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Jun 22, 2015

June 22, 2015 – 6:00 PM

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM by Village President Beth Baehmann with Village Trustees Marty Pint, Kathy Vergenz and Mike Siegel present.  Ed Wolff was excused.  Also present were Utility Superintendent Tim Dornfeld, Fire Chief Eric Howlett and Laurel Finger.

The Pledge of Allegiance was said.

Minutes From Previous Meeting– Kathy had a comment on how the vacant seat was filled at the last meeting.  She was disappointed in how this happened and felt that the way it was handled was not right.  It was missed on the agenda, and she said that Kris is usually quick to point out when an item is missed and she did not.  She did not feel that it was handled very well.  She felt that some things are handled very swiftly by the board and others are not.  She felt that had it been an agenda item and put in the minutes that perhaps more people would have been interested in the position.  Beth asked Kathy why she did not bring it up at the meeting and she said shame on her for not doing that.  Mike asked if the Village has ever looked into getting a different accounting firm and we advised that we have but have not found anything.  Motion by Marty/Mike to approve the minutes as written.  Motion carried.

Fire Department– Fire Chief Eric Howlett asked if anyone had any questions on the budget.  Motion by Kathy/Marty to accept the fire department financial report for May.  Motion carried.  Eric advised that a meeting was being held on the Fire Department Tournament on Tuesday, June 23, if anyone was interested in attending. 

Alcohol Beverage/Operators Licensing– Licenses were requested for the following businesses:  Clyman Lions Club, Mercer T’s Bar & Grill and The Hardware Store. 

Operator’s licenses were requested for the following:  Neal Kohlhoff, Martin Pint, Steve Lehmann, Nancy Basol, Colleen Mayer (new), Tim Mercer, Russell Zastrow, Melissa Adkins, Nadine DeWitz, Alexandra Mercer, Colleen Krause, Jenny Adkins, Gail Hagene (new), Scott Hoeft, Christine Thibodaux, Joshua Schultz, Daniel Hackbarth, and William Siegel.  Kathy felt that information was missing on applications received from Scott Hoeft, Christine Thibodaux, William Siegel and Tim Mercer.  She did not feel the applications were completed properly.  Scott and Christine did not have if they were convicted of any felony, or violating any law of the State of Wisconsin or United States or of violating any license law or ordinance regulating the sale of fermented malt beverages or intoxicating liquors.  William Siegel and Tim Mercer did not have listed where they took their alcohol awareness classes.  Mike indicated that he would take care of getting his bartenders applications corrected.  Kris said she will call Tim Mercer and get his taken care of.  It was felt if these were corrected, and brought back to Kris, the licenses could be issued. 

Cigarette License– The Hardware Store and Mercer T’s also submitted applications for a cigarette license. 

Motion by Kathy/Marty to accept all the Alcohol Beverage and Operators License applications with the ones being corrected prior to licensing and to accept the cigarette licenses also.  Motion carried. 

Delinquent Utility Accounts– Kris mentioned that two people had bounced checks in paying their utility bills and that the bank did not charge us for the bounced checks.  She asked if we wanted to do a policy on it.  Kathy mentioned that she didn’t know if it was necessary to do a policy for the few NSF checks that we have.  The Board felt that if the checks received were not made good that the water should be shut off at those residences. 

Zion Lutheran Church Water Leak– Kris advised the Board that Zion had experienced a water leak and as a result their sewer bill alone was $204.66.  It has been past practice that when a leak is experienced, that the sewer portion be reduced by one-half.  Motion by Marty/Kathy to reduce the Zion sewer bill by $102.33.  Motion carried. 

Superintendent Comments - Picnic Tables– Tim advised that he has noticed that the picnic tables in the park need painting.  There are 2 red and 3 grey ones.  They need to be scraped and then painted.  Kathy mentioned that she would like to find a group to do it.  She asked Laurel if the Juneau Victorians 4-H would want to do it.  Laurel said that Kathy would have to contact Janelle Finger to see if that group would want to do it. 

Fire Hydrants– Kathy felt that if she went to people and asked they may be willing to paint their hydrants.  Kathy wants to be able to tell the people that we will give them everything they need.  Beth said we should go ahead; get the supplies we need, and get started on it. 

