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Village Board Meeting
Nov 28, 2011

November 28, 2011 – 6:00 PM

The Public Hearing was called to order at 6:00 PM  by  Village President Doug Hartman with Randy Roberts, Lorrie Hartman, Joe Roberts and Mike Siegel present.  Also present were Steve and Dianne West, Helen Kennedy, and Dan and Laurel Finger. 

The Wests stated that they would be using the extra space for an addition to their garage so that they could store personal items securely.  In addition to the added space, the roof of the garage will be extending over approximately  two feet on the front and back and one foot on the side.  This addition will be 8 feet from the lot line on the north side.  Helen Kennedy, whose property would be the most effected, did not have a problem with the variance.  Steve indicated that if the variance is granted, he is hoping to get this project  done this year if the weather cooperates. 

There being no further comments, motion was made by Lorrie/Randy to close the public hearing portion of the variance hearing.  Motion carried.  The Public Hearing was closed.


The Special Variance meeting was called to order at 6:08 PM by Village President Doug Hartman.

Motion by Joe/Lorrie to approve the variance request  for Steve and Dianne West to add additional garage space that would include building an extension on their garage to within 8 feet from the property line with one foot of the roof overhanging. 

The board found the proposal to be in the spirit of the ordinances and granted said motion on the variance. 

Motion by Joe/Mike to adjourn.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned.


The regular monthly board meeting was called to order by Village President Doug Hartman at 6:30 PM, with all board members present. 

Treatment Facility Update – Jeff Montpas was not present for the meeting but did provide a project update for the meeting.   Doug asked Tim about the property repairs to be done by Walter & Sons created with the lagoon abandonment.  Tim advised that they have repaired several of the properties and  will try to get the Tibbetts property repaired this year.  The Board and Tim thanked the Tibbetts family for their cooperation on this project.  Tim advised that the DNR received numerous complaints during the lagoon spreading and as a result of the complaints, the DNR has to respond.  Tim advised that there may be a DNR sanction hearing on the non-compliance issues that the DNR found during their recent Sanitary Survey conducted on the Village.  The DNR will need the daily logs from Walter Brothers.  Laura Muchowsky asked if the Board would be walking the lagoons once they are done.  Tim advised that the ponds just got done being cleaned out.  Now the burms will have to be breached and once that is done, the Board will probably be going out to look to see everything has been done properly.  It is anticipated that next spring or early summer, it will be completed and go back to natural lands. 

Visu-Sewer References for Sewer Rehab Work  - Mike advised that he called one of the companies that Visu-Sewer had done work for and was advised that they had no problems with them. 

 Loan Extension Agreement – Motion by Lorrie/Randy to extend the loan for the $67,968.76 for another 6 months paying only the interest payment of $1,268.75. By the end of the six months, hopefully the sewer rehab project will be completed and the final monies can be paid out, paying off this loan.  Motion carried. 

Budget – Joe and Randy felt that curb and gutter where the old garage stood should not be done.  Doug suggested the Village use some of that money to set aside in savings for future street repair.  Mike felt we should set aside half of it.  It was also stressed that the police officers enforce the parking permits.  Mike asked about the officer training and questioned if the officers were trained by Dodge County.  Officer Don Davidson said that since most of the officers are jailers with the county, their training is geared toward jail training.

Veolia Garbage/Recycling Proposal – Jason Johnson of Veolia addressed the Board concerning their recent proposal to the Village to keep the village garbage/recycling contract.   Lorrie asked why it took so long to get them to look at this and to finally propose this amount.  Jason stated that there are communities paying more than we are for 300 people.  He advised pick up would be changed to Thursday. Recycling would be every other week.  Doug stated that customer service with Veolia has been a problem in the past.  Veolia will not pick up on Holidays.  They would do a 3 or 5 year contract.  They have their own facility.  They don’t see any major increases with their landfills.  The only unknown would be in the state tax.  This proposal does not include a fuel surcharge.  This newest proposal was in response to the City of Watertown’s proposal to take on the Village of Clyman for garbage/recycling pickup.  Joe advised Jason that he has called customer service several times and was questioned about the service territory.  Joe indicated that when he called they had no idea where Clyman was.  Jason said it depends on who you talk to.  The village will need to make sure that only electronic waste goes into the electronics recycling.  Laurel questioned about the packaging recycling.  Jason said that they accept Nos. 1-7.  Laurel asked about accepting carpeting.  Jason said if it fits in the container, they will accept carpeting and it will go in the landfill.    Doug felt that these proposals should be reviewed with the Village Attorney so he requested that the matter be tabled at this time.  Joe mentioned about problems he had with customer service regarding damaging containers.  Jason indicated that if the carts are damaged by their people, they will replace them for free.  Jason indicated that they would have people and fliers available to educate the people on the new recycling issues.  They would deliver the carts. 

