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Special Board Meeting
Sep 01, 2011



September 1, 2011

The meeting was called to order at 5:00 PM by Village President Doug Hartman with Randy Roberts, Lorrie Hartman, Joe Roberts and Mike Siegel present.  Also present were Utility Superintendent Tim Dornfeld, Clerk Kris Kohlhoff, Attorney Karla Chase, Engineer Jeff Montpas, CD Smith Project Engineer Scott Block, Laura Muchowsky, Karen Tibbitts, Laurel  and Dan Finger, and Molly Hartman. 

The Pledge of Allegiance was said.

Jeff Montpas gave out a draft copy of the sewer rehab plans.  He advised these have been provided to Rural Development for approval.  There will be lots of lining and manhole replacement.  Jeff is planning on meeting with Seneca and Tim on Tuesday.  There will be some access issues with that.  He is thinking of doing this as an add on project.  The lines are in Seneca’s storage area and trucks would be unable to access it.  We could possibly line in to the building and get someone in there to clean up the manhole covers.  Also, he has not been able to make contact with the railroad but they are not planning on doing anything with the railroad until next spring.  That would be the last thing to do.  The lining can be done over the winter.  He is unsure if they would be able to work on the manhole restoration.  The village will require references and other projects the selected company has done.  Because of the bidding process, we may have to push this back until the October meeting.  If anyone has any questions on the plans, let Jeff know and changes can be made before the plans go out.  Lorrie asked how long it would take for the opening of the bids.  Jeff figured probably a half hour-45 minutes with the thought that this could be combined with a budget meeting.  Doug asked about going outside the building with Seneca lines.  Jeff advised this would make more sense.  Jeff will look if there would be money for this.  Tim didn’t think this would be possible.   This will be looked at in the future. 

Cummins Maintenance Proposal – Tim is comfortable with starting the generator every little while on a routine basis and Jeff indicated that the 5 year general warranty has been paid for.  The maintenance proposal would be for after the 18 month warranty.  Doug does not feel that we need this maintenance agreement for the amount of time that it will be run.   The Board will not be pursuing this.

Sludge removal – Eric Hudson of Walter Bros.  indicated that they started sludge removal this week and are continuing to work at it.  He estimates it will take 28 days to empty the lagoons.  They are trying to locate a pump.  He figured with what they are currently taking out, he is comfortable that they can get the project done by October 31.  There has been an agreement reached with the DNR without having to worry about the water and have to worry about an erosion issue.  Lorrie asked about the additional need to acquire lands when we were told that they had acquired land.  He stated that the farmer would not be able to get the soy beans off until mid-October so they were able to find some wheat fields.  Lorrie indicated that she has not been impressed with Walter & Sons and Doug reiterated the same.  Eric indicated that the equipment company should not have contacted any Clyman Board members and Doug also stated that Walter’s Bros. representative’s language was very unprofessional .  Eric indicated that he doubts other companies would take on this project.  Doug stated that Walter Bros. was the contractor that bid on the job and Eric indicated that they are doing the best they can.  The land they acquired to get the job done kept falling through.  Scott indicated that the hoe problem has been taken care of.  It was agreed that this should not have come to the Board’s attention. 

Jeff questioned about when they will be done so that he can get the DNR rep out here to make sure everything is ok.  Tim asked what happens if there is a lot of rain and they can’t get the job done.  Technically the lagoons would have to be finalized by April, 2012. 


                Siding exterior damage – Randy advised that the weeds were a couple feet high and in the time when they were being cut, rocks were thrown and hit Randy’s house and caused holes in his siding.  There should have been 4 inches of topsoil but that was not put on.  The fill had rocks in it.  Joe asked why the landscaper didn’t take a rock hound through it.  Doug expressed frustration on this again.  Scott indicated that no one advised him that there were rocks there.  The Board felt that the landscaper should have been aware of this.  Scott indicated that he did not know where the “do not mow” instructions came from.  Jeff advised that it could not be mowed with the mesh there.  Scott indicated that he is not going to argue for $110 and his company will take care of it. 

Weed control – Scott indicated that they will cover the cost of the weed control.  Scott indicated that they met with the landscaper the previous day.  He can now mow wherever he wants to mow.  He will need to do general maintenance with weed and feed.  Doug advised that in the contract, grass should be growing, we have weeds growing.  Doug asked if it was the landscaper’s plan of action to have us fertilize and apply weed control.  Joe indicated that he was also under the impression that next spring if there are patches, they will have to come back and reseed.  Scott indicated that if he needs to do weed control he will do it. 

Kris asked if instructions were given to Tim about the maintenance of the landscaping.  She felt that so many of the contractors came and did their work and left without any instructions to Tim. 

Karen Muchowsky and Laura Tibbitts felt that they really couldn’t do anything regarding the native plants until all the landscaping issues are resolved.  They have talked with people that do native plants and they are willing to work on this.  They don’t  think that the area is too far gone. 

Jeff will provide a rough sketch of where they could plant things. 

Scott would recommend getting an estimate for doing professional seeding.  The landscaper thought it would be $150/acre.  He would recommend doing it mid-September through October and try to do it right before it rains. 

Attorney’s fees – Karla indicated that the attorney fees have been included in the stipulation along with the overtime hours.  The Village will separately invoice these two items and CD will pay within 30 days.  CD will take care of paying Randy directly.  Invoice through today and send out.  Scott has given the Stipulation to his boss to sign.  The Board has reviewed the Stipulation.  Motion by Lorrie/Joe to enter into the Stipulation with CD Smith as was written by Attorney Chase.  Motion carried. 

Citizen Comment –

Laurel Finger – Laurel has a copy of the treatment plant plans dated 11/5/09 and had subsequent updates.  She asked about the silt fence not getting up on time.  She also referenced the top soil which was not quality along with the seed or grass.  This whole project was to be done last year and seeding should have been done last year.  The ponds were also supposed to be done last fall.  She felt that the topsoil should have been screened.  With the wild flowers, there is an ordinance that needs to be followed.  She is very upset about how the entire project has gone.  It is almost an entire year since this project should have been done.  She doesn’t think that the engineers are pushing this project the way it should have been done. 

Dan Finger – As a contractor himself, he complimented the board for their actions tonight.  He feels that the contractors did a poor job.  In the specs, the contractor should be responsible until the silt fences are taken down.  He does not feel that it was graded properly.   He asked if the punch list was done and if the board walked through and checked off each item. 

Karen Tibbitts – She wanted to remind the Board that the burms will need to be breached and returned to natural lands.  Scott went over the plan to breach the burms with them.  Scott indicated that it will outfall where it goes now.  We should talk to MSA about breaching in other places if we want it.  They will make it so it flows but it will not be pitched up.  It will still have the clay liner in it so it will be mainly rain water that is retained.  They wanted to make sure that their property would be restored where it had been damaged and were assured that it would be.

Doug advised that at this time the village is not looking at selling this property. 

Molly Hartman – She asked about the weeds coming up and felt that the landscaper did a poor job.  Joe explained that this was farm land previously and when it is stirred up, it will produce weeds. 

Scott indicated that the topsoil that is dug up is reused and this is a problem on a lot of jobs.  The specs did not include maintenance of the landscaping.  Scott would like an estimate for the weeds and fertilizer.  Scott just wants the stuff done.  He would recommend a professional to get the landscaping work done and their company would be willing to work with us in paying for this.  As far as the rocks go, he would be willing to check it out and have someone pick up the rocks. 

Motion by Joe/Randy to adjourn.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 6:16 PM.

                                                                                Respectfully submitted:

                                                                                Kris Kohlhoff










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