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Apr 27, 2015



April 27, 2015 – 6:00 PM

The regular monthly board meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM by Village President Beth Baehmann with Trustees Marty Pint, Ed Wolff, and Kathy Vergenz present.  Also present were Utility Superintendent Tim Dornfeld, Fire Chief Eric Howlett, Gordon Keach, Gary Baehmann, Laurel Finger, and Mike Siegel.  Robin Alvigi from Unison was also present to speak to the Board.

The Pledge of Allegiance was said. 

Minutes– Minutes of the previous meeting had been provided to the Board members.  Motion by Marty/Kathy to approve the minutes as presented.  Motion carried. 

Beth recognized Kathy Vergenz as the new trustee and Ed Wolff as being re-elected as board members. 

Reappointment of Plan Commission Members– Kris advised that previous members of the Plan Commission were Laurel Finger, Jackie Hartman-Tollefson, Barb Klingbeil, Joe Roberts and Milton Kuenzi. The reason this was being brought to the board was because there has been an issue in the Village that may require a meeting of the Plan Commission.   Discussion held on whether to make it a 3 person committee or continue with a 5 person committee.  Kathy asked Laurel if she felt 3 would be sufficient.  Laurel indicated that for money purposes 3 would be sufficient but sometimes for decisions a 5 person board brings more to the table.  Kathy thinks 3 could do because they have the ordinances they can rely on.  The work is done; it is just a matter of following the ordinance procedures.  The positions are appointed.  Motion by Kathy/Ed to change the number of members of the plan commission from 5 to 3.  Motion carried.  Kathy felt if we could keep existing members it would be to the benefit of everyone.  A letter will be sent out to the 5 and then they can get back to us whether they are interested. The Board will then decide who to appoint. 

Ordinances for Recodification– The building section is the only section left to do.  Beth, Laurel, Kris and Tim will get together to finish it up. 

Unison Site Management– Robin Alvigi addressed the Board regarding a wireless investment pertaining to the antennas on the water tower.  Her company offers a lump sum of money to assume the risk of the lease and take the worry off of Verizon pulling out.  The Village can minimize their risk by letting Unison taking over the lease and maximizing their risk by getting a lump sum payout.  Adding new carriers to the water tower would provide a 50/50 rent fee.  If Verizon is still here in 2026, Unison will renegotiate with them and bring their fees up to date.  She would not recommend locking into a multiple lease agreement.  There have been a lot of technology changes and consolidations.  Ed questioned if there was anything in the rental agreement about whether we can sell the rights.  Robin did not see any restriction that prohibits other rentals on the tower.  Robin advised that the Village of Milton has closed with her.  Beth asked for a couple of communities that have gone with them that we could bounce questions off.  Tim asked about the amount they are offering versus what the lease could bring in.  Robin explained that Verizon could pull the lease at anytime.  Ed said that they are offering 2/3rds of the lease amount.  Robin said she could go back and see if there is some more that could be added to the proposal.   We have 11 years left on our lease and they will renegotiate with Verizon and then we would get a 50/50 split of the new negotiated price.  Unison does not take the escalators into consideration in their proposal, only the current amount.    She believes in the product.  Ed asked if they have developed anything since they have taken over one.  We would get 50 percent of the new negotiated lease.  The sale of this would be perpetual.  Unison is only there for the life of wireless and they would have a 5 year abandonment period.  This gives them enough time to try to find another tenant on the tower.  Verizon has the right to terminate the current agreement with a 30 day notice.  Ed would like to see the references and someone that has seen additional revenue come in.  She will send us more information.  Ed would like it area specific.  They will see how they can break it down but some areas have not been built out.  Unison would pay a lump sum up front, 50/50 split for new ones coming on the tower and 50/50 split at the new lease negotiation.   The board said that this is a new concept to them.  Beth felt it was certainly worth entertainment.  Kathy thought it was a very proactive thing for the community.  Unison’s offer is valid until May 19.  Robin said not to worry about the expiration date.  If we are interested, we would sign a letter of intent and then get the attorneys together and then they would close in 6-8 weeks. 

Hiring an Officer– Beth said that Church Street is pretty quiet.  She did get one call regarding the chickens and advised the person that according to the ordinance residents can have chickens.  Also there have been some robberies.  Beth has talked with the Waukesha County Sheriff Department with regard to how they set up with protecting small communities and will see if she can get a dialog going with Dodge County.  Kris also advised about two girls running around on a go-cart as well as a person on a mini-bike.  Beth suggested sending a letter and Kathy suggested talking to them face-to-face.  Kathy volunteered to speak with the parents.  Kris will get her the information.  Beth advised that we will not consider hiring anyone until we have a full board. 

Fire Department– Chief Eric Howlett presented the budget report to the Board. 

Controlled Burns – Kris advised that she has been contacted by a resident questioning if the wood pile currently on the Schuett land would be used for a controlled burn.  Eric advised that the fire department does not allow controlled burns.  There is no burning in the village.  The board feels that they cannot allow this.  Laurel said that there is an ordinance about wood being neatly stacked and a nuisance ordinance about rodents being in the pile.  We will contact Mr. Schuett about this.  