Rick Schulz of the City Watertown indicated that their carts are 10 year guaranteed.  He indicated that recyclers have no problems with Watertown and actually want more from them.  He figures it will take about an hour to pick up in the village.  Electronics can come to their recycling center anytime.  Bulk pick up items will be done at least every other week.  They did almost 300,000 lbs of electronics last year.  They are the only one open for electronics and basically take from anyone.  They pick up Holidays.   Rick advised that their proposal with the Village passed at Finance in Watertown. 

Mike asked those in the audience how they felt and Laurel indicated that she felt that Veolia has a lot of complaints. 

The budget figures are still ok with the tabling of the garbage/recycling issue as adequate funds have been included. 

Motion by Lorrie/Randy to approve the 2012 budget in the amount of $486,374, which reflects the changes made at the meeting.  The village levy remained at $149,929 along with a debt service levy of $50,000, which was the same as last year. 

Resolutions - Resolution No. 2011-015 – Establishing the 2012 Local Tax Levy – Motion by Joe/Mike  to accept the resolution as stated establishing the local tax levy at $149,929 and the debt service levy at $50,000.  Motion carried. 

Resolution No. 2011-016 – 2012 Salary Schedule – Motion by Lorrie/Joe to accept on the 2012 salary schedule.  Motion carried.

Resolution No. 2011-017 – Dog and Cat License Fees – Motion by Randy/Joe to revise the dog and cat license fees from $3 (spayed/neutered) and $5 (unneutered) to $5 and $10 respectively beginning with the new licenses.  Motion carried. 

Police Report – Chief Randy Kramer was unable to make the meeting due to a family emergency, however Officer Don Davidson was available to answer questions of the board.   

Fire Department – Chief Eric Howlett advised that the State is requesting communities to approve the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System Agreement (MABIS) resolution.  Joe advised that this resolution is a good thing and is basically the same as what used to be done years ago.   Eric also advised that the Tornado Siren control box has been ordered and should be working in about  4-6 weeks.  He is going to start working on 2012 budgeted items.  He also advised the Board that the Second Cpt. Position closes on December 1 at 5. 

Resolution No. 2011-014 – Addendum to Mutual Aid Box Alarm System Agreement  (MABIS) – Motion by by Randy/Joe to adopt the MABIS resolution.  Motion carried. 

Minutes -  The minutes from the previous meeting had been provided to the Board.  Motion by Lorrie/Joe to approve the minutes as presented.  Motion carried. 

Kutsugeras Land Division – Because the Village lies within 3 miles of where this land division will occur, the Village needs to be notified and action must be taken on by the Board.  Motion by Lorrie/Joe to notify the County that the Village has no recommendation concerning this land division.  Motion carried. 

Citizen Comment – Dan Finger would like the Village to check around by the old mill property owned by Pete VonRueden regarding all the junk that is accumulating on the property as well as the junk vehicles.  Kris will notify the officers to check on the unlicensed vehicles.    

Delinquent Utility Bills – Kris advised that several more people have been paying their bills, however, any bills remaining unpaid will be placed on the tax roll. 

Correspondence – Special assessment notice letter was received from the State advising that they will be charging the village for unemployment insurance due to the shortage of funds being experienced by the State in paying unemployment. 

Invoices and Unpaid Bills – Joe asked what was wrong with the lawn mower that there was another repair bill.  Tim advised that the electric clutch went out and the o-rings needed to be changed.  Tim indicated that the mower is good.  Joe questioned the 4-wheeler bill from the previous month.  He indicated that the bill reflects that the rear differential fluid was changed but Joe indicated that the 4-wheeler doesn’t have a rear differential.  Doug indicated that he will take that up with Mr. Zastrow and see what he has to say.  Motion by Mike/Lorrie to pay the bills and approve invoices as presented. 

Next Meeting Dates – The next regular meeting will be held December 19 at 6:30 PM instead of December 26 and Caucus will be held on January 23, 2012 at 6:15. 

Tim advised that he has received a quote from Tire-Rific for tires for the pick up truck in the amount of $1104.  He will get another quote.  He advised that the tires were last replaced in 2007. 

Motion by Joe/Lorrie to adjourn.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 8:25 PM. 

                                                                                Respectfully submitted:

                                                                                Kris Kohlhoff


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