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Jan 26, 2015

January 26, 2015 – 6:00 P.M.

The Village of Clyman Caucus for 2015 was called to order at 6:00 PM by Acting Village President Beth Baehmann with Trustees Marty Pint and Ed Wolff present.  Others present were Utility Superintendent Tim Dornfeld, Fire Chief Eric Howlett, Gordon Keach, Kathy Vergenz, Dan & Laurel Finger, Lorrie Hartman, and Peter VonRueden.   

The Pledge of Allegiance was said. 

Nominations for Caucus Chairperson– Ed/Beth nominated Marty for Caucus Chair Person.  Motion carried.  Marty will serve as Chair Person for the Caucus.

Nominations for Clerk– Kathy Vergenz nominated Laurel Finger.  Laurel did not receive a second. 

Lorrie Hartman/Gordon Keach nominated Kris.  Motion carried.  

Nominations for Village Trustee:  Beth /Lorrie nominated Ed Wolff.  Dan Finger stated that he heard that Ed may possibly be moving out of the Village and asked Ed if this was true.  Ed advised that he was going to be moving but did not know when that would be.  Ed/Laurel nominated Kathy Vergenz.  Marty called for nominations 3 additional times.  There being no further nominations, motion was made by Beth/Ed to close nominations for Trustee.  Motion carried.  Ed Wolff and Kathy Vergenz will be on the ballot for the two open trustee positions. 

Nominations for Village President– Ed/Dan Finger nominated Beth Baehmann.  Marty called for nominations three more times. There being no further nominations, a motion was made by Laurel/Gordon to close nominations.  Motion carried. Beth Baehmann will be the only name on the ballot for Village President. 

The Spring Election will be held on April 7, 2015. 

Motion by Laurel/Ed to adjourn the January 26, 2015 Village of Clyman Caucus.  Motion carried.  Caucus adjourned at 6:05 PM. 


Minutes – The minutes had previously been provided to the Board members.  Motion by Ed/Marty to approve the minutes as presented.  Motion carried. 

Trustee Appointment – Beth advised that Jackie Hartman-Tollefson had rescinded her letter of intent to serve as Trustee on the Village Board.  Kathy Vergenz and James Brandt would still be interested.  Beth advised that she has received some communications regarding the open position.  One resident said the Village has 5 positions and all positions should be filled.  The next person questioned why the Village has a 5 person board.  Two callers felt that the position should be held open until the election and that the Board should learn from its mistakes and not appoint.  Ed felt that he was undecided and feels that we should let the residents vote.  Kathy Vergenz felt that the positions should be filled now.  One person filing a letter of intent has not attended any meetings.  Ed asked about the pros and cons of having a 4 person board until April.  The question was raised about how many trustee positions are available.  There is only one trustee position vacant since Beth is only the Acting Village President.  The consensus of the Board was to table this matter until next month. 

Fire Department Report– Fire Chief Eric Howlett advised that the final budget report was presented showing $973 left in the budget at the end of the year.  Eric advised that the Town has agreed to keep the balance of the funds in their account and not roll over into the Fire Department.  Eric also advised that the Fire Association has paid $4,000 toward the cost of the hoses which was over $7,000. 

Police Department Resignations and Survey Results – Beth advised that she was emailed the resignations of the Chief and remaining police officers late on December 30, 2014 effective December 31, 2014.  Motion by Marty/Ed to accept the resignations of the Police Department.  Motion carried.  Ed commented about their letter in which they say the Village Board and Clerk were working toward dismantling the department, when he felt the Board was just looking at different strategies for coverage.   When things happened in the Village, they were not around.   

Police Survey Results - Beth advised that the surveys were counted in front of the village auditors and the auditors signed a paper showing the results of the survey.   Beth stated there were 68 surveys returned, 2 were discredited, 10 were to continue the department as is, 32 were to go with Dodge County at zero cost and 24 were to have someone enforce the ordinances.  Dan asked if the police commission would be needed and felt that the Village failed the police by not going to the Commission with problems.   Lorrie asked why it was not posted that the police department resigned.   Beth advised that she felt that everyone pretty well knew it and that the police posted it themselves on the internet.   

Kathy said that the clerk treated them poorly which led to their resignation.  Kris argued that point and told her that the Clerk is the first line that people come to when the police do not respond.  Kris advised that Beth has been in the hall when residents have come in to make complaints about the department and knows this does happen.  Kris advised Kathy that they are two sides to every story and Kathy is only getting one side.  Beth also advised that she has a folder that contains many questions regarding the police department and advised that for the last three years, the Board has requested more coverage of the police department, which did not happen.   Dan felt that the survey was misleading.  Beth advised that the department quit and felt that they had no respect for the Board in giving a one day notice. 

Gordon felt that the Department should have gone a long time ago.  He is around all the time and saw them waste time and just drive around. 

Laurel said that one of our officers was awarded Dodge County Officer of the year.  She felt that they did a very good job. 

Safe Neighborhood Watch Checking account– Beth advised that the Police Department opened a checking account for the safe neighborhood watch group with approximately $300 plus $25 cash.  This account got connected with the village accounts and village line of credit.  When the officers resigned, this account was turned over to a village resident instead of the village.  Lorrie felt that this money should go back to the neighborhood watch group.  Beth has put a stop on any cash advances that can come out of it.  There is concern that anybody could open an account in the village’s name.  Lorrie said that it was an association and is open to whoever wants to join.  Beth questioned if it was a true organization with officers, etc.  Dan asked if they would have to start over again.  Pete asked what the money was designated to be spent on.  Lorrie advised that it was spent on signs coming into the village, and they were looking into radar signs.  Beth felt that the checking account needs to be closed and the funds should be designated to the Clyman Safe Neighborhood Watch Program.  There are no board member names on the account.  Motion by Marty/Ed that the existing account entitled “Village of Clyman, Safe Neighborhood Watch” checking account be closed and all funds be secured and when the new Clyman Safe Neighborhood Watch program is established, that the funds be returned to said group and if no organization is formed then all monies can be donated to a charity organization or to something that would benefit the community.  Beth felt that this account was done in good faith and with no harm to the Village.  Motion carried. 

