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Mar 23, 2015




March 23, 2015 – 6:00 PM

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM by Acting Village President Beth Baehmann with Trustees Marty Pint and Ed Wolff present.  Also present were Utility Superintendent Tim Dornfeld, Fire Chief Eric Howlett, along with Dave Decono, Gordon Keach, Kathy Vergenz, Gary Baehmann, Michelle and Matt Jordan, Doyle & Sandie Rettschlag, and Dan and Laurel Finger.

The Pledge of Allegiance was said.

Minutes– Kathy Vergenz advised that the minutes do not say draft on them when they are posted on the internet.  She also asked how much the security and deadbolt cost. She was advised approximately $1,000.  She also stated that she did not think that at the previous meeting, Beth stated that a member of the police department had opened the Safe Neighborhood checking account as the minutes stated.    Beth said that she did state that the Police Department opened the account.  Motion by Marty/Ed to approve the minutes as presented.   Motion carried. 

Hiring an Officer to Enforce Ordinances– There are some issues regarding a disturbance going on on Church Street.  An email has been sent to the sheriff but we have not heard back.  In the absence of a police department the residents feel the Board needs to do something to curb this.  Marty asked if the Board could issue a citation.  Doyle asked that the ordinance be read which Beth did.  Kris mentioned that the individual in question was only issued a citation for Disorderly Conduct, not Disorderly Conduct with a Motor Vehicle.  Doyle does not feel that the Village Board should have to issue a citation for an event.  He asked what the cost of an officer is.  Doyle asked if the residents should document the disturbances and the board said yes.  Beth advised to call the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office, but the residents felt they would not call.  Beth said we are waiting to hear back from the sheriff.  Michelle asked if they should call Dodge County and ask to document only.  Dan asked if they could video it but Michelle said she has done that.  Sandie asked if a copy of the ordinance could be sent to him.  Beth advised that she will draft a letter to send to him along with the ordinances.  Doyle asked how long the process will take to hire an officer.  The board felt realistically it could be 60 days.  Beth advised that they were holding off until they had a 5 person board to see what to do about the Police Department.  Beth needs to speak with the village attorney and police commission about the legalities involved.  Michelle asked if they could go back with issuing tickets.  Marty said they can go back one year.  Beth asked what the officer said and Michelle advised what the officer said to them.  Beth will check with getting someone to enforce the ordinances. Marty asked about hiring a liaison person to do the ordinances.  Beth thought we should run it by the police commission. 

Fire Department– Fire Chief Eric Howlett advised that the Town decided to go ahead with putting everything on the village policy and reimbursing the Village.  With regard to the monthly reports, Ed asked what Streichers bill was for and Eric said it was LED flashlights for the engine.  There were no other questions. 

Firemen’s Tournament– Dave Decono went over the things planned.  Insurance – Kris advised that she checked with the insurance company and no further insurance was needed.  A temporary Class B and Class C liquor license would be needed which would cover walking around on the grounds.  Marty asked about being on the street.  The Board felt the street should be blocked off from the park to Highway J and put signs up about no alcohol beyond this point.  Closing hours – Kris read the exception ordinance.  The board felt 11 PM was a reasonable shut down time and then out by midnight.  Kris did not see anything in the ordinances about a picnic license.  Dave will check into parking.  He asked about using the area across from the park.  Beth asked about handicap parking.  Marty suggested fencing off an area on the blacktop to accommodate that.  Dave wants to make transportation available.  Beth suggested talking to Pete Von Rueden.  Raffle – Kris gave Dave the paperwork for the raffle license.  Kris didn’t think that the Village could hold the raffle license based on what she read.  The money received for the advertising book is being placed in a savings account.  Security – With regard to alcohol, everyone of age will have to have a wrist band.  The board felt they should not serve anyone without a wristband.  Dave will contact Dodge County and notify them.  Ed mentioned that people having security shirts would deter incidents.  Steve Lehmann had asked if items stored for the baseball team in the beer stand could be moved to the Village garage.  The Board had no problem with this.  Most events will be outside but in the event of rain, it will be held inside the Lions Hall.  Beth asked if the Lions were going to serve alcohol.  If they do, they would need to post that they can’t be out of the building drinking that. 

Life Quest– Life Quest has contacted us recommending an increase in the fees for the non-resident calls.   Motion by Marty/Ed to approve the Life Quest rate increase as the Fire Department sees fit.  Motion carried.  Eric will now take the requested increase to the Town Board for their approval.

