approve all Operators licenses as presented.  Motion carried.

Ordinance Officer Report -   Ordinance Officer’s report was previously provided to the board no questions on the report.  Attorney Koepsell reported that she has been in contact with officer Cotter to discuss her ability to enforce tickets.  Because we have no municipal court there is no enforcement mechanism in place for us.   Attorney Koepsell advised that she had a discussion with the Attorney for the City of Fox Lake and they would be willing to do the prosecution of the tickets but there is no mechanism to allow payment to the City of Fox Lake.  We would need to look at the ability to increase the tickets to cover the cost and work out some sort of nominal payment.  Motion by Amanda/Beth to have Attorney Koepsell work with the City of Fox Lake to come up with an agreement on what our reimbursement would be to the City of Fox Lake for using them as our municipal court. And we would need to increase our tickets to help cover the cost.  Motion carried.

Demerit Point System -Attorney Koepsell advised that she has reviewed the town of Lebanon and the City of Beaver Dam along with a couple of other municipality’s demerit point systems. Having a demerit point system in place  would formalize and clean up the process of deciding whether to revoke suspend or non-renew.   The town of Lebanon’s demerit system was very clear, the board would need to look at it and decide what points they want to assess, for which types of violations.  You can enact anything you want as long as it doesn’t conflict with State Laws and it is not discriminatory.  The current process under state law for revocation or suspension of licenses says that somebody has to file a sworn complaint with the clerk that means notarized signed and dated.  Once that’s been done then the board has to give a notice to the operator saying we have a sworn complaint and we will have to have a hearing on the issue to see if there is any merit to the complaint and if there is what action we are going to take.  Attorney Koepsell advised that the demerit point system is a good idea it certainly cleans things up.   The purpose for the demerit system is to punish where there are habitual issues, where there are calls and complaints over and over again.

Amanda asked if the sheriff’s dept would give us a complaint or report would that counts towards that or would the complaint have to be from somebody else.  The complaint could come from any resident from Clyman or any law enforcement officer.  Attorney Koepsell also advised that renewing of liquor license has to be done by June 30thevery year and if you are not going to renew a license you need to give notice well in advance of June 30thto the license holder in writing listing the reasons you are not going to renew. With a demerit system in place it is very easy to point  out that the system is here the evidence is here now you can see why we are not going to renew you.  The demerit system does not interfere with the settlement agreement.   The settlement agreement of 2004 talks about nude dancing and how we are going to handle nude dancing.  When we have a nude dancing violation the settlement agreement would govern.   Attorney Koepsell advised there were a few things in the Lebanon demerit system that were a little vague so she would recommend a few minor changes to that for Clyman. The Board asked Attorney Koepsell to prepare a draft for a demerit system for Clyman by our next meeting.  

Citizen Comment– Gene Schmidt, Wayne Vauter, Carol Vauter, Dave Barber, Scott Klemens, Peter Von Rueden, Harvey Zeman, Richard Lowe, Connie Kreitzman,  Amanda Swanson,  all spoke on the topic of issuing liquor license.

 Jim Ketchem spoke and said that he was a candidate for Dodge county sheriff, he’s a 22 year veteran of the Sheriff’s office wanted to come tonight in the event anyone wanted to speak to him after the meeting.

 Kathy Vergenz spoke and asked if the burn ordinance had been changed. Because someone was burning three nights ago, it was a huge fire. Board advised that nothing has been changed.

Minutes- Minutes from the previous meeting had been provided to the Board members.  Motion byBeth/Jackie to approve the minutes as presented.  Motion carried.