Beth thanked Lorrie for safeguarding the checking account. 

Beth would like to check with the Police Commission or Dodge County Sheriff Department on things the police department may have left open. Marty questioned what happens to citations that may have been issued.  Kathy advised that the officers would have to appear on the tickets. 

Dan asked if there are any types of incidents in the village that are recorded.  The Dodge County Sheriff Department does keep track of incidents and they are recorded.  Dodge County will not enforce the Village ordinances but hiring an officer will provide coverage on ordinances. 

Security Issues at Village Hall - Beth advised about the incident that happened to Kris where 911 was called regarding a resident that came in to the hall after receiving a phone call regarding a past due water bill.  Beth advised that under a new law, landlords are to be contacted after 14 days of a delinquent utility bill by a tenant.

Beth also brought up that should something happen, there is no deadbolt on the door or a panic button.  Eric said that to install a panic button would cost around $850.  Motion by Marty/Ed to install a panic button for security purposes in the hall.  Motion carried. 

Street Light for Circle View Circle– This matter was tabled from last month.  Tim had WE Energies out to give an estimate on the cost of installing a street light on Circle View Circle.  It was felt that it would be about $2,000 but he has not received a formal quote.  Pete indicated that he has talked to some of the residents on Circle View Circle and while some felt a light would be beneficial, others indicated that they like it dark.  This will be tabled until we receive a formal quote from WE Energies.  There is nothing mandated that lighting has to go there so no lights were incorporated into the subdivision.  Tim said that there is street lighting on Highway J that does shine somewhat on Circle View Circle. 

Superintendent Comments– Station meters – This matter was tabled from last month.  The current meters are probably pushing between 40 and 50 years.  They do not make parts for them anymore and they are running fast.  If the power goes out, then Tim would have to pump water, they would not have produced power.  We would save $400 if both were done at the same time.  Some electrical work would need to be done also.  The new meters would be electrical mag meters which read by pulse.  Dan also mentioned that the company would have to order these meters.  The cost for two would be roughly around $9500.  The Board decided to table this matter another month. 

Water Audit– Tim advised that he and Kris pay close attention to the water pumped versus water sold which is what the auditors take a big look at.  Last year we had 4.5M gallons unaccounted for which amounts to 9 percent which is a good number.  If it is found that 25% is unaccounted for, the PSC wants answers.  Tim advised that this year we had it down to 2.2 percent, or 917,000 gallons.  Part of this could be due to the new water meters.  Tim advised that the auditors had another person look at the numbers after they were here and now we are too good and on the negative side by 1.3M.  But Tim felt that it could possibly be in the calibration of the meters.  We will look further into this to see where the problem is. 

Tim also gave the board the DNR WPDES pre-permit which is due the end of March.  The actual permit is due the end of September.  Beth signed for submission. 

Citizen Comment– Dan Finger asked to tape record his statement.  He wants to see the Village Board move forward and has been coming to the meetings and has not said anything.  He feels that something isn’t right because of the Village President and a Board member quitting, and now the Police Department quitting.  He wanted to know where the Board stands and if there is wrongdoing and he felt they could tell what happened in the closed session.  Beth advised that the Board will not speak of the closed session.   Beth felt that if he had questions about people quitting, he should ask the people that quit.  Beth said that she has no ill will against anyone and advised that she has questions also and will ask those questions of people.  Dan asked if anyone has been talked to about harassment.  He felt that he has been harassed by receiving threats through phone calls and their broken window and he felt that it involved people in the room.  The board didn’t know what the harassment would be and advised that if he felt there was criminal activity going on, he should contact law enforcement.   Laurel said that she left the Board because of things that were happening to them and some of them were criminal activity.  The Board again advised that if they felt it was criminal activity, they should contact law enforcement.  Dan advised that his lawyer said that he should bring it up to the Board. 

Correspondence– Beth advised that a thank you note was received from the family of Irving Quest for the plant sent for the funeral.  A thank you letter was also received from the Gathering Source.  Beth also advised that the Clyman Lions donated $1200 to the Village.  The board would like to have Robin Algivi from the Unison Corporation come to a meeting to address them regarding water tower rental space.

Personnel Matters– Kris brought up about the attack by Kathy Vergenz on her regarding the police department and questioned if this is going to be a sign of what will be coming when Kathy gets on the Board.  Kris advised that Kathy has made insinuations against her in previous meetings and especially tonight attacked her.  Kris advised that she and Tim do the best they can and these attacks on them are uncalled for.  Beth advised that the Board will address this and do their best in stopping it.   

Approve Payment of Invoices/Bills - Motion by Ed/Marty to approve the invoices and pay the bills.  Motion carried. 

Next Meeting Date– The next meeting will be February 23, 2015 at 6:00 PM. 

Motion by Ed/Marty to adjourn.  Motion carried.   Meeting adjourned at 7:57 PM. 

                                                                                                Respectfully submitted:

                                                                                                Kris Kohlhoff

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