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Jul 22, 2013

July 22, 2013 – 6:00 PM

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM by Village President Doug Hartman, with Trustees Randy Roberts, Beth Baehmann, Marty Pint and Ed Wolff present.  Also present were Lorrie Hartman, Laurel Finger, Officer Peggy Kramer, Police Chief Randy Kramer, Fire Chief Eric Howlett and Utility Superintendent Tim Dornfeld. 

The Pledge of Allegiance was said.

Minutes – the minutes of the previous meeting had been provided to Board members.  Motion by Beth/Ed to approve the minutes as presented.  Motion carried. 

Caselle Systems Software to New Meter Installation – Kris advised that the software module would need to be purchased for use with the new water meters at a cost of $1500, plus $300 for the support fees.  Motion by Randy/Ed to approve the software purchase for $1500 and the support fees of $300.

Website upgrade – Kris advised that she had received information from the Website Administrator that the Village could upgrade their website at a onetime fee of $300. Kris advised that the current site works fine but felt that she should pass this on to the Board in the event they felt it should be upgraded.  Ed asked about possibly using another service that cost less money however, Kris advised that she does not know a lot about website design so could not comment on that.  She will try to obtain additional information.  Therefore, the matter was tabled to get more information. 

Police report – Chief Randy Kramer gave the report.  Doug asked about the vandalism in the village.  Chief Kramer advised that someone stole 31 solar lights from a resident.  Officer Peggy Kramer talked about the neighborhood watch program she is developing.  The first meeting will be Monday, July 29 at 6:30.  They have handed flyers out and talked to people.  She feels that there will be some interest.  Notice of the second meeting will be put on the water bills.  She feels that they can make it work.  They want to get the landlords names to see if they would be willing to be a part of it.  They will need some assistance from Village volunteers.  The meeting will also allow people to tell the police what they feel they should be looking at.  This will show people in the Village that something is being done.  Ed asked if they received any reports on thefts on the previous Wednesday or Thursday evening.  He advised that he was watching and saw the kids come down the street at 2:00 AM carrying something and going to a house on Territorial.  Officer Kramer is going to check with the Sheriff to see if the paperwork that Dodge County Officers receive can be forwarded immediately to the Clyman Police Department so that citations can be issued.  Officer Kramer asked about putting more lighting in the park and Tim indicated that there would be poles available.  Doug asked if the involvement could expand to parenting skill levels and she indicated that it could.

 VonRueden Property on Main Street (former mill) – Pete did speak with Officer Olbinski and some things have been cleaned up.  Officer Kramer did say that some of the trucks have been moved but it was noted that the trucks have been moved to a lot on Circle View Circle.  They will keep on him to get this cleaned up and will start issuing citations. 

Randy Roberts asked Chief Kramer what to do if he had a dog barking complaint.  Chief Kramer advised that an email should be sent to him or if he wanted something done immediately then call the Dodge County Sheriff non-emergency number. 

Fire Department – Fire Chief Eric Howlett gave the report.  He also thanked Ed Wolff of Five Star Designs for donating the banner for the fire queen.  

Delinquent Utility Bills - The Board reviewed the list of delinquent utility bills and noted the increase for the month.  Kris will continue working with these people. 

 Policy on Filling Private Swimming Pools – Kris advised that people wanting their pool filled circumvent her and go straight to Tim for this.  Problems have been encountered as sometimes there is a delinquent utility bill outstanding.  The outstanding bill should be paid before filling the pool and incurring further costs.  When a pool is filled, the amount used to fill the pool is charged at bulk water rate.  Tim suggested we do away with it all together as it is a nuisance and with people going directly to him; it puts him in a predicament in that he does not know if there is an outstanding bill and also there is an issue of liability.  Beth stated that Watertown no longer fills pools.  The board felt that because of liability we should stop filling pools also and if people wanted their pools filled, they would have to do it by a hose or some other means. Motion by Beth/Ed that the Village no longer do filling of private swimming pools, people would have to do it themselves and bulk water charges will not qualify.  Motion carried. 


Tim presented a letter from the American Water Works Association wherein he was recognized for 30 years of service. 

Tim advised that he is taking the Village truck to Lidtke Motors in Beaver Dam to be repaired.  The 4- wheel drive also is stuck in gear now.  Tim asked for permission to go over the $1,500 limit to fix it if need be and the Board agreed to this. 

Tim advised that there was a sink hole at the corner of Main and Territorial.  Since it is on a county thoroughfare, the County agreed to pay for one-half of the pipe to fix it and the Village is responsible for the remainder. 

Tim also advised that he had a seal fail on pump 3.  Duane from LW Allen is coming out to install a pressure gauge.  They will also look into the pump seal fail. 

Tim advised that Seneca has started using water.  He said that last month we had some bad water samples and felt this was because the Fire Department opened some hydrants that are not normally opened and they closed them up before they ran clear. 

Doug asked Tim about Eli’s hours and the fact that now Eli has been putting in more hours.  Tim advised that Eli had quit his full time job.  Doug asked about utilizing the other employee and Tim said that they can still do that.  It was felt that the other employee could be in charge of keeping the park cleaned up along with other duties.   It was felt he should do this on Mondays and Fridays. 

Kris advised that she left a message again regarding the property at 539 South Street.  The Board decided to have the property mowed by a professional company if it was not taken care of within a week. 

Ed asked what the green space on Main and Territorial was going to be used for.  At the present there are no plans for this area.   

Approval of Bills and Invoices for Payment - Motion by Beth/Ed to pay the bills and invoices as presented.  Motion carried.

Next meeting date - August 26 2013 at 6:00 PM. 

Motion by Randy/Beth to adjourn.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned 7:30 PM. 

                                                                                                Respectfully submitted:

                                                                                                Kris Kohlhoff

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