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Apr 22, 2013

April 22, 2013 – 6:00 PM

THOSE PRESENT:  Keith Braunschweig, Barb Klingbeil, Brad & Brenda Pfaff, Joe Roberts, Allen Rettschlag, Mike Siegel, Ronnie Rettschlag, Tom and Renee Baehmann, Eric Howlett, Paul Nell, DNR officer for Dodge County, John Christianson of the DNR, Officers Duane Olbinski and Kevin Schultz of the Clyman Police Department, Andy Butterbrodt, Martha Yoakum, Chad Beyers and Carrey Terlisner of the Marshview Riders ATV Club.  Also present was Village Attorney Steve Hannan. 

Village President Doug Hartman called the Public Hearing to order at 6:00 PM with Board members Randy Roberts, Beth Baehmann, Marty Pint and Ed Wolff present.  Also present were utility superintendent Tim Dornfeld and Clerk Kris Kohlhoff. 

The Pledge of Allegiance was said. 

Andy Butterbrodt of the Marshview Riders explained that his club would like to come down Junction Road into the Village of Clyman as an extension on their current ATV trail.  He explained that the ATV’s would have to stay on the pavement, and anytime the riders are within 150 feet of a residence, they would have to abide by a 10 MPH posted speed limit.  When asked Andy did not figure that it would involve a ton of ATV traffic.  As of right now, the goose trail is the only trail and is only a winter route.  They are looking to get the goose trail open at other times.

Doug asked if other communities had road routes.  Officer Nell explained that there are other communities that have road routes.  He stated that there would have to be speed and road signs for the trail.  In Dodge County there is a road route into Burnett which follows the road down to Chances Bar.  There is also one in Neosho that goes for 3 city streets.  Officer Nell states that for the most part, the riders do follow the rules. 

Andy showed the signs that the club would be willing to put up for speed and showing the ATV route. 

Allen Rettschlag asked about who will enforce the rules because he feels that snowmobiles will be following that trail and coming into the Village via the ATV trail.  The Sheriff’s Department will enforce those types of infractions especially if snowmobiles are going off the trail.  He said that is a common problem when there is fresh snow.  Residents are urged to report problems to the Sheriff’s Department or if residents can get the registration off the snowmobile, they can call this information into the Sheriff’s Department and the Department can investigate it. 

Barb Klingbeil asked if the ATV’s would drive around the cars and was advised that they will drive around the cars if necessary, but that they should stay to the far right unless something is in the way. 

Martha Yoakum advised that residents should call authorities if someone is breaking the rules.  She wanted to point out that the economic impact could be great for the village.  She stated that Darlington is a community that really benefits from the trail.  The ATV Club would like this trail to come into the village to do business or get food.  She advised that all over the State cars and ATV’s exist over the road. 

Joe Roberts asked how often they do trail patrol.  Martha advised that she has patrolled the goose trail when it was open.  If there is a need for patrol, call the club and let them know.  Their trail patrol does wear vests and make their presence known. 

Ronnie Rettschlag asked what the speed limit would be on Junction Road.  He was advised that it would be 25 mph unless it is within 150 feet of a residence then it will be 10 mph. 

Barb Klingbeil asked if people could ride their 4 wheelers on the trail to Wild Goose Trail as long as they are registered.  They can only ride on the trail.  They cannot ride from another street to the trail. 

Officer Olbinski indicated that he is in favor of it but he feels that it will be a little work to keep people in line.  Established trails do bring extra revenue for the businesses.  ATV’s outnumber snowmobilers 3 to 1. 

The wild goose trail includes trails specifically for ATV’s and the times that it is open can be obtained by calling the DNR number. 

Joe asked if the trail could be open year round.  Representatives felt that doing that could be opening a can of worms if it was open during the summer.  However, if the goose trail is open, then this could be an option. 

Doug stated that the ordinance would be revocable if there were too many violations.  The ATV Club would like open communication regarding any issues. 

Tom Baehmann stated that he would be willing to have a sign hung up by his business regarding the speed limit. 

The trail would be open 24/7.  There are decibel limits when operating.  Mike Siegel suggested to possibly make a 10 PM rule on them.  Ronnie asked about a designated parking place.  Duane suggested that the Village look into a designated spot.  It would probably be best to put it on the grassy area across from Baehmann’s.  Mike said that he will make sure that the Veteran’s park will stay clear of snowmobiles and ATV’s. 

Alan Rettschlag said that he agrees with a curfew of 10 or 12 midnight.  If the Village enacted a time limit on the ATV’s operations, then only the Village Police Department could enforce a curfew violation. 

There being no further comments, motion was made by Beth/Marty to adjourn the Public Hearing.  Motion carried.  The Public Hearing was adjourned.    


The regular monthly meeting was called to order by Village President Doug Hartman.

ATV ORDINANCE - The first item of business was to vote on the ATV Ordinance presented to the Board.  Beth felt that she should abstain from voting because of a conflict of interest.  Ed stated that he feels that it could benefit business owners of the Village.  Randy did not feel that we needed to put a curfew on the restrictions. 

Attorney Steve Hannan felt that with the speed limits, there could be some road rage because of the 25 mph for other vehicles versus 10 mph for ATV’s.  Steve would recommend that the Village adhere as strictly as possible with the state statutes.  He also stated that the ATV Club will need to get DOT   permission to cross Highway 60.  In addition, the Town of Clyman would have to pass an ATV Ordinance so that ATV’s would have access into the Village.