Delinquent Utility Accounts– Patti Kocher addressed the Board regarding the two main breaks that she recently had.  She was looking for some forgiveness for the main break.  Beth asked when it broke and Patty advised that it happened around February 28.  She had to put in a new 10 foot section of water pipes.   She also advised that she now has another leak.  It happened after the meter.  Protocol in the past has been to help out on this.  Previously it has been to give 50% relief on the sewer charge.  Motion by Ed/Marty to adjust her bill by 50% on only the sewer portion of the bill.  Motion carried. 

Accepting Credit Cards through Gov Net Pay – Kris advised that she had a webinar with Gov Net Pay and went over the notes that she had taken about going with the credit card payments.  She also advised that she checked with the City of Fox Lake that just recently went with Gov Net Pay and they were very happy with their services.  Motion by Marty/Ed to go with Gov Net Pay for the purpose of taking utility bill payments and taxes with the understanding that there would be no cost to the Village for this service.    Motion carried. 

Superintendent Comments– Hydrant Flushing – Joe Roberts contacted Beth regarding flushing the hydrants this spring.  He advised that we should think about posting it so that residents are aware.  Tim said that we do post it. 

Tim advised that last Friday (March 20), he was in the park and that he saw a back door open to a residence where he thought the residents were on vacation.  He called that residence but when answered, he got what was like a fax machine.  Tim advised that he then noticed that the residents were home so he continued on his way. 

Tim also advised that Mr. Fondell stopped in regarding the street light on Circle View Circle and he advised that they will not be pursuing the street light.  Mr. Fondell said that they will be putting up a light on their property.  Tim advised that the park water is on.  Tim got a call from the DNR and was advised that Tracy bought the Tratta property and the reason for the call was to see if they could take the Village’s name off as a spreading site and put United on.  Tim said that there is nothing we can do since Tracy bought the property now.  We still have several other properties.  We possibly may be cleaning out tanks this summer or next but Tim doesn’t know if they will apply on our parcels or if United does the cleaning, if they will use their own properties.  Beth asked if we had enough acreage, Tim said yes but we only have 6 hours to get the sludge worked into the land.  Marty asked how much acreage we should have but Tim did not know that but thought about 47 acres. 

Laurel asked how much longer it will be before the ponds are no longer there.  Tim advised that the berms will always be there.  The berms are breached but they will always be there. 

Beth advised that we had a successful filing of the long report of the water pumpage with the DNR. 

Board of Review– Kris asked if the Board would consider doing a resolution regarding the change in how the Board of Review would be handled by switching it to a county level.  The resolution is being recommended by Grota appraisals to keep the Board of Review as a municipal item.  The Board had no objection.  Kris will have this ready for the next meeting. 

Citizen Comment– Ed brought up about Beth calling Ed regarding snow removal on the former bank property after she received a complaint from a resident.  He sent his step-son down there and found the sidewalk was shoveled.  He took pictures and took a drive around the village and noted there were 25 other properties that were not shoveled.  Ed felt that he was being harassed about this when others were not shoveled and his walk was clear.  Laurel said that she was not doing it to harass.  She felt that she has handicaps and had to walk in the street.  Dan felt the president was angered when she called them.  Ed said that with the plowing of the streets, it goes up and over on his sidewalk.  Beth said that we are a small community and in her section of the Village they try to help each other out with shoveling.  Ed said that when he blows snow he does the entire walk from his house to the former bank.  Ed also mentioned about the village plowing snow on his property and he doesn’t complain about it.  He felt that we should all wash each other’s hands. 

Correspondence– A letter was received from Attorney Jackie Wolter dismissing the Roe case involving the chickens in the Village.

Kris asked about a request from a potential resident regarding putting a pod down by the property until he closes on the property.  Kris could not find anything in the ordinances.  The Board had no issues with this. 

Personnel – Beth asked about Tim taking any bereavement time for the loss of his father-in-law and mother-in-law; however, Tim did not take any time off. 

Invoices– Beth asked about the insurance bill.  Ed asked about the Tonn Pest Control bill.  Kris advised that she has critters inside the vents that Tim was not able to get, so she called Tonn.  Motion by Ed/Marty to approve the invoices and unpaid bills.  Motion carried. 

Next Meeting Dates:   A Joint Fire Department Meeting with Board Representatives will be held March 30 at 7:00 PM in Reeseville.  Next regular board meeting will be April 27 at 6 PM. 

Motion by Marty/Ed to adjourn.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 7:38 PM. 

                                                                                                Respectfully submitted:

                                                                                                Kris Kohlhoff




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