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Jan 16, 2017

January 16, 2017, 6:00 PM

The 2017 Village of Clyman Caucus was called to order at 6:00 PM by President Beth Baehmann with Trustees Marty Pint, Kathy Vergenz, Mike Siegel, and Amanda Swanson present.

Also present were Utility Superintendent Tim Dornfeld, Gordon Keach, Clay and Jackie Tollefson, Julie & Dick Haas, Gary Baehmann, Dan and Laurel Finger, Robin Pietrowski and Dave Kubiack.

The Pledge of Allegiance was said.

Beth announced that she will not be running for re-election of Village President. 

Nominations for Village Trustees– Kathy and Amanda’s terms are up.  Laurel/Dan nominated Kathy.  Robin/Dan nominated Amanda.  Gordy/Laurel nominated Jackie Tollefson.  Beth called for nominations 3 more times and there being none, nominations were closed.   

Nominations for Village President– Marty/Jackie nominated Mike Siegel.  Laurel/Amanda nominated Dan Finger.  Beth called for nominations 3 times and there being none, nominations were closed. 

Motion by Marty/Mike to adjourn the 2017 Village of Clyman caucus.  Motion carried.  The 2017 Village of Clyman Caucus was adjourned. 

Regular monthly meeting called to order at 6:11 PM.

Minutes– Kathy wanted the minutes corrected to reflect that the reason she did not want the vacation time paid out is because that would be extra monies spent out of the budget which were not budgeted for.  Motion by Marty/Amanda to approve the minutes with the correction noted.  Motion carried. 

Operator’s License for Jake Siegel– Kathy and Amanda did not feel that they could approve the granting of the operator’s license when Jake has an open criminal case.  Mike said that he is not being convicted of a felony, he is being convicted of a misdemeanor and that the case would be concluded by the end of January.  Kathy asked if it could be put off until next month. Amanda stated that she had concerns because Jake had an underage drinking ticket and felt that he might serve underage people.  Mike said that Jake is innocent until proven guilty and they need to think about that.  Mike said that he cannot vote on it.  Dan said that he thought there were ordinances about this.  This matter will be tabled for a month. 

Lion’s Taking Over Santa - Kris advised the Board that the Lions would like to take over the Santa project.  She explained that she has pretty much done it by herself for the last few years and now the Lions would like to do more community projects and would like to take this over.  The Board had no problem with this.   

Delinquent Utility Accounts– The Board reviewed the delinquent utility accounts. 

Water Leaks - Kris advised that three households had water leaks during the month of December, possibly due to the cold weather.  The previous practice of the Board has been to reduce the sewer charges by half.  Motion by Marty/Mike to cut their sewer bill in half for these households because of water leaks.  Motion carried. 

Utility DebtOwed to the Village – The Utility owes the Village a substantial amount of money that it will never be able to repay.  This has been a big issue with the PSC and a main reason for them wanting us to raise our water rates by doing a full rate study.  The purpose of passing this resolution would be to forgive the debt owed by the Utility to the Village and hopefully, avoid having to do a full rate study to raise water rates.  Beth read Resolution No. 2017-001, A Resolution Reducing the Tax Equivalent Payable to the Village of Clyman by the Clyman Utility Commission.  Motion by Marty/Kathy to adopt Resolution No. 2017-001, forgiving the debt owed to the Village of Clyman by the Clyman Utility Commission.  Motion carried. 

Superintendent Comments– Tim gave the Board a letter from the DNR regarding the WPDES Permit and its renewal.  Kathy asked about the expired permit which actually expired 9/1/16.  Tim said that is ok, that the DNR does that and that our next permit will go from April 1, 2017, until April 1, 2022.  Tim advised that he talked with the president of General Engineering, Gil Hantsch and General Engineering has agreed to look at the permit proposed by the DNR for free.  We have until January 23, to give comments to the DNR about the permit.  There are several things that we need to comply with such as phosphorus and chloride and advising residents as to what they can do to help keep the system safe.  Tim said that he thinks we got the variance for phosphorus.  It also has to do with sand and salt that is put on the streets that eventually goes into the wastewater.  Every community that discharges has to do a permit.  Laurel asked Tim what the DNR is doing about these large farm runoffs.  Tim said that they are doing nothing.  Tim said the DNR knows that agriculture is 74% of the problem, municipalities are like 22%.   The DNR advised people to call their congressman so the DNR can get more people to monitor these runoff situations.  Congress turned the DNR funding down which would have allowed them to hire people to go talk to these people.  Discussion held on this issue and on having the laterals televised as a group.  Tim advised that because of these regulations, the sampling has picked up which will cost more now. 

