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Village Board Meeting
May 23, 2011

May 23, 2011 – 6:30 PM

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM by Village President Doug Hartman with board members Randy Roberts, Lorrie Hartman, Joe Roberts and Mike Siegel present.  Also present were Jeff Montpas of MSA and Jeff Wagner representing the Wastewater Treatment Advisory Board.   Attorneys Steve Hannan and Carla Chase appeared later. 

Minutes - The minutes of the previous meeting had been provided to the Board.   Motion by Lorrie/Joe to approve the minutes as printed.  Motion carried. 

Wastewater Treatment Facility – Jeff Montpas advised that the garage and lift station are gone.  Work is getting near the end.  Paving has to be done.  Concrete will be removed and everything will go back to grass.  Jeff M. is checking with CD Smith on clean out and restoration to do at the lagoons.  The lagoons will then go back to natural.  Restoration still needs to be done.  Electrical work has been done inside the garage.  They know they have the deadline of June 1.  Restoration will be issued as a warranty item.  Joe questioned when the warranty will begin on the grass growing.  Jeff said it will go from the substantial completion date.  Jeff indicated that MSA will keep on top of this.  He said that as long as MSA notifies them within the 12 month period, they have to fix items.  MSA will keep an eye on it.  We need to let Jeff know so that he is aware of it.  This also includes on the other side of Hwy J.  They will make sure it is done correctly. 

Laurel Finger stated that the silt fence is still not up and with the rain, the mud runs constantly.  She also questioned about the sludge hauling, and questioned that if the company has moved on since they haven’t been there in a while, will CD Smith find another company.  Jeff indicated that their equipment is still there and CD is responsible for finding another company. 

Doug asked about the weight limit of the concrete slab in front of the new garage and whether that could be used for storage of smaller equipment as there is no outside storage up there.  Jeff will check on this and let us know. 

Question was raised about the restoration of the Tibbetts’ property.  Jeff M. indicated that they will see to it that it is leveled out. 

Question was raised about the flashing red light that continually is going off.  Jeff M. indicated that the sensor was programmed after running several days and needs to recalibrate.  LW Allen will be doing that.  They have been notified. 

Pay Requests – Jeff M. presented pay requests as follows:  CD Smith in the amount of $167,911.55;   prorated utility bills in the amount of 3,053.39 which also include the computer and refrigerator.  These amounts will take the village beyond their $206,000 portion for the garage.  The remaining funds will come out of the grant funds as part of the project.  Motion by Lorrie/Randy to approve pay request No. 13 in the amount of $170,964.94.  Motion carried.  This leaves approximately $154,000 outstanding on the WWTF/garage project.   Jeff M. indicated that CD Smith will have one more pay request. 

Sewer Rehab Project – Jeff M. indicated that evidence presented itself of the need for this project this spring with all the rain and the water the village was pushing.  MSA did some prelim estimates and they are hoping the bid prices come in much less.  They would like to bid it out the 3rdweek in June for a contract award in July with work to begin in August.  This will only include the mains and will not include anything from the mains back to the house.  Jeff advised we could look at the laterals and notify the homeowners.    Territorial road has to be one of the first areas done.  This has to be done this fall.  MSA will tell them when they want this done.  The biggest issue with the lining will be with Seneca and coordinating with them.  This will give another 20 to 30 years by lining the mains.  Motion by Lorrie/Joe to move forward with the sewer rehab project.  Motion carried. 

Extension of State Bank of Reeseville Note – This is the note that we have been extending since the beginning of the project which should be covered by funds once all project work is completed.  Jeff M. predicts we will have plenty of money to pay off the note for the State Bank in the amount of $68,000. Currently interest in the amount of $720.28 is due in order to extend the loan.  Motion by Lorrie/Joe to approve the extension.  Motion carried. 

Lorrie asked about Bob Tracy’s request for abandonment of the easement that crosses Highway J.  Jeff M. said that this easement is in the county Right of Way.   Attorney Hannan will look further into this.  If it falls into the County ROW, there is no easement to abandon.  The board felt that this should not be abandoned at any time in the near future. 

Seneca Foods Easements – Kris advised that she received notice from Eric Martin that he was unable to make the meeting and requested Jeff Montpas’ contact information which she provided him.  Eric will contact Jeff to talk about this problem further. 

Citizen Comment – Kurt Beaster asked if there could be a sign put up about no overnight parking for trucks.  Tim could get a sign made up.  We do have an ordinance and will check this out to make sure that the signs follow the ordinance. 

Dan Finger brought up about weed violations against his neighbor, Barry Thompson.  He would like this cleaned up.  Creeping jenny is becoming invasive.  Marty Pint thought there is a state statute that it could be torn down if the home poses a fire hazard but we will have to look into this further.  Laurel stated that there is a 5 gallon bucket of water on the porch and she is afraid that if a small child goes on there that they could possibly fall into this bucket and drown.  She also indicated that there is a tree branch growing across the back door which would prevent someone going in there in the event of a fire.  She would like something done about this.  Kris will check with Attorney Hannan on this.  Joe asked about having a police officer look at the property to see about safety hazards. 

Aurora Tibbetts is still interested in buying the ponds and advised that Mr. Tracy said she should have it. 

