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Sep 28, 2015



SEPTEMBER 28, 2015 – 6:00 PM

The meeting was called to order by President Beth Baehmann at 6:00 PM with Board Members Marty Pint, Ed Wolff, Kathy Vergenz and Mike Siegel present.  Also present were Utility Superintendent Tim Dornfeld, Baker Tilly Auditor Jodi Dobson, Fire Chief Eric Howlett, Tim & Amanda Swanson, Dick & Rita Greinert. Gary Baehmann,  Laurel & Dan Finger,  Robin Pietrowski, and Ruth Zweig.

The Pledge of Allegiance was said.

Audit Report - Jodi Dobson from Baker Tilly went over the audit reports for the Village and Utility.  Mike asked how we determine what we are losing for the utility.  She explained how she arrived at this figure.  Mike would like to see the water utility return at zero. 

Minutes – Motion by Marty/Ed to approve the minutes as presented.  Motion carried.

Wellach Drainage Issue – Kathy feels that the Village should not have been involved with this matter and felt that it should have been a civil suit and is costing the Village additional expenses.  Beth felt that we need to go to the ordinances first.  The Plan Commission recommended to the Village Board the following:  (1) That Mr. Wellach be directed to remove the drain tile which he attached to the Village sanitary sewer system within 30 days from the date of the meeting 9-16-15, and that Tim Dornfeld certify that the disconnect has happened.  (2) That Mr. Wellach be directed to obtain a certified site plan for any and all work concerning this matter and same be presented to the Plan Commission with the exception of removal of the attachment to the Village of Clyman’s sanitary sewer system.  The proposed Site Plan should include, but not be limited to, a detailed plan of where things are now located and where things are proposed to be located.  This site plan will include grade.  It shall be prepared by a certified engineer or surveyor.  The site plan shall be presented to Mr. Prunuske for his review and comment prior to the meeting of the Plan Commission all within 60 days of the date of the meeting on 9-16-15.  (3) That the Village Board will contact the owner of the apartment building to inform them of this issue and progress being made.   Marty asked about the sanitary sewer connection and Tim advised that it never was connected so that has been taken care of and verified by Tim.  Tim said that it should not bother the sanitary sewer with erosion or anything.  Tim said that he is not sure if a utility easement was ever granted.  Mike said he agreed with Kathy and feels that it should have been dealt with in Court.   Dick Greinert asked how Mr. Wellach gets to his property and if an easement was granted at that time.  There is an ordinance that is in violation and we have to support the ordinance.  The board felt that the property owners need to seek legal advice except as to the drainage issue.  Motion by Kathy/Ed to accept the Plan Commission recommendations on the Wellach issue and that we be complete of this issue at the acceptance of this Plan Commission plan.  Motion carried. 

Fire Department – Eric went over the budget report.  Kathy asked what the Emergency Communication Systems bill was for and was advised that this was for the siren repair which was included with the Wisconsin Emergency grant request.  Eric also went over the preliminary tournament expenses of which the proceeds will be about $15-$16000.  Beth acknowledged and thanked Caine Transfer and United Electric for their contributions with the tournament. 

At the budget meeting Eric will be suggesting that the percentages be changed to reflect that everything in the Fire Department be 78/22 or whatever percentage the amounts will be.  Eric feels that the town will then ask for more votes in the decision making.  The equipment is bought and paid for and there is no outstanding debt on anything.  The only thing then would be the 50/50 split on the building.  The trucks are 50/50 but the equipment on the trucks is 72/28.  Eric suggested perhaps a 5 member town and 4 member village vote on the budget items.  Kathy asked for a better explanation on what Eric is looking for.  Ed feels that we need to stay with the percentages.  

Police Department, Squad Car and Weapons – Beth advised that the squad car has a dead battery and low tires on the vehicle so she thought we should start the dialog on the Police Department.  Kathy does not feel that we got the real gut feeling of everyone involved.  She doesn’t feel that we are done with the Police Department.  She feels that more people should come forward.  Amanda Swanson said that she didn’t even know that we had a police department as she never seen them except for Halloween.  Mike asked how the results of the survey came in.  Beth went over the results of the survey.  Dan Finger asked if we know what the figures for calls are since we haven’t had a department.  Kathy asked if we have looked into getting someone under a contract to enforce the ordinances.  Beth feels that we have not had any ordinance issues.  Kathy spoke to the captain at the Sheriff’s Department  about selling the weapons and he said we should take them to a gun dealer. (CORRECTION:  At the October 26, 2015 meeting, this was corrected by Kathy to say that we should NOT take them to a gun dealer because we will only get pennies on the dollar for them.)  Beth advised that she has been approached regarding the weapons and vehicle.  Beth felt that we need to do an inventory.  Kathy said we have to be careful of things in the office as some of that needs security clearance.  Marty felt we should see if we can get someone to give us a number on the equipment to liquidate.  Kathy feels that the board needs to decide whether we are going to have a department or not.  Ed feels we are not going to get the citizens true comments because they are not here at the meeting.  The options are disbanding the department, keeping it or looking at other alternatives.  Kathy did not feel that any Dodge County officers will come to the Village to work.  This matter will be tabled until next month to get paper work in order to disband the department and then we can deal with the equipment. 

