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Village Board Meeting
Jun 26, 2017



June 26, 2017, 6:00 PM

The regular monthly board meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM by President Mike Siegel with board members Marty Pint, Amanda Swanson, Jackie Tollefson and Beth Baehmann in attendance.  Also in attendance were Lukasz Lyzwa of General Engineering, Dan and Laurel Finger. Utility Superintendent Tim Dornfeld was absent.

The Pledge of Allegiance was said.

Minutes – The minutes had previously been provided to the Board.  Motion by Beth/Marty to approve the minutes as presented.  Motion carried. 

Parking Lot Project – Lukasz Lyzwa from GEC addressed the Board regarding the parking lot bids.  Only one bid for the parking lot projects was received.  Three alternatives for the project were considered.  The total project cost came up to $101,835.25.  Two parking lot costs will be paid 50% by the Town in the amount of $23,880.25. The total Village costs will be $77,955. The total cost for the Main Street parking lot is $54,074.75 and the other two located by the Town Hall and Fire Station, respectively, are $17,909 and 29,851.50 of which these two will be split 50/50 with the Town of Clyman.  Lukasz advised that the Town passed a resolution at their last meeting that gave control of the project to the Village.  The Village would pay the cost in full with the town making payment to the Village within 10 days of being billed.  Lukasz explained the difference with going with a concrete curb versus a black top curb.  Tim had asked the contractor if the work could be done right away.  The contractor said that it is not possible but they would come in mid-September.  It should not take them longer than a week to do everything, weather permitting.  Before construction, there will be a pre-construction meeting.  Kris went through and explained that we have budgeted $41,000 but there is also a line of credit for $50,000.  She explained that there are also funds in the Utility Equipment Replacement account of $51,700 and the utility account of $29,650.  Then we could use the funds owed to the village from the utility every month to repay these amounts which would be about $40,000.  It was stressed that the funds would need to be paid back by the end of the year.  Worst case scenario the total cost to the Village would be $78,000.  Motion by Jackie/Marty to accept the bid from Payne & Dolan to repave the parking lots for the total bid of $101,835.25.  Motion carried. 

Park Committee– Amanda gave a report on the park of things that they feel should be done.  The Lions said that they would paint the bleachers and the trim on the concession stand.  Mike mentioned that we should get an inspection on the hamburger stand to see if it is worth keeping.  Their goal is to make people want to come to the park.  Marty advised that the Fire/EMS Association priced out a pole shed to replace the hamburger stand and it was $20,000 and that was if the Association did the labor.  They said these are items that can be done in a maintenance program over different years.  To get the volley ball courts worked up with the sand would be $1,000.  Dan said that the bathrooms should be done, the Lions have talked about this but the cost is $20,000.   Dan said that if we can get the Lions or other associations to help, that would help get it paid.  Mike asked that the Park Committee give him 5 things that they would like to be done and he will see that they get done. Then he will ask for another 5 things. 

Dan asked about the signs posted that say “keep the park clean or stay away”, he feels these signs give the wrong idea of the park.  Amanda asked if the green space where the old Village Garage was previously on and where the little library might possibly go would be considered a park.  Beth said that it hasn’t been decided yet.  Beth would like to see the little library go on the village hall property.  Amanda asked about the green space by United.   She asked about making it into a soccer field or football field.  The park committee will work on the list of what 5 items they want done. 

Liquor Licenses– Motion by Marty/Beth to renew liquor licenses for Mercer T’s, The Hardware Store, and the Lions Club.  Motion carried.

  Cigarette Licenses– Motion by Beth/Jackie to approve cigarette licenses for Mercer T’s and The Hardware Store.  Motion carried.

Operators Licenses– Motion by Marty/Jackie to approve all Operators licenses as presented.  Motion carried. 

Delinquent Utility Bills – The Board reviewed the delinquent utility bills

Community Rummage Sale - Motion by Amanda/Beth to allow using the green space at the corner of Main and Territorial for a community rummage sale with the understanding that once finished, they clean up.

