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May 18, 2015

May 18, 2015 - 6:00 PM

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM by Village President Beth Baehmann, with Marty Pint and Kathy Vergenz present.  Ed Wolff was excused.  Also present were Utility Superintendent Tim Dornfeld, Fire Chief Eric Howlett, Gordon Keach, Mike Siegel and Laurel Finger. 

The Pledge of Allegiance was said. 

Minutes – The Minutes from the previous meeting and the Fire Commission Meeting held on April 22 had been provided to the Board members.  Motion by Marty/Kathy to accept the minutes as presented.  Motion carried. 

Fire Department Report– Chief Eric Howlett went over the budget reports presented.  Kathy asked what the bill for Stitches & Giggles was for.  Eric said sweatshirts.  Eric asked about keeping a separate total for the tournament expenses.  Kris said that she is doing that.  Eric said that when the joint meeting occurs, the percentages for equipment should be looked at because there are more calls in the town than in the village.  Currently the percentages for equipment are split equally.    

Open Burning– Kris explained that there has been a complaint received that a resident is burning and causing substantial smoke which is bothering another resident.  Beth read the ordinance pertaining to outdoor fireplaces.  Tim has not received any complaints in the last two weeks and Eric advised that if he receives another complaint, Eric will stop down and talk to the residents.  Eric advised that Donald Schuett tried to burn his brush pile on Wednesday, May 6.  Eric said that Mr. Schuett got very defensive so Eric contacted an officer and upon the officer’s arrival, Mr. Schuett settled down.  Eric said that he advised Mr. Schuett that he could only burn the pile in the middle of winter in the middle of the field, maintain a 10 foot ring around the fire and the wind has to be from the East.  Eric advised that he also needs to get a permit from the Village Board and needs to come before the Board to get the permit.  Eric also advised that the Fire Department is cutting up cars apart tonight for their drill but he will clean up the park and make sure that there is no debris left behind. 

Vacated Board Seat – Beth explained that she forgot to bring up filling her vacated position at the last meeting, but after checking with the village attorney, was advised that we would be able to post the position but the board would have to make the decision on the appointment at their next meeting.    Mike Siegel was the only one that applied for the position and the Board was provided with his letter of interest.  Motion by Marty/Kathy to appoint Mike Siegel to fill the unexpired Trustee term of Beth Baehmann.  Motion carried.  

Unison Cellular Contract– Beth feels we need to know more about this company.  Kathy feels we need to look further into it.  Beth advised that we should tell Robin Alvigi of Unison that we’ve tabled it for the time being until we get some further information.  A letter was also received from Landmark Dividend regarding this same issue and they will be contacted to see what they are willing to offer. 

Farmer’s Market– Kris advised that a resident has asked about doing a farmer’s market possibly once a month starting in 2016.  The Board felt that this may be a good thing for the Village and was worth giving it a try.  Kris will keep the Board informed on this matter.    

Board of Review Policy for Sworn Telephone or Written Testimony– This is a new change to the Board of Review procedures and Municipalities are encouraged to adopt a policy concerning a resident giving sworn telephone or written testimony in lieu of appearing in person.  Certain rules will have to be followed before agreeing to sworn telephone or written testimony, and it can’t be agreed to just because someone doesn’t want to appear at the Board of Review.  Motion by Marty/Kathy to adopt the procedures for sworn telephone or sworn written testimony requests for Board of Review.  Motion carried.   

Delinquent Utility Accounts– the Board reviewed the accounts and Kris advised that notes were put on two doors regarding no payment.  After the notes, the people did pay. 

Superintendent Comments

Televising Sewer Mains– Tim said that he got a quote from Environmental Specialist and then contacted Visu Sewer.  In the meantime, Tim decided to check with the DNR and was advised by Doris Thiele, our DNR Rep, that because of our recent work that we completed, we do not have to have the mains televised, saving the Village $4,200 per year. 

Hydrant Painting– Tim advised that a gallon of paint is $30 and he estimated that it should do 3-4 hydrants.  Tim said that he spoke with the hydrant people and they said that this happens in municipalities all the time where they feel they can save money by having employees do it; however the quality does not last.  Kathy asked if this involved anything more than appearance and Tim said that it did not.  Marty said that if the hydrants have not been used for a long time, the top could rust shut although Tim said that he opens them all twice a year.  Beth said that she is for painting the hydrants but then the personnel has to be supervised.  Beth asked what we would be looking at hour wise to get this done.  Tim suggested opening it up to anyone having a fire hydrant on their property to see if they would be willing to volunteer to paint their hydrant with the village supplying a wire brush and paint.  We will post to see if anyone wants to adopt a hydrant and then in June see if anyone is interested and go from there.    

Tim advised that slurry seal will be done in June.  Depending on the weather, the sections will need to be closed off for 8 to 10 hours.  The company will notify residents and businesses.  Laurel asked if anybody had handicapped issues where they needed to be closer than a block from their residences.  Marty suggested letting Eric know when it was being done so that some of the fire department equipment can be pulled in the event of an emergency.

Citizen Comment– Mike asked if the telephone policy for board of review could involve anyone just not wanting to come.  The Board said no, there has to be a physical reason.  

Laurel questioned when it was discussed about filling Beth’s trustee position – Beth again explained  that she forgot to address it at the previous meeting, however, did speak with the Village Attorney who advised that the position could be posted but the decision would have to be approved by the Board. 

Laurel also brought up about the creeping jenny taking over the park area behind the hall.  She stated that last year Doug said he was going to take care of it and nothing was done.  She doesn’t know how the Board can tell residents they can’t have these weeds when the village doesn’t take care of their own.  Tim said that he can get a bid from some companies.  Weed and feed does not touch it.  Beth asked Tim to get a bid to see what can be done about it and to have the bid broken down by the properties. 

Laurel also stated that Dan Finger could not be at the meeting but was wondering how much it cost to have the slide installed at the park.  She was advised it was $250.  Kathy said that she also heard that there is a teeter totter that doesn’t work.  Tim said he had the Representative from Lee Recreation look at it and he was advised that the whole thing should get ripped out and done over.  The spring had originally broken and Tim is unable to get it attached. 

Correspondence– Beth thanked Kathy for taking care of the motorized vehicle problems.  Marty asked about parking semis on the streets.  Laurel stated that that ordinance was amended to allow semis to park on the streets at the request of Doug Hartman when he became Village President.  Kris and Beth will check on this and provide the ordinance to the Board members. 

Personnel Matters– Beth advised that she would like to attend the classes at the Master Academy held in Green Bay.  Kris advised that this school has classes for clerks as well as Village Board members.  Beth advised that Kris is going and she would like to go also.  Classes include an SVRS Report Workshop (Elections) from the Government Accountability Board, Ethical Communication, Understanding Why People Act and Behave the Way They Do and The Power of Leadership.  The dates are July 28 through July 30 and the cost is $269 per person.  Marty stated that there is money in the budget for education.  Kathy asked what other expenses were involved and was advised that the hotel cost would be involved however, they will be rooming with a person from the City of Oconomowoc, splitting the expenses.

Invoices for Payment- Motion by Marty/Kathy to approve the invoices and pay the unpaid bills.  Motion carried. 

Next MeetingDates- Board of Review is scheduled for June 1 from 5 to 7 PM.  The next regular meeting date is June 22 at 6:00 PM. 

Motion by Kathy/Marty to adjourn.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 6:54 PM. 

                                                                                Respectfully submitted:

                                                                                Kris Kohlhoff


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