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Oct 26, 2015



October 26, 2015 – 6:00 PM

The regular monthly Board Meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM by Village President Beth Baehmann with Board Members Marty Pint, Ed Wolff, Kathy Vergenz and Mike Siegel present.  Also present were Utility Superintendent Tim Dornfeld, Fire Chief Eric Howlett, Gary Baehmann, Laurel and Dan Finger, Mark and Laurie Freson, Amanda and Tim Swanson.

The Pledge of Allegiance was said. 

Fire Department Report – Eric ask if the Board had any questions on the monthly budget.  He also asked if the Board had any problems with him coming to one meeting quarterly.  He said he has talked with the Town about it.  He indicated that there will still be a monthly report for the Board.  The Board did not see any problem with it.  Eric reported that he is getting prices on equipment to be purchased by the end of the year and is aware that anything over $1500 has to be approved by the Boards.

Minutes – Kathy had corrections she wanted noted with regard to the minutes – In regard to the “Police Department, Squad Car and Weapons,” she indicated she said we should NOT take them to a gun dealer because we will only get pennies on the dollar for them.  Under “Superintendent Comments,” pertaining to Well No. 3 Kathy asked Tim about the quality not if it was quality stock.  With regard to the “Employee Handbook,” Kathy said that she did not mean in closed session but to work on the handbook in a separate meeting possibly away from a regular meeting.  She feels she was just misunderstood on that.  She just wanted to clarify those points.  Motion by Marty/Kathy to approve the minutes with the corrections discussed.  Motion carried. 

Police Department and Weapons – Kathy went to the Captain at the Sheriff Department and was advised that possibly the police firearm came from the State and if that is the case, it would then need to be returned to the State.  She tried to call Armand Schmidt but was unable to reach him prior to the meeting but figured he would be a source to ask.  It was asked it Kevin Kluck might be a source to ask but Kathy thought Armand might be a better place to start.  Beth said that it may be sometime before we are able to decide what to do with the equipment as first we have to decide if we want a department.  Beth read Ordinance No. 2015-13 repealing the Police Department Ordinances.  Motion by Marty/Mike to accept Ordinance No. 2015-13 repealing the Village of Clyman Police Department Ordinances.  Beth took a roll call vote:  Marty-yes, Mike-yes, Ed-Yes, Kathy-no.  Motion carries.  The Ordinance shall take effect upon passage and posting as provided by law. 

Grota Appraisals Assessment Contract – Kris asked that this be tabled because we will have to do a full assessment and she wants to get the final cost.  Mike asked if we could get another quote also.  Kris will check into other companies. 

Dodge County Humane Society Contract – Kris said we are close to our five animal limit before we will get charged.  Kris will check with Watertown Humane Society about what it would cost to contract with them for 2016. 

Beattie Land Split – Kris explained that because the Village is within 1-1/2 miles of this property located on Highway 26, the Village has to vote to approve the land split.  The Town has already approved it.  Motion by Marty/Ed to accept the Certified Survey Map for the James Beattie Land Split.  Motion approved. 

LRIP Road Grant – Tim advised that he attended the Local Road Improvement Program Meeting at the Dodge County Highway Dept.  and has the paperwork to apply for the grant.  The only roads that qualify would be South Street, Circle View Court and North Street.  Tim estimates South Street repairs would cost $24,000.  The grant paperwork needs to be submitted by the end of November.  If we received the grant, we have until June 30, 2021 to complete the project.  Engineering costs cannot be included in the grant monies.  The Village would also need to develop a five year plan for road repairs which Tim has been working on.  Tim also advised that because South Street repairs are under $25,000, we would not have to put it out for bids.  We could then do Circle View Court in another year.  If approved for the grant monies, the Village would receive half of the costs of the repairs.  Tim said that Townships get so much and the Villages and Cities get so much.  Dan Finger asked if the grant covers whatever half of the bid is at the time the request is applied for.   Tim did not feel that we would need an engineer for South Street.  Shouldering is not included in the $24,000 price for South Street and is not covered by the grant.  Tim said that they will crown the road so the water would run onto the properties.  Kathy asked if shouldering makes the road last longer.  Tim said that it holds the edges in longer.  There is not a lot of heavy semi traffic on the street but there is normal vehicle traffic.  Tim did not remember when the road was last done.  Tim explained what has been done to the area with main work.  Slurry coating is not included with the grant.  Tim will write a 5 year plan if the Board approves.  Motion by Kathy/Ed that we file the paperwork for the LRIP grant.  Motion carried. 