Motion by Randy/Marty to approve Ordinance No. 2013-012, Designating All Terrain Vehicle Routes and Regulating the Operation of All Terrain Vehicles within the Village of Clyman.  The motion was subsequently amended by Randy/Marty to include that the trail will only be open when the Wild Goose Trail is open for ATV use.  Motion carried. 

MINUTES – The minutes had previously been provided to Board Members.  Motion by Marty/Beth to approve the minutes as presented.  Motion carried. 

WWTF PROJECT UPDATE- Jeff Montpas was present on behalf of MSA Professional Services and  indicated that he has filed the final report for the federal government.  The deobligation letter has been signed and provided to USDA.  Eric Howlett of United Electric advised that the land restoration around the generators should be completed next week or as soon as it gets nice.  Jeff feels that they are officially done with everything for the plant but he indicated that the phosphorus rules are coming down the line.  He advised that the Utility will be getting a new permit in December from the DNR.  He felt we may be able to get an economic variance regarding the phosphorus requirements.  The utility will still have to do an operational evaluations report for the phosphorus where the utility will need to look at ways to reduce the phosphorus going into the plant.  The DNR still does not know how they are going to handle this issue.   Jeff will get back to us if something else comes down the line. 

KEITH BRAUNSCHWEIG – GARAGE - Keith Braunschweig presented his building plans to the Board for approval.  Motion by Doug/Beth to approve Keith’s plan for an accessory building as presented.   Motion carried. 

POLICE REPORT – Officer Olbinski gave the police report as written.  Doug asked if the police could monitor the park because kids have been getting on top of the baseball stand and Tim stated that there is a wrecked a picnic table.  Officer Olbinski indicated that they will try to keep an eye on this.  He also advised the Board that because of recent eye surgery, he may not be able to get his hours in this month. 

POLICE COMMISSION APPOINTMENT – Kris advised that Chad Haase’s term on the Police commission expired in August 2012.  She has contacted Chad and he is still willing to serve on the Police Commission.  Motion by Marty/Ed to appoint Chad to the police commission for a 3 year term.   Motion carried.

FIRE DEPARTMENT REPORT – Chief Eric Howlett gave the report.  He advised said that things have been quiet lately.  Tim advised Eric and the Board that due to service required on the inside of the water tower, it is going to be starting to be drained on Friday, April 26, however, they will have an auxiliary tank of 4,000 gallons so there should not be any problems in the event of a fire but Tim wanted the Fire Department to be aware of it.  The tower should be down for 4 weeks at the most.  Chief Howlett said that he has a backup plan set up should the need arise.   

DELINQUENT UTILITY ACCOUNTS – The Board reviewed the delinquent utility accounts which totaled $4,563.98, however Kris advised that two accounts had recently been paid which brought the amount down to $4,184.82. 

CITIZEN COMMENT – Marty stated that the Lions are trying to get some money together to do the bathrooms in the hall so as to make them all handicap accessible.  Ed brought up about a possible pit bull being in the park while small children were around.  There are not supposed to be any dogs in the park.  Tim will put up additional signs regarding no dogs in the park. 

UTILITY SUPERINTENDENT COMMENTS - CRACKFILLING OF VILLAGE STREETS – Tim advised that the Village did not do any crackfilling of streets  last year.  He received a quote from N/R Asphalt for $4,850.  Marty asked if possibly Watertown could do it for a cheaper price.  Tim advised that he did not check with them but would do so.  He also asked if in the meantime, the Board could approve the quote in the event Watertown did not provide that service.   Motion by Doug/Marty to go with NR Asphalt proposal in the event Watertown cannot do it or is not cheaper.  Motion carried.

Tim wanted to thank Joe Roberts and Eli Dornfeld for filling in for Tim during his conference and vacation. 

Tim advised that he received a new bid for the water meters from Minnesota Pipe & Equipment, which is the former Mueller System that the board had received a quote on.  Tim stated that their previous quote was from October of 2012.  Their new quote was for $33,822.28.  Kris advised that she and Tim are tentatively set up to go to Camp Douglas to view how this equipment and program works.  The Board would like to get this issue resolved and settle on a decision at next month’s meeting. 

Tower project – Tim advised that because of the interior cleaning of the water tower being done by Utility Service, CTW needs to come in to install a flow sensitive meter along with other work in order for Utility Service to clean the inside of the water tower. This type of service is not covered by Utility Services.  The cost of CTW to do this work will be between $4,000 and $5,000. 

Tim advised that the village truck has had some issues.  Tim would like to take it to another dealer to see if they can figure out why it is not getting good fuel economy.  Doug said that he feels that the type of motor in that truck is one that will give problems.  The Board felt that taking it to another dealer was a good idea.  Joe asked how old the truck was and stated that maybe it was time to start looking for a different one. 

Kris asked if the Board was interested in establishing a brush pick up day since she has had several citizens asking about it. Watertown provides this service and she will try to arrange this for either May 13 or 20. 

PERSONNEL MATTERS – Kris advised that she would like to hold off on hiring a part-time person until it is known how much work is involved with the new meter system.  In talking with the clerk that currently has the program, the work load is greatly reduced.  In discussing the matter with Beth, Kris advised that should some extra help be needed, Beth would volunteer to help out at no cost.  The Board decided to table hiring a part-time person until there is a determination is there is a need for one. 

APPROVAL OF CHECKS AND UNPAID BILLS - Motion by Ed/Randy to approve the checks and payment of the unpaid bills.  Motion carried. 

NEXT MEETING DATE – The next meeting date is May 20 at 6:00. 

Motion by Randy/Marty to adjourn.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 8:03 PM. 

                                                                                                                Respectfully submitted:

                                                                                                                Kris Kohlhoff
                                                                                                                Village Clerk



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