Freson Driveway Apron – Kris advised that the Building Inspector advised that the Fresons questioned why they needed an apron when United Electric did not have one.  Discussion held on this issue.  Motion by Ed/Mike that Fresons be advised to put the driveway apron in as requested or the Board will revisit for violation of not getting the proper permits.  Motion carried. 

Trick or Treat Hours – Trick or Treat is on Saturday, October 31.  Motion by Kathy/Marty that trick or treat hours be from 6:00 to 8:00 PM on Saturday, October 31.  Motion carried. 

Delinquent Utility Accounts – Marty felt we should shut them off.  He feels we jump through too many hoops.  Kathy questioned how much time was spent on the delinquent accounts between Tim and Kris.  Kris advised that she felt between 7-10 hours was spent.  Kathy felt that was a lot of time but Kris said that by the time you combine everything that goes into it starting with the utility bill, it adds up to that.  Kathy asked if increasing the penalty would help but the board said no.  Robin supported Kris with making every effort to help the people when they can’t make their payments.  Kris advised that the letters advising of the delinquent bills going on the taxes will be going out shortly.

Superintendent Comments – Tim advised that Reeseville’s bill for the storm in July was $80,000.  With regard to Well No. 3, Kathy felt that the equipment that was put in was not of quality stock.(CORRECTION:  At the October 26, 2015 Meeting, Kathy asked Tim about the quality, not if it was quality stock.)  Tim said that there has not been the problem with the manganese before and it has always been 10-12 years before we have had a problem with the pumps, not 6 years.  Tim advised how the problem came about and when he noticed the bronze shavings laying on the floor.   Mike would like to see a quote from another vendor to fix the pump.  Tim advised that CTW has all our records and has a good reputation with the company.  Tim advised that he did get quotes from another company previously on another well and the quote was much more.  This company has drilled our wells and is familiar with it.  Kathy asked if this would be covered by warranty and Tim advised that he was told that if something was going to go wrong, it would go wrong in the first year.  Kathy asked about a warranty on a new one but Tim did not know.  Discussion held on obtaining another price quote.  Tim is to make sure it’s a free estimate.  Kris will send an email to the Board with the new quote.  If Tim can get the quotes to the Board by next Monday, the board will meet prior to the Fire Department Budget Meeting to decide. 

Citizen Comment – Dick Greinert advised that he has an infestation of wood chucks and wants to know what to do about them.  The village has a live trap but Dick said that he is not going to trap them.  These are on the property behind their house which is not taken care of.  We will contact the property owner to clean up the property and if it is not cleaned up, then the village will start trapping them and clean up the property and put it on the tax bill.  Motion by Marty/Mike that we give the property owner until October 15 to take care of the issue of the animals in the yard and cleaning of the wood piles and weeds and if it is not, then the Village will hire someone to take care of it and put it on the tax bill.  Motion carried. 

Amanda Swanson has a safety concern about the semis being parked on Main Street.  She almost got hit and saw a small child almost get hit because of the semis being parked there.  Kathy talked with Mrs. Prescott and Mrs. Prescott told Kathy that her husband is not home long enough  and has only parked out in front of their house one time.  Other residents stated differently.  Robin Pietrowski expressed concern about the safety vehicles that are leaving with the semis being parked there.  Ruth Zwieg said that you cannot tell someone driving a semi that they cannot take it home.  They can park it for an hour.    Amanda suggested a “slow, children at play” sign be put up.  This matter will be put on the agenda for next month to allow time to take a look at what the ordinance reads and see what the previous ordinance says.  Dan Finger said that most communities have an ordinance on truck parking.  Discussion held on what Class the road is.  Tim said that it is a Class A road but the Board would like Tim to find out for sure.  As of right now, the truck parking is legal because of the way the ordinance is written. 

Laurel Finger read a letter about a nuisance ordinance which Watertown is enacting and how she feels about things happening to her in the community.  Dan Finger mentioned about the letters they are receiving that are not signed.  He said they are going to continue to be the squeaky wheels.  He feels that we are all adults and should be able to work these matters out.  Beth thanked Dan for his comments.  Beth advised that she also spoke with Mr. Kaczynski personally and he told Beth the same thing that he told Kris.   Beth said we should move this village forward.  Laurel is looking to do the best for this community.  Mike commented on the letter to the Editor Laurel put in the Watertown paper a while ago. 

Correspondence –  Beth acknowledged the fee increase schedule received from General Engineering who does the building inspection work for the Village.  She also acknowledged the Wisconsin Disaster Grant that had been submitted to the State.

Employee Handbook – Kathy felt this should be handled when we have a closed session on the budget.   She did not feel the employees should be involved with the handbook. (CORRECTION:  At the October 26, 2015 Meeting, Kathy said that she did not mean to have a closed session but to work on the handbook in a separate meeting possibly away from the regular meeting.  She feels she was misunderstood on that.)

Payment of Bills/Invoices - Motion by Mike/Marty to pay the bills and invoices as presented.  Motion carried. 

Next Meeting Date – The next meeting date is October 5 for Fire Department budget.  The next regular board meeting is October 26 at 6:00 and the first budget meeting will be November 2 at 6:00 PM. 

Motion by Kathy/Marty to adjourn.  Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:29.

                                                                                                Respectfully submitted:

                                                                                                Kris Kohlhoff


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