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Jan 28, 2013

January 28, 2013

The 2013 Clyman Village Caucus was called to order at 6:00 PM by Village President Doug Hartman.  Those in attendance were Doug Hartman, Trustees Randy Roberts, Beth Baehmann, Marty Pint and Ed Wolff, III.  Other citizens in attendance were Lorrie Hartman, Gordon Keach, Joe Roberts, Dan and Laurel Finger, Jarod VonRueden, Cindy Roberts, and Eric Neevel.  Also in attendance were Judicial Candidates Joe Sciascia and Joe Fischer, Fire Chief Eric Howlett, Police Officer Don Davidson and Jeff Montpas from MSA. 

The Pledge of Allegiance was said. 

Nominations for the Chairman and Clerk of the Caucus – Laurel Finger/Randy Roberts nominated Doug Hartman for Chairman.  Joe Robert/Marty Pint nominated Kris Kohlhoff for Clerk.  Doug called for nominations 3 more times.  There being no other nominations, Doug closed the nominations. 

Nomination for Village President – Lorrie Hartman/Marty Pint nominated Doug Hartman for Village President.  Doug called for nominations 3 more times and there being none, nominations were closed with Doug being the only candidate for Village President. 

Nominations for Village Trustee (2 positions open) – Joe Roberts/Laurel Finger nominated Randy Roberts.  Dan Finger/Joe Roberts nominated Laurel Finger.  Lorrie Hartman/Gordon Keach nominated Ed Wolff.  Doug called for nominations 3 more times and there being none, motion was made by Joe Roberts/Marty Pint to close the nominations with three people appearing on the ballot for two positions.  Motion carried. 

Motion by Laurel Finger/Joe Roberts to adjourn the 2013 Village of Clyman Caucus.  Motion carried. 

Caucus adjourned at 6:04.

                                                                                                                Respectfully submitted:

                                                                                                                Kris Kohlhoff
                                                                                                                Clerk Treasurer

JANUARY 28, 2013 – 6:00 PM

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 6:04 P.M., immediately following the 2013 Village Caucus meeting, by Village President Doug Hartman with Trustees Randy Roberts, Marty Pint and Ed Wolff present.  Beth Baehmann was absent.  

Judicial Candidates - Joe Sciascia and Joe Fischer addressed the Board concerning their candidacies for Dodge County Circuit Court Judge. 

Information Regarding Automating the Water Meter Reading System - Gram Madison from Mueller Systems of Green Bay addressed the board regarding automating the water meter reading systems for the Village.  This was the first of three presentations the Board will be looking at over the next 3 months. 

Approval of Minutes– The minutes were previously presented to the Board.   Motion by Ed/Marty to approve the minutes as presented.  Motion carried.

Wastewater Treatment Facility Update – Jeff Montpas of MSA presented a pay request for $23,327.87 for the generators and installation which should be close to the final invoices for the project.  USDA wants to get this closed out.  Kris asked about the two bills received from LW Allen and the Brighton Electrical Company for a total of $1400.  Jeff said we can definitely argue the LW Allen bill because this has been an on-going problem since the beginning of the project, but Jeff felt that the electrical one we would need to pay because we are into two years on the equipment.   Motion by Marty/Randy to approve the pay request as presented.  Motion carried. 

Jeff also brought up about the phosphorus regulations that the DNR is now implementing.  He advised that the village will get a new discharge permit and he feels that the Village will not qualify for the limit as set by the DNR; however, Jeff feels that the Village can qualify for an economic variance

Von Rueden Property on Main Street– Jarod VonRueden addressed the Board regarding the unregistered vehicles located 1150 Main Street.  Jarod stated that they currently have six pickup trucks, two vans and two cars that are unregistered located on the property.  He advised that their business is a trucking company and lots of miles are put on their vehicles.  He advised that the trucks were purchased all in one lot.  They are not using them currently and the vehicles are being stored outside until they are needed.  He feels that they are using them in a commercial manner in accordance with the ordinance provisions and he also understands that there is an eyesore issue.  When questions, he advised that he is going to get rid of the junked car in the back.  Jarod stated that the State doesn’t mandate that a vehicle be registered until it operates on a highway.  Dan Finger asked about having a fence put up so that people wouldn’t see the eyesore.  Jarod stated that understands that the way the property looks now it is an eyesore but asked the Board if it gets cleaned up, would they accept that for continuing to store the vehicles without registration.  It was suggested that he clean up the back and put the cars in the back of the building versus on the side of the building.  Laurel Finger stated that in the past it has been cleaned up, and then 3 months later, it looks the same again.  Jarod feels that if he took the time and was more conscientious, the property would look much better.  He will take personal responsibility to see that the property gets cleaned up and stays that way.  Jarod feels that he can have it cleaned up within 2 weeks and advised that the vehicles will be taken care of by June 1.  Doug indicated that the Board will hold Jarod to his promise of 2 weeks for clean up and to keep it clean.  Joe Roberts suggested they make an alleyway with the jumbo bricks they current have there to hide the drywall that they bring in.  Jarod indicated that that is what they are trying to do. 

Jarod advised the Board as to the violations the fire inspector had found during his recent inspection.  He indicated that they are working on the issues. 

Police Report – Officer Don Davidson gave the Police Report. 

Fire Department Report– Chief Eric Howlett gave the report.  He advised that the Town has the joint agreement to review which will be done at their next meeting and sent back to the Village for approval.  He advised that the money was deposited back into the grant savings account that had been taken out for the engine repair.  The final budget report for 2012 showed that there was a balance of 1624.58 left in the 2012 budget.  Assistant Fire Chief Joe Roberts advised that the Department had been called for mutual aid by the Columbus Fire Department during the recent December snow storm and part of their work there was going door to door and alerting residents of the power outage and checking for medical emergencies.  As a result, the department received three letters from the Columbus Fire Department thanking them for their help during the storm and one letter was actually sent in to editor for the Beaver Dam Daily Citizen recognizing the efforts of the Department and thanking them for their dedication. 

