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Village Board Meeting
Aug 07, 2017



August 7, 2017, 6:00 PM


The monthly board meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM by President Mike Siegel with board members Marty Pint, Amanda Swanson, Jackie Tollefson and Beth Baehmann in attendance.  Also in attendance were Utility Superintendent Tim Dornfeld and Laurel Finger.

The Pledge of Allegiance was said.

Minutes – The minutes had previously been provided to the Board.  Motion by Marty/Jackie to approve the minutes as presented.  Motion carried.

Park Committee– Amanda gave list to Mike and thanked him for the work that has been done so far. Also thanked Tim for cleaning up the park after a party.  Mike stated that he was disappointed in the park committee because they did nothing but put the list together, they were given a budget to work with. He thought they would have done some of this work and not just turned in a list.

Amendment to resolution-Motion by Amanda/Marty to approve the amendment to resolution  

No. 2017-001 forgiving Clyman Utility Commission past debt owed to the village.  Motion carried.

New Clerk Training-Discussion on cost for training on the Caselle program which would cost $3,600 for 3 days. The Caselle program we are currently using is being phased out, if we do the upgrade now we would get the training included.  The cost for the upgrade is $7,900 and would include lifetime upgrades and we could spread the cost out over 2 years.    Motion by Beth/Amanda to do the upgrade now at the cost of 7,900 over 2 years.  Motion carried.

Park Buildings-The building inspector advised the hamburger stand is not worth fixing, but the beer stand is salvageable.  We talked about tearing it down and just extending the shelter.  We will get some quotes on tearing the building down, and extending the shelter. We would like to do something with it by the spring.

Ordinance codification- Motion by Beth/Marty to approve Ordinance No. 2017-014 to revise and consolidate, amend supplement and codify the general ordinances of the Village of Clyman, and resolution No. 2017-004 providing for the publication, filing, inspection and adoption of a code of general ordinances, with the changes recommended by the Plan Commission. Motion carried.

Superintendent Comments– Mike and Tim will continue to work on the trucks. Water tower is scheduled to be cleaned, Monday August 14.   Tim has been working on getting the water samples in for safe drinking water this is done every 3 years for the DNR.  Pump 2 was hit by lighting and was taken in for repairs.

Citizen Comment– Laurel brought up that the semis are coming in to Seneca at all times of the night and early morning.  Mike commented that overall he feels they do a good job but he will talk to someone at the plant about it.

Fire Department/EMS Report– No questions on bills. 

Invoices– Motion by Beth/Amanda to approve the bills as presented.  Motion carried. 

Kris advised that this would probably be her last meeting.  Beth advised that she has been approached that we should do something for Kris’s retirement.  We would like to have an open house here at the hall on September 6, 2017 from 4pm-6pm.  Beth will make the arrangements for this.

Next Meeting Date – The next meeting date will be September 25, 2017 at 6:00 PM.

Motion by Marty/Beth to adjourn.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 6:38 PM. 

                                                                                                                      Connie Kretizman




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