Generator Bids– Tim received a bid from CTW regarding a used generator. The generator has 308 hours on it for a cost of $24,500 plus the cost of the pad ($400) and LP Tank.  Mike asked how old the generator is.  Tim checked with CTW and it was thought it was from 1988.  The second bid is from United Electric, which is a new generator and includes the concrete pad for a cost of $39,500.  Tim said we have natural gas engines in 2 of the 3 pump houses.  If the power goes out, Tim has to come in and do all the processes to get the pump going again.  If he is out of the area, this could cause a real problem.  With the generator, the generator automatically powers up the pumps again without Tim having to be present.  Tim estimated that he has to do this at least once a year.  This would be for the biggest well in the Village.  Kathy asked to find out the normal life of a generator.  This matter was tabled until next month to allow Tim to get more information. 

Tim advised that the small pump house by Baehmann’s Four Seasons has a wall mounted heater which constantly goes out, especially with all the wind that we have been having lately.  United Electric presented bids on a new heater for the pump house which would not be wall mounted and be protected from the wind. This matter will be tabled until the next meeting to allow Tim will get another bid. 

Fire Chief Eric Howlett came in. 

Fire Department – Eric asked if there were any questions on the Fire Department budget.  Kathy asked what the bill for Beaver Dam Lock & Security was for.  Eric said it was for a new entry lock for the south door. 

Fire Department Remaining 2016 Budget Funds – Eric advised that he spoke with the Town about purchasing an automatic transfer generator to have on hand in the event of an emergency with the remainder of the funds. He indicated that if the power goes out, there is no way to get the doors open or closed.  He also advised that if a warming house was needed within the Village for an emergency, they could set this up to act as such.  Eric said he is getting quotes for the town.  Mike said he would like to see the money put into the account for the truck.  We will wait for the quotes and then make a decision.  This will be tabled until next month.  Kathy asked about what happened with the conversation with Juneau about the ambulance service.  Beth said that she talked with Jason Buske who advised her that he would talk with Eric.  Eric said that he was told by Jason that Juneau will not allow our First Responders to run with Juneau but there been no problems of late. 

Citizen Comment– Laurel said that she read that Waterloo has received $330,000 for grants for replacement and inspection of the water laterals.  She wants to know if we are going to shoot ourselves in the foot if we don’t do anything or try to apply for these funds.  Beth said that she has contacted DNR officials and was advised that you need to have a certain level of lead in the homes to receive these funds and the Village does not qualify. 

Laurel also continued with her issues regarding her neighbor’s property and that nothing is being done about this property.  She said that the snow has not been removed from their sidewalk within 24 hours after the snowfalls.  She feels that it is becoming a derelict property in their neighborhood.  She doesn’t feel that we can let this property fall to pieces.  It is aggravating when she comes to the board meetings with these issues and nothing happens. She feels it is a safety hazard for the older people.  Beth said that she drives by every Thursday and has not noticed any snow.  Dan Finger said that there is snow there.  Tim advised that if you do it for one house, you have to do it for all and how much snow is enough to shovel. Tim asked if Dan and Laurel would be willing to do it and be paid.  Kathy will attempt to contact the owners.  Tim said that the matter of snow removal has been discussed at his county meetings and each community has the same problems and handles it differently.  Tim asked about ice and how that should be handled.  The Board said that 24 hours after the snow or storm, residents should be given a reasonable amount of time to clear their sidewalks and if they don’t, a decision will be made to have the Village do it and put it as a special assessment on their taxes. 

Amanda said she would like to thank the Fire Department for shoveling the hydrants out. 

Correspondence– The electrical workers union sent Beth an invitation to tour their facility.  The Gathering Source sent a thank you for the 26 pounds of food that was donated from Santa visiting. 

Personnel– Amanda asked if overtime was paid over 40 hours or after 8 hours a day.  She was advised that overtime is paid after 8 hours per day.

Unpaid Bills and Invoices - Motion by Marty/Mike to approve payment of the bills and unpaid invoices.  Motion carried. 

Next Meeting Date– The next meeting date will be February 27, at 6:00 PM. 

Motion by Kathy/Amanda to adjourn.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 7:54 PM.

                                                                                                By:  Kris Kohlhoff
                                                                                                Village of Clyman Clerk/Treasurer



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