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Village Board Meeting
Apr 23, 2018



APRIL 23, 2018 – 6:00 PM


 At 6:00 PM Beth asked for everyone’s attention.  She stated she had some correspondence to read, it is addressed to the residence of the village and town of Clyman dated April 13, 2018, subject resignation. Village President Mike Siegel tuned in a letter of resignation which is what Beth read.

Motion by Beth/Jackie to have Marty Pint presided over the April 23, 2018 regular Village Board meeting. Motion carried.

The regular monthly board meeting was called to order by Marty Pint, with Trustees Amanda Swanson, Beth Baehmann, and Jackie Tollefson present.  Also present was Utility Superintendent Tim Dornfeld, Ordinance Office Kelly Cotter, and RJ from Seneca Foods. .  Also a large number of residents and citizens were in attendance.

The Pledge of Allegiance was said.

Request to speak from RJ from SenecaFoods – RJ advised thatthere is a cooling order project that Seneca would like to do.   Part of the project is to bore under a portion of CJ/ Caughlin Rd to get from the Seneca plant to the subsequent other side of the road. Basically they have three cooling water lagoons currently in place and they have to rebury a pipe from the plant to the first lagoon to carry the cooling water.  This will require them to bore under that portion of the road to bury the pipe.   The question he has is who he needs to talk to and what kind of permits they will need to get.   The board said it would need to go to the planning committee.   Since the Town of Clyman and the Village of Clyman both govern over part of this road the Board told RJ they would look into it and get back to him.   RJ also informed everyone that there is another section of road on Caughlin Rd. that they bore under about 8-9 years ago that is dipping and they will be fixing that this spring.

Human Trafficking:  Reverend  Michael Erwin, Tracy Scheffler,  Pastor Michael Schempf, Pastor Ken Stoller,  Dan finger, Laurel Finger, Gerald Uselman, Kathy Vergenz,   Sherriff Dale Schmidt, Terry Schultz,  Fred Neevel, Ruth Zwieg, Gene Schmidt, Allen Bale,  Zack, Father Christopher Miller,  Julie Plumitis,  all spoke on this topic.

Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt requested to speak for citizen comment. Sheriff Schmidt said that obviously everyone by now knows that he is running for reelection for Sherriff and he wants to tell us a little bit about what’s going on.  He said there are certainly concerns regarding police protection and that they are working their best to keep squads outside of the City of Juneau and getting them out and about in the four quadrants of the county.   He said a lot of what he will be talking about for his campaign will be drugs, and sex trafficking like what we have been talking about here tonight. He also said they are going to continue to work hard to enforce those laws and bring people to justice and hold them accountable and help the survivors and the victims get through it as well.   He said we should call when we see anything suspicious, call them if we are having issues. He said there are so many things he is willing to do to help.  He also said drug trafficking just like sex trafficking is across the county. They continue to see a lot of overdose deaths and a lot of overdoses.  He will continue to talk about it and continue education on these issues.

 MINUTES - Minutesof the previous meeting were included with the board packet Amanda asked if there was a time frame that the 4-wheeler trails were open. Kelly said she thought the county had a time set for certain hours but the village could set their own.  Motion by Amanda/Jackie to approve the minutes as presented.  Motion Carried

FIRE DEPARTMENT - Eric Howlett informed the board that the fire truck drawing will be back in a couple weeks and then we will have another committee meeting and give everyone an update on it. Eric and Steve Caine are working on some more savings.  Amanda asked if we can we get a list of people who donated money for the fire truck so we can publicly acknowledge them and thank them.  The board had no questions on the reports submitted.

  Address for Stan Jones property– In the minutes from the regular Clyman Village board meeting on August 17, 2015 it states Stan’s intent to move buildings to # 2143-009 on the zoning map. The minutes give 2 addresses 740 & 734 Territorial RD.  The county does not have any record of 740 Territorial Rd.  The lot that has the house on has been referred to as 734 Territorial Rd.  At our March 6, 2018 regular board meeting the board made a motion to give the empty lot the address of 730 Territorial Rd.    Stan has a buyer for the lot with the house on but we need to clarify the addresses so he can proceed with the sale of the house.  Motion by Beth/Amanda to use the address of 734 on lot 1 parcel #114-1015-2143-043 and the address of 730 Territorial Rd for lot 2. Motion Carried.

