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Oct 05, 2015

October 5, 2015

Present:  Clyman Village Board Members Beth Baehmann, Marty Pint, Ed Wolff, Kathy Vergenz and Mike Siegel, Town of Clyman Board Members Randy Nehls, Steve Caine, Lee Bruni and Mark Othmer.  Others present were Town of Clyman Clerk Chris Spilker, Town of Clyman Treasurer Sandy Thoma, Fire Chief Eric Howlett, Assistant Fire Chief Joe Roberts, Fire Commission President Dave Beal, Fire Association President Dave Decono, Gary Shipshock, Mike Thoma, and Tim and Amanda Swanson.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Town of Clyman Chairman Randy Nehls. 

The Pledge of Allegiance was said. 

Fire Commission Report – Fire Commission President Dave Beal reported that things are going well.  The Commission has met twice.  When there have been issues, Eric takes care of it.  Eric stays in touch with Dave.  They are working well with other Fire Departments and provide coverage to other departments.  The Commission met in April to elect officers.  They have not had to have any meetings for problem issues. 

Fire Association – President Dave Decono presented the report and advised that their Association Breakfast is coming up in October.  They currently have about 12 members and are always looking for new members.  The banquet netted about $12,500 which is to be split between 4 departments. 

Fire Chief Report – Fire Chief Eric Howlett said everything is going good.  He feels there will be some changes coming through with Highway 26 & 60.  Equipment wise, they have everything pretty much up to date.  Turn out gear is being replaced as needed.  There have been no major break downs in equipment.  Mike Thoma is doing a good job on the equipment repairs and probably has saved the department $3,000-$10,000.  The Board thanked Mike for his work. 

Board Voting Rights and Equalized Value - Eric advised that currently the Board voting rights are based on equalized value – This has been corrected as it was not figured correctly in years past.  Eric reported that in the past the wages and trucks have been split 50/50 and the rest is based on the equalized value of 28/72 (which should be 78/22 when corrected).  Eric would now like everything split 50/50 including wages, trucks, and equipment.  Steve asked if the equalized value included farm land.  He wonders if it would make more sense to use the value of improvements instead of the assessed value.  He doesn’t know what that number would be but feels it might be something to consider.  Lee would like to see what other townships do that is similar to ours.  Steve feels it would show some precedence as to how we are doing things.  Mark does not feel that paying the wages at 78/22 is going to happen.  Mark feels that this amounts to 9% of the Town’s budget.  Mark feels that Eric should have presented this to both entities at once.  Mark feels that public safety is what we have to take care of.  Eric needs to protect his members out there.  Eric said they are training extensively on how to set up a scene on a 4 lane highway.  Chris and Sandy will work with Patti Hilker about how to get the improvement value on properties.  Mark asked if there was any way to determine how much has been spent with the various sections.  Eric explained how he gets monies for the savings accounts.  In 2025 Eric said they will be looking at needing about $85,000 to replace the gear and equipment they have now.  With regard to the equipment, he said that they will need new pagers now because it is being forced on them.  The ones they have will no longer be repaired.  Eric tries to hold off on any larger purchases in the event there is a major breakdown that needs to be paid for.  Eric advised that the entire First Responder department has to train next year which explains the 60% jump in that line item.  Regarding the safety equipment on the trucks, they want to go with the light stick on the truck to get the traffic to move over to the other lanes.  They also want to get the chevrons on all the trucks.  The doors also need to be replaced on one of the vehicles.  They also want to get a light stick on the grass truck. 

