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Nov 02, 2015

November 2, 2015

The Special Board Meeting to discuss the 2016 budget was called to order at 6:00 PM by Village President Beth Baehmann with Trustees Marty Pint, Ed Wolff, Kathy Vergenz and Mike Siegel present.  Also present was Utility Superintendent Tim Dornfeld. 

The Pledge of Allegiance was said.

The board went through the budget details.

Kathy asked about making the Clerk/Treasurer position part time.  She indicated that she looked up several municipalities online and their clerk is part-time.  The question was asked if the municipalities had utilities.  She said basically all municipalities had utilities but was advised by other board members that they do not. Beth advised her to go through the minutes and figure out when they went with a full time clerk.  Beth said without going through the minutes she would not have any answers.  Beth feels it is a position more than 30 hours.  Just the amount of money coming in and the paperwork involved with it.  Kathy said her purpose on the board is to look out for the tax payers.  Kris said you need to look at other things such as elections.  There are 4 next year and the election for a clerk involves more than just the day of the election, it involves one month before and at least 2 weeks after.  The audit is another thing, balancing all the check books.  Kris advised the prior clerk was the same amount of hours.  She took a different day off.  Kathy personally wants to find out about the position more, as she feels it is a lot of money.  Beth said it takes a lot of money to run a business and salaries and benefits cost the most.

Beth asked for a motion to convene into closed session to discuss wages.  Motion by Kathy to convene into closed.  Beth asked for a roll call vote about convening into closed.  Marty – no; Mike – no; Ed – no; Kathy – yes.  The motion failed.  The Board did not convene into closed session.

Utility Superintendent Wages and Benefits – the Board was presented with information from the previous year which stated the Board promised Tim a 6% increase so as bring him in line with the average wage from the 2014 Wisconsin Rural Water Association wage survey.  Kathy feels that 6% is very high.  Beth said that she had to agree however looking at the average wage for what Tim does, he is below average.  Mike said he is fine with it.  Ed said that this was discussed last year and the board at that time approved 6% so as to bring him in line with the average for his 30+ years of service.  Ed didn’t think it was fair to go against that.  Ed would strongly recommend going with it. It was a two year plan to bring Tim in line.  Beth went over the weekend and Holiday overtime Tim puts in as required by the DNR.  Tim has been unable to find a part-time person to help out on the weekends. 

Kathy would like to see the medical deductible gone.  Kris explained that it is used like a health savings account to help with the deductible.  Tim has had it for several years and came into being when he didn’t get a raise; Kris negotiated it when she came.  Kathy feels that this is not needed and just because it was given years ago, can’t it be changed. Kathy doesn’t feel it is right to use tax payer money for this.  Ed understands what it is and feels that it is mis-named. It is more of a flexible spending account than a medical deductible.  Mike likes his employees to be taken care of and feels the employees do a good job.  He doesn’t want anything taken away from the two people that are the backbone of the village. He feels we can find another place to take the money from other than the employees.  Beth agrees with Mike and feels that we rely on the employees to take care of things in the village.  Ed feels that Tim and Kris are managing the board’s business and the half a million dollar budget.  Beth feels that there is something to be said for longevity of the employees.   Marty agrees also.  Ed feels that we should buy Tim shirts that say Clyman Utility Superintendent.  If Tim has to wear uniforms, the number will be higher.  Mike feels the clothing allowance should be kept at $300 and feels there is something to be said for Tim having uniforms.  Tim mainly buys shirts, pants and boots with the money because so much of his clothing is ruined by the chemicals used in the treatment system. If he is required to wear uniforms, the cost will be higher.  Ed thinks it would cost the village a lot more than to leave it at $300.   Motion by Mike/Marty to change the term “medical deductible” to “deductible reimbursement” account for the Utility Superintendent and to leave the amount at $1300.  Roll call vote taken:  Marty – yes; Mike – yes; Ed – yes; Kathy – yes.  Motion carries.  Motion by Marty/Mike to increase the clothing allowance from $225 to $300 for the Utility Superintendent.  Roll call vote taken:  Marty – yes; Mike – yes; Ed - yes; Kathy – no.  Motion carries. 

Clerk /treasurer Wages and Benefits – A 3% increase equals $.62.  Kathy feels that if we are accepting the wage survey for Tim that they should accept the same for Kris and realize that she is above average for pay.  Discussion held on wage surveys.  Ed feels that at some point they need to get their wages where they are equal and based on a percentage equally.  Ed feels both are equally important positions but you need to get a starting base. Ed feels the reports mean nothing because he doesn’t know what the duties include.  Beth feels that the Village is under on Tim’s wage and in line with Kris’.  Ed doesn’t feel the 3% is out of line.   Beth said that when you look at what you pay with turnover, that is huge.  Kathy said we are talking about government entities and putting the onus on the tax payers.  Motion by Mike/Marty to accept the 3% for Kris.  Roll call vote taken:  Marty – yes; Mike – yes; Ed – yes; Kathy – no.  Motion carries. 

Med. Deductible – Ed felt that we should keep it but look at how this came about.  Benefits are huge but that is everywhere, not just here.  Motion by Ed/Marty to change the term from “medical deductible” to “deductible reimbursement” account and keep the reimbursement at $500 for Kris as is.  Marty – yes; Mike – yes; Ed – yes; Kathy – yes.  Motion carries.

Part-time Employee (Steve Lehmann) is paid $10/hr.  Kathy feels that we should keep those wages as they are.  The snowplow driver at $15/hour. Marty asked if Steve came in to plow snow, would he be paid $15 instead of $10.  The consensus was yes.

Motion by Marty/Ed to adjourn.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 7:52 PM. 

                                                                                                Respectfully submitted:

                                                                                                Kris Kohlhoff


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