Eric said that going forward in August or July, he would like to have a joint meeting and see where we are going with the fire department.  Eric said we need to look at one of the engines being replaced.  A decision needs to be made about whether to purchase a piece of equipment.  We need to look at how the percentages with the equipment are done.  Most calls are in the town.  If a used vehicle is purchased, he would like to get an extended warranty on that piece of equipment.  We could look at doing a 20 year lease on a smaller piece of apparatus.  Eric has talked with Watertown and they would be willing to work with us on a joint venture if it doesn’t work going with Reeseville and Lowell.  Beth asked if the Fire Department has a comprehensive plan and Eric said that they do.  Ed and Beth said that they feel the Fire Department is on the right path with combining.  If anyone has any questions regarding joining departments, Marty volunteered to ask his brother who was on the board where a county combined 10 fire departments. 

Delinquent Utility Accounts– The Board went through the list of delinquent accounts which has once again increased from the previous month.

Ed Wolff explained that the old bank building which he owns had a pipe break and flooded the whole building.  Ed’s total water bill was $906.95. Past practice for these types of situations has been to reduce the sewer by ½ which would bring the bill down to $509. Motion by Marty/Kathy to reduce Ed’s bill to $509.  Motion carried.  If insurance will cover, then Ed will pay the village in full without the reduction.

818 Main Street Property Mowing– Kris advised that as far as she knows, the owner is still in the military so the property cannot be foreclosed on.  She is sole owner.  Last year we paid the neighbor to mow because we had no one to mow at that time.  Marty suggested Steve do it and mow it once a month and watch it to see when it needs mowing.  These charges will again be put on the taxes.   The billing cost is $75/hr. 

Superintendent Comments

Junction Road– Tim had a quote from General Asphalt for $4,200 to fix Junction Road.  It almost goes to Circle View.  Tim mentioned that for 729 Main by the pump house he is giving the quote to the Town for repair.  He also presented a quote for slurry seal for Main Street in the amount of $23,400.  Tim said that the south end is worse than the north end.  There are a lot of longitudinal cracks.  Main Street South and New Street should be done first.  There is $17,500 budgeted but with not having the police department, other funds are available.  The company that does the slurry seal is Struck & Erwin.  Motion by Ed/Marty to accept the proposal from General Asphalt for the street repair on Junction Road for $4,200.  Motion carried.  Motion by Marty/Kathy that we slurry seal coat Main Street from Territorial Road to First Street and from First Street to Caughlin Road and New Street from Main Street west to the end for a total of $24,400.  Motion carried. 

Televising Sewer Mains– DNR demands that we do this.  Tim got a bid from Environmental Specialist.  We have a total amount of 12,800 feet of sewer main – Tim recommends doing 3200 feet a year.  Environmental Specialist quoted a price of $1.09/foot which comes to approximately $3,500 a year for the next four years.  Tim explained the compliance maintenance system procedure.  Kathy asked if Tim has received any other quotes.  Tim said he will look for another quote and bring back next month. 

Hydrant Painting– Tim said that there is a company that comes in and sand blasts all the hydrants and paints them for $100/hydrant – we have 43 hydrants.  The color will last 5-7 years.  Tim did not know if they take it down to bare metal.  Marty thought it was close to bare metal.  Kathy asked what the cost was when we did it ourselves.  Tim did not recall but with doing it ourselves, they only look shiny for about a year.  Kathy would like to figure out what it would cost to do it by hand.  Laurel said that it took her about an hour last year when she wire brushed and painted the one in front of their house.  Tim thought for the celebration it would look nice to have it done but they do not have to be done.  Kathy felt we could have responsible kids do it. 

Tim advised that street sweeping is done for this spring.  Curb and line painting will be done closer to the celebration.  Tim has picked up the slide and it will be installed soon.  Tim took the police car down to Ewald for the recall notice and that was fixed.  Tim advised that the seal went out on the dosing pump.  There is a hole in the impeller.  L.W. Allen could make a special trip here to deliver it but then we would have to pay a delivery charge.  Tim requested that they hold on to it until they have a job out here and can just drop it off.    

Brush Pick Up– The Board agreed that they wanted to do this again this year.  Kris will set up a date with the City of Watertown. 

Tim sent the report for the wastewater discharge log and said that everything is good with the DNR. 

Citizen Comment– None

Correspondence– The note from Michelle Jordan was acknowledged.  The Board will rely on letting the rest of the Board know about parking issues on the street.  Discussion held on the neighborhood issue with the car revving. 

Personnel Matters– Kathy asked about Tim’s overtime.  Kris advised that Tim is guaranteed 4 hours on the weekend because he is required to work 7 days a week by the DNR.  When asked about the other 1.5 hours for samples, Tim said that this was talked about a couple of years ago and the Board felt that he should not have to juggle his schedule to accommodate the sample pick up.  Kathy asked for an accounting of what Tim does.  Tim said that it would take 2-3 hours out of his day to write everything down and no two days are ever the same.  She would like to revisit the 2 hours per day on the weekends.  Beth said that we will revisit the issue at budget time.   Marty explained that Tim did try to find someone to help him out but that fell through.  Kathy asked Tim what his outlook is on retirement – Tim said 10 years. 

Invoices– Motion by Marty/Ed to pay the bills and approve the invoices.  Motion carried. 

Next Meeting Dates– Due to the Memorial Day Holiday, the next regular Board meeting will be May 18 at 6:00 and Board of Review will be June 1 at 5:00. 

Motion by Kathy/Ed to adjourn.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 8:38 PM.

                                                                                Respectfully submitted:

                                                                                Kris Kohlhoff



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