Chris felt the town needs to have a discussion about where they want to go with the figures.  If the town went 78/22%, the town’s budget would increase $4000 and if they went 75/25% it would be 2,000.  Mark felt that the town agreed last year to go with the 78/22% figures this year as they are and then look at it going forward.  Eric feels that nothing gets accomplished regarding these issues because it doesn’t go any farther than the budget meetings.  Mike felt that it would be a good idea to look at how other townships do things.  Motion by Marty/Mark to go with a 78/22% split on everything except the wages, buildings and trucks.  Mark feels that the wage scale needs to be worked out.  The town can’t automatically increase the taxes to cover this cost.  Mark said maybe a fire district is the way to go.  Lee feels if we go along with this we need to have a group looking at another direction for next year because Eric needs direction as to where we are going.  This needs to be worked on in a timely fashion.  Motion carried. 

Mark asked about setting up a committee to further review the assessed split.  Mark Othmer and Mike Siegel volunteered to be on the committee.  Eric said items to be addressed are the wages, trucks and building.  Eric feels the Fire Department should stay in the location where they are now.  Motion by Mark/Beth to set up a committee to modify the agreement between the Town & Village and associated estimates.  Motion carried.   They felt Eric should also be part of the committee.  Beth said she would help out.  They felt Dave Blank would be interested. 

Mutual Aid Agreement with Lowell and Reeseville – Eric said that has been going really good.  Clyman is the only one that is billing through Lifequest.  Lowell and Reeseville are going to be looking into that. 

Clyman does not charge when they go and help them out.  Dave Beal said that Lowell never went to car accidents.  Reeseville would go to the car accidents and do their own billing for the accident.  Kris advised that now you need codes to submit to insurance companies and Lifequest does that for the Village.  Randy said that the Department is also involved in the Mabas system around the county. 

Truck No. 1761 – This is put on the agenda every year just for discussion but Eric feels that the new committee can discuss this and other equipment needed since there is mutual aid. 

EMS Coverage – Eric advised that everything is going fine.  There have been no coverage issues, and there is excellent response.  If an ambulance is needed they call Watertown immediately.

2016 Budget – Wages are the same as last year for the officers.  Chris asked when we form this committee, to consider an incentive pay for the more seasoned members and give incentive to the new ones to get cross-trained.  Eric said he kept it at $8/hr so that we can keep it more in line with the budget numbers. 

Training – In 2017, the refresher courses will drop again because it goes every other year.  Chief’s convention - Kathy asked what all is involved with this.  Eric said that it is for the chief and assistant chief.  It is a 3 day convention and includes registration, seminar, lodging, and food.  Eric advised that he will also take from the training account to cover the overdraft in the miscellaneous account. 

Equipment – Eric advised that the pager repairs can go out since we are buying new pagers.  The new ones have a 5 year warranty.  The $5,000 miscellaneous equipment includes light sticks on the back of the trucks, led lights, chevrons and repair of the doors.  Eric anticipates some money left over in this year’s budget to cover some of these expenses.  Eric asked if we could take $3,000 out of the Farmer’s and Merchant’s savings account for the donated monies which would then reduce the miscellaneous equipment down to $2,000.  Motion by Beth/Lee to transfer $3,000 from the Farmer’s & Merchant’s savings account to the Fire Department Checking Account to begin work on the safety aspect of the truck and reduce the line items for the miscellaneous equipment for highway safety to $2,000. Motion carried. 

Miscellaneous Supplies – Kathy asked what falls under miscellaneous supplies.  Eric advised that this is where they purchase items for the station such as soda, water, etc.

The 2016 total Fire Department Budget request is $64,850.  The total wages requested for 2016 is $8,350 and these would be split 50/50 between the Village and the Town with each paying $4,175.  The remainder of the budget, $56,500, would be a split of 78/22% with the town paying $44,070, plus $4,175 for the wages for a total of $48,245, and the village paying $12,430 plus $4,175 for a total of $16,605. 

Motion by Marty/Kathy to accept the 2016 Fire Department budget in the total amount of $64,850, with the town portion total being $48,245 and the village portion total being $16,605.  Motion carried. 

Motion by Mark/Beth to adjourn.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 8:32 PM. 

                                                                                                Respectfully submitted,

                                                                                                Kris Kohlhoff


                                                                                                Village of Clyman





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