Eric advised that the last set of radios have been updated.  Kris brought up about an incident that occurred during a recent fire in the Town of Clyman in which the Town was asked to have their snow removal company provide assistance at the scene by putting salt on the road to prevent further accidents because of ice forming on the road due to the cold weather conditions.  Due to their company being out of the area, they were unable to make it to the scene in what fire department members felt was a timely manner.  Kris stated that she had been talking with Assistant Chief Joe Roberts and Tim about possibly having the Village render aid to the Town in the event of an emergency such as having to call their snow removal company and in exchange, we would bill them for time, materials and equipment.  Kris advised that this has not been expressed to the Town, and was just an idea the three of them had talked about.  Kris with the help of Eric, Joe and Tim will compose a letter addressed to the Town to give them an option to call upon the Village for help in the event of an emergency with the understanding that the Village would bill for the time, equipment and material involved. 

Garbage Recycling Contract – The City of Watertown has agreed to extend their current rates to the Village for the garbage and recycling contract for five years instead of two.  Motion by Randy/Ed to approve extending the garbage/recycling contract with the City of Watertown to five years.  Motion carried. 

Grota Assessment Contract– This matter was discussed the previous month and at that time a question was raised as to when an additional fee might be imposed upon the Village.  Kris had contacted Grota Appraisals and was advised that the possibility of this happening would be very small if not at all.  The Board was satisfied with the answer they received.  Motion by Randy/Marty to approve the contact with Grota Appraisals.  Motion carried. 

Snow Removal Liabilities– Ed stated that he is the one that asked that this be put on the agenda.  When there is a heavy snow such as the one in December and because of how the streets need to be plowed, Ed is unable to get his equipment through the pile of snow that has accumulated because of the plowing.  Jarod VonRueden stated that he takes care of plowing the Post Office lot and would be willing to also take care of the corner Ed is concerned about and open it up.  There isn’t a lot that can be done with these problem areas other than to use a tractor loader to get those areas cleared out.  Dan Finger felt that there were a lot of sidewalks that were not cleaned within the 24 hours and if it was a matter of doing physical work instead of using a snow blower, then the people would have to do that.  It was stated that there are a lot of elderly people that physically cannot do it and Dan stated if they cannot do the work, then they should make arrangements to have it done.  That is what he has to do and others should do the same.  Laurel mentioned that the area Ed was talking about is also a bus stop area and it could be dangerous for the kids. 

State Trust Fund Loan - Kris advised that she received the application for the State Trust Fund Loan which she was requested to look into further at the previous meeting.  Currently the Village is paying 3.5% on a loan with the State Bank of Reeseville and by going with the State Trust Fund Loan program the interest rate would be reduced to 2.75% for an 8 year loan.  The amount owing on the loan with the State Bank of Reeseville as of March 1, 2013, will be $437,579.87, which is less than the $460,000 she currently felt was outstanding.  Kris went through the application with the Board and the resolution for the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands (BCPL) was read to the Board and audience after which motion was made by Randy Roberts, seconded by Marty Pint to move for adoption of the resolution to finance the Village’s outstanding debt with the state under their State Trust Fund Loan program.  The roll call vote was as follows:  Doug Hartman, Randy Roberts, Marty Pint and Ed Wolff all voting aye. Beth Baehmann was absent.  No nay votes were cast.  The motion was carried.  If approval is granted by the BCPL, the Village of Clyman will go with the State Trust Fund Loan program for its outstanding debt of $437,579.87 at a rate of 2.75% for 8 years.  The remainder of the $460,000 will not be used. 

Delinquent Utility Bills– Discussion held on the bills. The balance this month was $4,351.29 compared to $3,115.03 for the month of December.  The Board advised that shut offs were to be made for non-payments.   

Citizen Comment– Joe Roberts thanked Tim for doing the snow removal around the fire hydrants by the Fire Department, but Tim said that Joe used the equipment and actually did the work. 

Correspondence– Kris had received an invitation for a plan commission workshop being put on by the Dodge County UW Extension on February 27.  This actually concerns Comprehensive Planning and since Laurel Finger is chairperson of the Comprehensive Plan Commission, she was asked if she wanted to attend and agreed to do so.  Doug read a letter received from Denise Dornfeld thanking the board for allowing her to be “queen for a day” for the village as expressed by the sign put up welcoming her home.

Part-time Deputy Clerk – Discussion had previously been held to hire a part-time deputy clerk for approximately 5 to 10 hours per month or as needed to fill in for vacations, seminars, etc.  Kris presented the Board with a posting notice for the position.  Motion by Ed/Marty to approve the part time position to be posted as set forth in the sample shown to the Board.  Motion carried. 

Mileage Rate Increase– The Federal Government has approved a mileage rate increase from $.55.5 to $.56.5 per mile for 2013.  Motion by Randy/Ed to approve the mileage rate increase for the Village.  Motion carried. 

Invoices– Motion by Marty/Randy to approve the payment of bills and outstanding invoices.  Motion carried.

Next Meeting Date– Kris advised that she will be on vacation when the next meeting date is scheduled so the Board set February 18, 2013 at 6:00 as the next meeting date. 

Motion by Marty/Ed to adjourn.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM. 

                                                                                                Respectfully submitted,

                                                                                                Kris Kohlhoff



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