Fire Department Report-The fire department is in the process of submitting a grant to the DNR for wild land fire gear.  The monthly reports were presented to the Board for review.  The Board had no questions

Superintendent comments:

  1. DNR CMAR Resolution– Tim advised that the CMAR is like a report card form the DNR about the plant it is required by June 30 every year.  There are many sections to the report and you get a grade for ever section, so far it is looking good. This is something we do every year. Motion by Amanda/Beth   to sign the compliance maintenance resolution no. 2018-001.  Motion carried.
  2. Marshes Tree.  Nothing new to report.
  3. Slurry coat- Tim got a second quote it is not the same product/process as the slurry coating.  With this process they spray hot tar down and then they put the chips in it.  The bid is $10,437.00. The other bid was for slurry coating and it was $12,742.60.  Amanda asked if we know which one would last longer.  Tim said that right now the City of Watertown has been having their streets done for the last month and they are getting the hot tar with chips laid down.  Beth said Church St. might be a good street to try this on.  Tim said he could ask Rick Schultz who just retired from the City of Watertown and see how he thinks the roads are holding up.  Amanda agreed that Church St might be a good place to try this on.   Motion by Beth/Jackie that if Tim gets a favorable opinion from Rick Schultz about the tar and chip process that we go ahead with hiring this company for the $10,437.00. Motion carried
  4. Tim’s truck.  The good news is they are going to replace our truck.  We originally paid $29,686.50, Beth asked for $36,257.50 to cover all of the things we put on it and the time to take the truck in for repairs they came back with $37,350.00. They will replace the truck.   We took the plow and the running boards off the truck.  Beth said there are some things up for discussion as long as they are giving us a new truck we need to look at some upgrades.  Beth advised that in her opinion the truck needs to have a cab and half, and you have to have power windows when you’re plowing.  They are going to trade us MSRP to MSRP, Ford chooses the dealer that we go through and they chose Grinwald of Watertown.  Grinwald doesn’t make a cent off of this deal.   The truck has to be on someone’s lot and Ford has given them a thousand mile radius to find us a truck that we like, they won’t build one for us.  With the upgrades we are getting into more money.   Beth said they looked at super cabs she found one that had a white exterior, a year newer and would cost us an additional $5,875.00 and we get total warranty on it. She found a red one that has a few more bells and whistles on it for an additional $6,900.00.  Beth said personally she didn’t care about the color and that for less than 6 thousand we are getting a new truck with warranty.  Amanda asked about the bed liner the bed liner came with the truck so it has to go back with the truck.  If a new truck doesn’t come with one we would need to put one in.  Tim suggest that if they are looking at spending $5,875.00 bump that amount up  because we will need a cushion to put other items on the truck like the plow brackets and the light, possibly running boards.   Motion by Beth/Amanda to go ahead with this white truck  for an additional $5,875.00 for the truck, and keep in mind we will need additional money to get a light put  on , the plow hooked up, possibly running boards and a bed liner.  Motion Carried.

There is no guarantee that it won’t happen with a new truck if it would happen again Tim needs to make sure he takes the truck back to them at least 3 times for the same issue within the first year and make sure you keep all the paperwork and have a record of it and then we would go through the same steps we did with this truck.

Correspondence - There wasn’t any correspondence this month

Personnel - Amanda asked about the ball diamond and getting that mowed does that go under Village time or ball diamond time.  The ball diamond gets taken care of by the Lions Club they donate that.

Payment of Bills and unpaid invoices- Motion by Beth/Jackie to pay the bills. Motion carried

Delinquent utility account- the list is getting shorter, payments are being made some not the full amount but they are paying something on it.

Board Vacancy- Motion by Jackie/Amanda to appoint Marty as president. Motion carried.   We will table the trustee position until the next meeting.

Audit -We have to have a yearly audit which was originally for the USDA Loan they no longer require an audit,  but we have an ordinance that says we need to have an audit every year.   There are different options for audit purposes it would not have to be a full audit.  If the Board would decide they don’t  want to have a full audit, the ordinance would need to be changed.   Will put on next month’s agenda to decide which way the board wants to go with the audits.

Next Meeting –July 23, 2018 6:00 pm


Tim wanted to thank Beth and Connie for the work on the truck and thank the board for being supportive of replacing the truck. Connie and Beth thanked Tim for all he did with the truck as well.

Motion by Beth/Amanda to adjourn.  Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45pm


                                                                                                                                Connie Kreitzman

                                                                                                                                Village of Clyman Clerk/Treasurer

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