Village Truck– Mike said that he would like to go to the Ford dealership and discuss this matter with them.  He wants to feel confident that we will have a truck that will work.  He is not against them giving us another new truck but does not feel we should have to pay for their mistakes unless it is absolutely necessary.  Amanda asked about the recall information.  Tim did get the information but Mike is not sure the recall was for this particular issue.  Mike and Tim will address this matter further.  If it doesn’t suit our needs we need to make a change.

Compliance Maintenance Resolution – This is a resolution that needs to be passed for the DNR so that Tim can complete the filing requirements of the DNR.   Motion by Marty/Amanda to accept Resolution No. 2017-003, Compliance Maintenance Resolution.  Motion carried. 

Water Tower Cleaning– Tim received 4 quotes, however the quote from Water Tower Clean and Cost, Inc., was the lowest bid.  Kris explained that quote involves doing it by a robotic cleaning.  Tim did check with Watertown which has used this company and they were very happy with their work.  Motion by Beth/Jackie to accept the Water Town Clean and Coat, Inc. quote for $4,200.  Motion carried. 

Citizen Comment– Laurel said that she has not said anything at any of these meetings since she was told that they were not allowed to speak.  Mike advised that he did not tell her she could not speak, that it was citizen comment.  Laurel stopped him and said it was citizen comment now.  She feels the citizens should know what is going on here and they were told that they are the only ones that come in so she just had a couple quick comments.  One is about the property that is the old shop and possibly selling that.  She advised that the Village had decided at the time that that property would never be sold because of the fact that if there is any soil contamination in there anywhere, it can come back and the people that purchase it cans sue the Village at any time, even a hundred years from now because the Village owned that property and knew that there was a garage on that property.  The property that is next to United where the Board had mentioned about the park and soccer fields, that property was purchased from the Dodgeland School District when they were getting rid of the schools.  The first school that was removed from the Dodgeland District was the Clyman School which was the newest school and the Village purchased that property simply because it did not want that developed because of the fact that it is low land and there would be issues with putting houses there because when there is a large storm, the water runs in there almost like a catch basin area.  The only other thing that Laurel had was that at the May 22 Village Board meeting, she found a statement by Mike to be rather unprofessional when he was saying that Tim should have been involved in purchasing his truck which was as if someone has purchased a stripper pole for him.  She feels that sitting there as the Village President, he needs to show a certain amount of professionalism and she does not feel that that is showing any professionalism.  She also stated that she did notice that that was not in the minutes of the Village meeting. 

Mike said there is no discussion to sell the properties. He told Laurel her opinion is her opinion and it doesn’t make her right.

The Board was advised that the Fire Department received a compliment from the Beaver Dam Fire Department after the deck collapse as to the great job they did and how the community came together for this scene.  Beth wanted to extend her thank you to the FD on behalf of the entire board that they can rely on the Department when needed. 

Correspondence– Kris advised that a thank you card was received from the Sandie Rettschlag family.

Fire Department/EMS Report– No questions on bills. 

Invoices– Motion by Beth/Jackie to approve the bills as presented.  Motion carried. 

Next Meeting Date – The next meeting date will be August 28, 2017 at 6:00 PM. There will be no July meeting.

Motion by Beth/Marty to convene into closed session pursuant to Sec. 19.85(c), to discuss hiring, employment, compensation and benefits for the Clerk/Treasurer position.  A roll call vote was taken:  Marty – yes, Amanda – yes, Jackie – yes, Beth – yes, Mike - yes.  Motion carried.  The meeting convened into closed session.

During closed session the Board discussed filling the vacancy of the Clerk/Treasurer being vacated by Kris Kohlhoff.  A motion was made by Marty/Amanda to reconvene into open session.  A roll call vote was taken:  Amanda – Yes, Marty – Yes, Mike – Yes, Beth – Yes, Jackie – Yes.  Motion carried.  The meeting convened into open session. 

Motion by Amanda/Jackie to offer the position to Connie Kreitzman with the compensation and benefits discussed.  Motion carried. 

Motion by Marty/Amanda to adjourn.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 8:05 PM. 

                                                                                                                      Kris Kohlhoff


Minutes taken from closed session on by Beth Baehmann.



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