 ORDINANCE OFFICER REPORT- Kelly reported that she has checked with several municipalities for court options for us.  She has contacted Horicon, Watertown, Beaver Dam, and Fox Lake.   She found that many of the bigger cities are going to charge an initial fee and then a yearly fee.   Beaver Dam would charge $1200.00 initially and then $765 a year after that.   The clerk at Fox Lake said she would need to check with the president but she thought they would take our paper citations and there would be no yearly charge.  For every citation issued they would take about $35.00 and then there would be court cost, which would leave about $90.00 coming back to the Village, this is on an average ticket of $174  Fox Lake would need to verify with their president, but she didn’t think it would be a problem for them to take us on.   Motion was made by Beth/Amanda to go ahead and use Fox Lake as our municipal court.  Motion carried.  Kelly will call the clerk at Fox Lake and let her know that we want to go with them as our municipal court.  Kelly will get it all set up.  Kelly will also check with some towing companies to see if we can get a towing company to work with us on towing issues.   Amanda asked if the people who have been running the 4 wheeler all the time on their property have been co-operative with her.  Kelly said yes they were and there is actually nothing in our ordinances about running a 4- wheeler on your own personal property. 

 SIKICH ENGAGEMENT LETTER– Board reviewed the Sikich engagement letter. Everything that is checked off is what they have been doing for us in the past.  Motion by Beth/Jackie to sign the engagement agreement.  Motion carried.

SUPERINTENDENT COMMENTS- Tim will table his information till the next meeting.  Beth updated us on the truck. She had sent off a certified packet of paperwork that we have been waiting for them to pick up from the post office. They finally picked up the packet on the 5thof April.   Now we have to wait for them to get back to us.

CITIZEN COMMENT - Joe Roberts commented that the Village really needs to look at getting the police department back in Clyman or contracting with another municipality.   He said since the police department has gone away there are obviously things that have gone on that we need to have some police protection in the Village.  He said we need to have some actual hours of protection that we know we’re going to have every month here in the Village to help us with some of this stuff that is going on.   

  Laurel Finger commented when the last Village President had his first meeting he told us as citizens we were not allowed to speak at the meetings except during citizen comment and if we had a question we had to submit that in writing ahead of time.  Laurel read part of ordinance # 115-17 C # 3.  Laurel said that sometimes there are people sitting here that might have knowledge about something that the Board  might not have knowledge of,  and that its’ time the board start allowing what this ordinance actually says and take consideration that  the people sitting out here might actually  know something that the Board doesn’t  know.

   The question was asked if you have a vehicle was on your property does it need to be registered?   The Board said yes that the vehicle does need to be registered.


Correspondence- We received a letter from Senator Scott Fitzgerald which talked about the recent events in Dodge County concerning human trafficking, prostitution and serial abuse.   The letter will be available at the Clyman Village Hall for anyone who wants to read it.

Discussion possible action on Board vacancy-Board decided to table this matter until next month’s meeting.

Personnel Matters- Beth thanked Tim for taking care of all the snow. No other comments or questions on personnel matters.

Review Invoices for Payment- Marty asked what Pollardwater is. It is a company that Tim gets some supplies from for Utilities.  Motion by Beth/Amanda to approve payment of invoices.  Motion carried.  

 Delinquent Water Bills- Some of the people on the list have paid on their water bill now that winter is over with.

Discussion and possible action on CD-The CD matures on May 23, 2018. The CD is automatically renewable or if funds are required we must request payment within 10 days after maturity.  The Board will wait until the May meeting to decide if the funds are needed.

Board of Review and Open Book-Open Book is set for April 30, 2018 3:30- 5:30pm.  Board of Review is May 21 from 5:00pm –7:00 PM.  

Next Meeting-The next regular Village Board meeting will be May 21, 2018 at 7:00 PM

Motion by Amanda/Beth to adjourn.  Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 7:22 PM.


                                                                                                                                Respectfully submitted

                                                                                                                                Connie Kreitzman

                                                                                                                                Clerk Treasurer



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