Laurel Finger has been working on getting the post cards ready for hanging on the village hall wall by putting them in frames.  She wanted to know if she could buy a couple more picture frames.  Motion by Lorrie/Randy that she be allowed to purchase 3 additional frames at a cost not to exceed $50.  She also stated that there is a bench by the Lions hall which she believes is from the old train depot and she would like the bench moved into the Village Hall.  Kris raised the question of who is going to move the bench when furniture has to be moved around to accommodate voting since all the furniture in the room needs to be moved.  Laurel also questioned if the teeter totter could be put up in the park.  She indicated that she did not feel that it was that difficult of a job.  She also questioned about the playground cargo net being put up.  She also advised of a situation with some dogs in their neighborhood.  The people that reside in Schuett’s former house, two houses down from her house have a couple unfriendly dogs that took after Bev Hutto and her dog.  She also is concerned that these dogs will take after her grandson if he walks by the residence.  She was advised that Officer Olbinski is taking care of this situation.  She is concerned about this but is aware that Officer Olbinski is taking care of this. 

Residents should make sure that their storm basins are cleared in the street. 

Summer Employee - Doug introduced the Board to Jennifer Leu who is the new summer employee with the Village.  Jennifer will be beginning her duties on June 15. 

Park Tree Trimming – Mike asked if the only reason we needed to hire someone to do tree trimming was because of the bucket needed to get up to the top of the trees and questioned if we could do this in house.  Tim did not feel comfortable doing it.  Mike asked if we could revisit this issue next year.  Lorrie asked if we could at least take care of the box elder tree.  Tm was asked if he could check to see if he could take down the box elder and anything dangerous.  Discussion held on this matter.   Motion by Joe/Lorrie to set a limit of $1200 to take care of the box elder tree and any other troubled spots.  Motion carried. 

Police Report – Officer Jeff Schlegel gave the report and advised that a theft complaint he is handling is going to involve a lot more than he thought and will also include Jefferson County.  Doug asked about a juvenile that was caught with alcohol.  Jeff stated that he could not say anything because it was a juvenile. 

Fire Department – Chief John Haase was not present.  Joe Roberts was going to present the report, however, Doug felt that John should be present at the meetings to give the reports and would not allow Joe to present it.  Doug stated that this is the second month in a row where a financial report was not received and stated that because the Chief was not here a report would not be taken. 

Town Lease with Village - The Board received a letter from the Town Chairman Dave Blank regarding ending their lease with the Village however, the letter was unclear as to their vacation date.  Motion by Lorrie/Mike that before the Board accept their vacate letter that the Town clarify their lease ending date.  Motion carried.  (The Village Attorney later informed Board members that if the date to vacate goes into any time in June, the Town is responsible for the entire month of June rent.)

Request for Proposals for Codification of Ordinances – Kris explained the recodification process.  The ordinances have not been recodified since 1998.  Depending upon how extensive the recodification is, it could run as high as $15,000 to $17,000.  $5,000 has been put in the 2011 budget for this purpose and will be extended out for 3 years.  Motion by Mike/Randy to put this out for bid with the bids being due back by July 29, 2011.  Attorney Steve Hannan agreed that this needs to be done and is long over due. 

Pump house roof repair – Tim explained the difference in the work between the proposals.  Badgerland Roofing gave an estimate of over $18,000.  Benzing Roofing would basically do a metal barn roof with an estimate of $5,446.  Lorrie asked about the warranty.  Tim indicated that he would find out about this.  He indicated that it is leaking pretty badly.  The Beaver Roofing estimate was $7500.  Benzing would be a complete steel roof.  Lorrie asked  Jeff M. if he could get this covered under the WWTF contingencies however, he didn’t think that he could.  Motion by Randy/Mike to go with the Benzing bid providing that we find out what the warranty is.  Motion carried. 

Personnel Matters – Joe asked Tim how he felt dumpster day went.  Tim indicated that it went very well.  Tim thanked Randy and Joe for helping.  Joe advised that a town resident brought a complete deck that he had tore off his house which filled the dumpster nearly half full.  This is the second time that town residents have taken advantage of the dumpster.  Discussion held on possibly limiting the amount that can be brought to the dumpster or eliminating the town and just confining dumpster day to the village residents. 

Invoices – Motion by Lorrie/Joe to approve the invoices and pay the bills as presented.  Motion carried. 

Next Meeting dates – Kris advised that Board of Review will be held June 7 at 6:00.  Doug and Mike will take training.  The next regular board meeting will be June 27.  The regular board meeting for the month of July will be held July 18 due to the Clerk being at training the following week. 

Maintenance Contract – Tim passed out a maintenance agreement for NPower LLC for the standby power system.  This will be tabled until next month. 

Closed Session – Motion by Joe/Mike to convene into closed session.  Roll call vote taken with unanimous agreement from all Board members to convene into closed  with the understanding that the Board will reconvene into open session for the limited purpose of adjournment.  Motion carried. 

Motion by Joe/Lorrie to reconvene into open session.  Roll call vote was taken with unanimous agreement to reconvene into open session for the purpose of adjournment.  Motion carried.    

Motion by Lorrie/Joe to adjourn.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 8:49 PM. 

                                                                                              Respectfully submitted:
                                                                                              Kris Kohlhoff, Clerk/Treasurer









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