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Jun 24, 2013

June 24, 2013 – 6:00 PM

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM by President Doug Hartman with Board Members Randy Roberts, Beth Baehmann, Marty Pint and Ed Wolff present.  Also present were Utility Superintendent Tim Dornfeld, Fire Chief Eric Howlett, Police Chief Randy Kramer, Officer Duane Olbinski, Bob Tracy Jr., Annette Grillo, Matthew VonRueden, Lorrie Hartman, and Laurel Finger.

The Pledge of Allegiance was said.

MINUTES – Minutes from the previous meeting had been provided to Board Members.  Motion by Marty/Randy to approve.  Motion carried. 

Excess and Overweight Trucks on Morgan Street – Bob Tracy Jr. of United Liquid Waste and Eric Howlett of United Electric had been invited to the meeting for the purpose of coming up with a solution whereby we can work together to see what we can do to preserve the condition of the road that is being damaged by trucks that make deliveries or stop at these companies.  Bob advised that he has instructed his drivers to park on Collins.  Bob asked if when the road was repaired would be higher than an 8 ton limit.  Tim advised that it would be up to the engineers but he felt that the road would be brought up.  Bob asked about deliveries.  Marty advised that for deliveries they are allowed on the street.  Eric advised that a box truck’s weight is 16,280 lbs.  One of the options may be to have them contribute toward a heavier base.  Basically what would need to be repaired would be the road, curb and gutter from the park to Hwy. J.  Eric said that they could do a drive off of Collins but they would need a turn-around involving the Village green space.  Tim suggested making Collins the delivery point, cutting an opening in the curb and bringing in the supplies ordered to the double doors on the south side.  Doug advised that we are trying to work together to come up with solutions and just wanted them to be aware of the issue and thanked both representatives for coming to the meeting. 

Temp Employees to Install Water Meters and Perform Cross Connection Inspections as Required by the State – Annette Grillo and Matt VonRueden were present and gave a proposal  of $10,000 to install the new meters and perform cross connection inspections on all residence.  At the previous meeting, without any idea of the cost of meter installations and cross connection inspections, a motion was made to have this work performed at a cost not to exceed $3,500.  Based on other bids received from companies, it was made known that $3,500 was not a sufficient amount to have this work done.  Therefore, a motion was made by Marty/Beth to withdraw this previous motion to install the meters and do the cross connections at a cost of $3500.  Motion carried.  Kris advised that she spoke with the insurance company representative and it was recommended that the utility hire Annette and Matthew as limited term employees to install the meters and do the cross connection inspections or surveys as they would then be covered under the Village Insurance Policy.  Matt introduced himself to the Board and advised that he would work with Annette in completing this work.  Annette advised the Board that she has taken some classes on cross connection inspections and that Matt has taken some classes regarding the meter changes.  Tim advised that he is hoping this will be a logistical process to change these meters out.  It was felt that doing a letter to the customers explaining the process and finding out the best time to do these change outs would work best.  They are preparing for the worst case scenario.  Tim would like the letter to include information about residents purchasing back flow preventers prior to the installers coming in so that this could be taken care of when the inspections are done.  Doug asked about a time frame.  Annette said that would be up to Tim and the residents.  They are figuring by at least the end of fall.  She explained what they are looking for with the cross-connection.  The proposal from Annette and Matt will also include going back to do reinspecting after correcting any problems encountered. As far as pay they are willing to work with how we want to pay them.  Lorrie asked if this had to be opened up for bids and was advised that we do not because it is under $25,000 and also the Utility has received two bids already – one was $22,820 and one was $55/meter change but did not include cross-connection inspection which was another $15 per household.  Annette also advised that it would not be just a M-F, 8-5 installation time but would involve what is convenient for the resident. 

Motion by Marty/Ed to employ Annette Grillo and Matt VonRueden as temp employees of the Village Utility for the purpose of doing meter change outs, initial cross connection inspections and reinspecting residential cross connections,  if necessary,  for a total cost of $10,000.  Motion carried. 

Police Report – Chief Randy Kramer presented his report to the Board.  Regarding properties, he has made contact before with Pete VonRueden.  Laurel asked about the grass not being mowed in the park from the area of the stump to the tracks.  Doug advised that the Village has hired another person to help mow lawn so that these matters can be dealt with.  Doug asked if Jake Kozlowski had started working yet.  Tim advised that he has shown him around but he has not been back since to do any mowing.  The Board is concerned that this work needs to get done.  Kris asked about the Seneca Property and if that was in the Village and required to be mowed. 