Consumer Confidence Report– Tim explained about the Consumer Confidence Report and what has to be done regarding this process.  It tells about the water system and the quality of the water for the Village of Clyman.  In addition, there is a certification that needs to be filed with the DNR. 

Maintenance Compliance Resolution – This matter was tabled until next month. 

Tim advised that the cost to deliver the park slide would have been $400 but Tim picked it up saving the Village $200. Tim said that he would not have been able to set it up or would have had a lot of difficulty doing so and felt that we still would have needed them to set it up for which they charged us $250, which resulted in a savings of $150.  With regard to the creeping jenny weeds in the park, it cost the village $225 to have K&B spray the park, plus they will need to come again.  Tim wondered why we took care of it there when every other village property has it.  Kathy stated that at the last meeting the board requested only a quote for all the properties broken down.  Tim apologized that he misunderstood and for spending $225 to have an application done.  He said K&B was to come again this week, but he will cancel the application.  Tim asked how we should handle this.  Beth said it is a catch 22 because if you don’t take care of it and let the grass grow then you get in trouble for long grass.  Tim said that all the village properties have problems with weeds.  Tim advised that we have over 20 acres that would need to be sprayed. 

Citizen Comment– Laurel was wondering why one of her neighbors was told to clean up his yard when no one else in the Village was told to do this.  When asked which of her neighbors told her this, she advised Joe Kaczynski.  When asked who told Mr. Kaczynski this, Laurel advised that it was Tim.  Tim said that he has not talked to Mr. Kaczynski in over a month and has not talked or contacted him about anything.  Kris advised that she did not send him any letters, and that Tim and Kris would get in touch with Mr. Kaczynski to find out more about who told him this.  Discussion was held on what to do about the properties that are not kept up in the Village. 

Kathy advised that she has been receiving comments about how bad Main Street looks since the slurry seal.  Kris advised that Hustisford looks the same way.  Beth also mentioned that she thought it looked sloppy.  Tim said that it is a high traffic area.  He said that the company has been in business over 100 years and does this on a regular basis.  Tim said the snowplowing will be the real test for how it stands up.  Lines will be painted on the street, but could not be done for 2 to 3 weeks.  

Laurel said that they have been having a problem with fast drivers on their street and also not stopping for the stop signs.  They have a lot of children in the area that they are concerned with.  Kathy advised that it is a traffic matter and she should call the Dodge County Sheriff about it.  Kathy also advised that she has asked her captain about a motorized speed sign to be set up in the Village, but he said that it is currently out.  Tim advised what he has seen the last two nights regarding a car going through Highway M without stopping and that he has reported this to the Sheriff’s Department. 

Discussion held on the USDA letter received regarding the utility audit and first quarter report. 

Payment of Bills and Unpaid Invoices – Kris advised that we received the bill from Struck and Irwin for $24,200 for the slurry seal on the streets.  She asked if we wanted to pay the bill in August or if we wanted to pay the bill now with the Line of Credit funds.  Discussion was held about contacting the company to see if we can pay the bill in August, so as to not use the line of credit and incur extra interest expense.  In the event they would like to be paid now, a motion was made by Kathy/Mike to pay the bill on line of credit and pay it off when the funds come in August.  Motion carried. 

Mike asked about the LW Allen bill for repair of the pumps in the amount of $2,900.  Tim said we have 6 pumps and something is always going wrong with one of them. We have had a lot of issues with these pumps. Tim said he is looking for a new company to do repairs.  Discussion held on this billing. 

Motion by Marty/Mike to pay the bills and unpaid invoices.   Motion carried.   

Next meeting date– Due to the Firemen’s Tournament beginning July 26, the next meeting date is July 20 at 6:00 PM. 

Kris advised about the letter received from Landmark Dividend concerning the buyout of the Verizon water tower lease as compared to the Unisom proposal.  Landmark proposed more money but is taking more property and the lease would be for 99 years.  More research is needed on this. 

Fire Tournament Booklet Article - Beth advised that the Fire Tournament Committee has asked the Village and Town to come up with an article to use in the tournament booklet.  The draft prepared by Kris and town clerk, Chris Spilker was presented to the Board for approval.  The Board approved of the draft as presented.    

Motion by Marty/Kathy to adjourn.  Motion carried.   Meeting adjourned at 7:48 PM. 

                                                                                                                Respectfully submitted:

                                                                                                                Kris Kohlhoff

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