Mike thought that prior to the work being done, a public hearing should be held to give the people an opportunity to see what is going to be happening. 

Leaf/Brush Pick Up – The Board approved leaf/brush pick-ups so Kris will contact Watertown to arrange for dates. 

Delinquent Utility Bills – The Board reviewed the delinquent utility list.  Kris brought Account No. 102.02 to the Board for a reduction on the sewer amount because the bill was incurred as a result of a hose being left on which resulted in a substantial bill of over $800.  Previous practice has been to reduce the sewer portion only by one-half.  Motion by Kathy/Mike to reduce the sewer only portion of the bill by one-half.  Motion carried. 

Superintendent Comments – Tim advised that repair on Well No. 3 was starting on October 27.  He also advised that the second quote he was waiting to receive came in at $26,000.  The first quote was between $16,000 & $17,000.  He advised that the DNR is in the process of re-writing our wastewater permit.  Tim has had to take samples and temperatures for the last year so they know what to include in the permit.  Tim took his first sample today of influent and effluent.  The next 2 days will be effluent only.  Tim does have a copy of the variance application – the DNR wants a 5 year plan again.  Tim went through what he plans to do in the next 5 years.  One thing would be to send out a survey to Village residents asking what they have for water softeners.  Encourage residents to go with a flow based softener rather than a timer based softener.  Amanda and Tim Swanson said that their water is terrible, it is discolored and stinks.  Tim said that the iron level is very high.  Tim D.’s first inclination would be a plumbing issue or the lines going into the houses.  Tim said he can flush the hydrants and that may help.  He would encourage residents to call Tim or Kris when they have a problem.  If they don’t let us know, we don’t know there is a problem.  Tim advised that Doris Thiele of the DNR wants to do a site visit.  Kathy asked if there would be anything out there that would help residents regarding their softeners such as rebates, etc.  Tim advised that we should  mail out a survey to all homeowners to find out what kind of softeners they have in their house. 

Compliance Maintenance Report – Tim advised that the Village received high marks on the report.  The DNR commented they appreciated the Village efforts to protect human health and environment. 

Lions Hall – The Fire Association would like the hall kept open until the first week in December so they can hold their Christmas Party.  The Board had no problems with this.  Tim advised of a main break at the hall last week. 

Citizen Comment – Mark and Laurie Freson addressed the Board with concerns with the apron for the recent drive way they put in.  Mark said that he put a culvert in and put in the gravel that turns into cement.  He also advised that the driveway slopes back into their yard so no gravel should wash into the Street.  The curb is cut at an angle.  Kathy asked if Tim could verify it and Tim said that it looks okay.  If and when sidewalk is put in then they will have to revisit the issue but for the time being, the Board is satisfied with what they have done in putting in the driveway. 

Amanda Swanson asked if anything has been done about the semi parking issue on Main Street.  Kathy said that she talked with Teresa Prescott who advised that Dennis has not parked there anytime during the month.  The semi across from Ed’s house has been parked there every night.  Kathy does not feel that we need to change the ordinances.  Swansons are concerned about someone getting hurt or with an emergency vehicle having problems getting through.  Beth felt that if there are issues with the Fire Department, it should be coming from the chief.  Ed feels that it is a safety issue.  Mike suggested alternating the side of the street on which parking is allowed.  At this juncture it is not specifically on the agenda to make any decisions.  Beth thought perhaps we could put this on when we recodify the ordinances.  Beth said it is not going to be in the next month or two.  Beth felt we need to know what the public wants on these ordinances. 

Dan Finger presented a letter that they received anonymously after the last meeting.  He does not feel that they should not have to worry about receiving letters.  Marty said when he gets a letter that is not signed he just throws them away.  Laurel feels that her home should be her refuge and safe place and they should not be harassed in this way.  Beth advised them to keep going to the authorities with these types of matters. 

Personnel Matters – Kathy would like to discuss the employee handbook in a separate meeting.  Beth thought it should be tabled until the beginning of the year and then they will go through it in sections. 

Paid Bills and Invoices – Motion by Mike/Marty to pay the bills and invoices as presented.  Motion carried. 

Next Meeting Date – Due to a Board member being absent the week of November 23, the next regular board meeting will be November 30 at 6:00 PM.  The 2016 Budget Workshop Meeting will be held on November 2 at 6:00 PM. 

Motion by Marty/Ed to adjourn.  Motion carried.    Meeting adjourned. 

                                                                                                Respectfully submitted:

                                                                                                Kris Kohlhoff



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