Juvenile Situation – Randy advised that they have talked to lots of kids around the Village.  One did admit to walking on the concession stand but did not admit to the vandalism of the stand.  Regarding the knife incident at the park, he advised that the officer spoke with the mother and child.  The mother was glad they talked with the child.  Randy advised that the kids know that the cops are out.  He said that he has been coming through the village at night.  They are stressing curfew times for the kids and if people can identify the problem kids, the kids will be issued a citation.  If the juveniles are on their own property, that is ok as long as they are not being disruptive. 

Doug asked about the idea of a community watch or something along those lines so that the elderly don’t have to deal with the juvenile kids.  He inquired about how to set that up.  Randy will contact the person in Dodge County that can help set up this program and report back to the Board.  Ed said that he can tell that the kids have been talked to because they are not around as much. 

The issue of problems with chickens in the Village was discussed and Marty questioned changing the ordinance to read that no fowl are allowed at all within Village limits.  Duane said that he has been calling Chris Roe regarding the chickens.  Officer Schultz has also been working with him on this.  It was felt that Mr. Roe should be advised to either contain them or one more complaint and they will need to be gone. 

Fire/EMS Department – Chief Eric Howlett gave the report.  It has been relatively quiet this month.  Marty questioned if the tornado siren was working because he did not hear it on Saturday, June 15, but Randy said it was working this past Saturday.  They have received the license from the county for the radio.  Eric advised that the town would like all of their contacts listed on the Emergency Action Plan and wondered if the village would like that also.  They have no problem with that.  He advised that they split $600 with Reeseville from the fish fry profits. 

Liquor and Operator’s Licenses – Motion by Marty/Randy to approve liquor licenses for Mercer T’s, The Hardware Store and the Clyman Lions as presented along with operator’s licenses for John Siegel, Scott Hoeft, Daniel Hackbarth, Donald Raffaelli, William Siegel, Gerald L. Polster, Steven Lehmann, David Decono, Marty Pint, Lyle Elske, Neal Kohlhoff, Nancy Basol, Timothy Dornfeld, Colleen Krause, Russell Zastrow, Nadine Dewitz, Timothy Mercer, Malissa Adkins, Alexandra Mercer, and Ashaly Adkins.  Motion carried. 

Delinquent Utility Accounts – Kris advised that Fallstich and Lischka have not paid by the scheduled date.  The board advised that they were to be given notice on Tuesday that if payment was not made, water would be shut off on Wednesday. 

Superintendent Comments – Tim advised that the Town did approve the quarry and Conditional Use Permit.  Beth advised that the Town did acknowledge our concerns.  She stated that Mashuda advised that the Village should be out of the line of fire and if there are any problems, the Village should sue them.  Tim advised that he did voice his concern at two previous meetings.    

Maintenance Compliance Resolution No. 2013-023 – Tim explained the reason this needs to be done is so that the Board is aware of what is happening with the water and wastewater system.  This year we received 4.0 on the report which is excellent.  Everything is working properly.  Motion by Marty/Randy to approve Resolution No. 2013-023.  Motion carried.

Eric advised that he received a call from Jake Henning, the building inspector for the Village and felt that it was about wanting to test the water because a medical waste truck was seen there.  Eric advised that the waste truck disposes of their bulbs.  Tim said that United was missed on the cross connection inspections and that is why he spoke to Jake.  He does not know anything about the water inspection. 

Clyman Lions Hall Remodeling – Kris advised that the Lions would like to remodel the bathrooms in the hall and make them handicap accessible from the outside.  The Lions have received donations for this project and also have some benefactors that would donate to complete the project provided the Lions can obtain a non-profit standing.  In addition, one of the benefactors asked if the hall could be renamed in honor of Dean Elske.  Given the amount of money that would be going into the project and because the Lions maintain the hall, the Board did not have an issue with this.  Motion by Beth/Randy to approve renaming the Lion’s Hall with the understanding that the Lions would first present the name to the Village Board for final approval.  Motion carried.

Citizen Comment – Laurel stated that she was hoping that the flags will be up for the 4thof July.  Tim advised that they will be up.  Tim said that the condition of the flags was deteriorating.  Doug suggested that we look into purchasing new ones.  

Lorrie advised that she put together some ordinances regarding where the Vonrueden mill property is out of compliance with ordinances for appearance purposes.  Eric advised that the Fire Inspector is trying to work with Mr. Vonrueden on complying with fire ordinances.  It was suggested that he be given a deadline and then just start fining him.  The police chief and assistant chief have been given copies of the ordinances and will take whatever appropriate action is necessary.  If Mr. Vonrueden is running a salvage business and does not have a conditional use permit, he can be shut down. 

Approval of Bills and Invoices for Payment – Motion by Beth/Ed to pay the bills as presented.  Motion carried.

Next Meeting Date:  The next regular meeting will be July 22 at 6:00 PM. 

Motion by Beth/Randy to adjourn.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned. 

                                                                                                Respectfully submitted:


                                                                                                Kris Kohlhoff, Clerk




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