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Village Board Meeting
Jun 27, 2011



June 27, 2011 6:30 PM

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM by Village President Doug Hartman after which he took roll call with Randy Roberts, Lorrie Hartman, Joe Roberts and Mike Siegel in attendance. 

The Pledge of Allegiance was said.

John Andres and Nicole Belden of Baker Tilly addressed the Board regarding the Utility Financial Audit.  They expressed that the treatment facility loan is the most significant issue.  The reason for the audit which is required by USDA is for the debt outstanding.  John went through the audit report prepared for the village.  He stated that they have concerns about the Village being able to make the debt payments.  He also went through the management letter issued by their company and the concern for the water pumped versus the water used.    Tim advised that he has tested water meters and they came within 3-4 percent.   

Minutes – Motion by Lorrie/Joe to approve the minutes from the May meeting as presented.  Motion carried.  Motion by Lorrie/Joe to approve the 2011 Board of Review minutes.  Motion carried. 

Wastewater Treatment Facility - Kris advised that Jeff Montpas from MSA is on vacation but that she had received the pay requests in the mail.  Doug questioned if we were allowed to pay out additional funds in light of the failed completion date. Kris advised that we could pay out because none of the payments involved a payment to CD Smith.   Motion by Joe/Lorrie to approve pay request No. 14 in the amount of $7,759.51 as presented.  Motion carried. 

Doug advised that he spoke with Attorney Karla Chase and there is a meeting with CD Smith scheduled for July 5, 2011 at the request of CD Smith to discuss the liquidated damages.  USDA is requiring we go after CD Smith for the lack of not meeting contract deadlines. 

Stan & Sherry Jones Lawsuit Against the Village – There is a Scheduling Conference set for July 13.  Karla is trying to get this on an expedited track with the Court.   

Cummins Maintenance Proposal   - Kris stated that Jeff Montpas advised that CD Smith should be paying for this maintenance agreement and they should also provide a 5 year warranty.  Further checking will be done on this with CD Smith to see if this is something the Village really needs.  

Loan for Final Payment on Garage - Kris advised that when they went for the State Bank of Reeseville Loan, the additional interest monies were not added into the loan request leaving the Village $10,500 short on the garage loan which as a result makes the checking account short by that amount.  Discussion held on this matter.  Motion by Randy/Mike to table until next month until we have more info on CD Smith and the liquidated damages matter.  Motion carried. 

Joe asked if Jeff Montpas could check out the weeds and gravel as he felt this was not done properly.  Jeff will be advised of this.    

Maintenance Compliance Resolution – Kris explained that this is something Tim needs to file on a yearly basis with the DNR and prior to filing the Board needs to pass the compliance resolution.  Motion by Joe/Lorrie to accept resolution No. 2011-011 – Maintenance Compliance Resolution.  Motion carried. Tim advised that for 2010 we received bad marks because of the old treatment facility.  This should improve for next year. 

Liquor and Operator’s Licenses – Lorrie questioned about the Hardware Store bartenders not listing their licenses as renewals.  No other questions were raised regarding the licenses.  Motion by Joe/Randy to approve the liquor, cigarette and operator’s licenses presented.  Motion carried. 

Police Report – Doug expressed sadness to hear that Chad is resigning.  Chad feels that due to his new responsibilities as canine officer for the Sheriff’s Department, he will no longer be able to put in the time required for it.  Chad is willing to help out the new chief.  Doug asked that Chad get in touch with the police commission.  Joe would like to see the new chief work solely for the village, he would like to see him out patrolling also.  Chad stressed that there are numerous admin duties that need to be performed and things are constantly being updated.  The Board should weigh heavily on who the next chief is because that person will need to put in more time.  Joe questioned if 20 hours was adequate for the new chief to do his duties.  Chad felt that it was on the low end. 

Doug asked about whether the pit bull ordinance has been enforced with certain homeowners.  Chad advised that tickets have been issued and proof of insurance has not been provided and if it is not provided soon, another citation will be issued to the owners.   Doug also mentioned other concerns for certain residences. 

Lorrie asked about Officer Kramer having less hours due to medical issues.  Chad advised that he did grant her this until August. 

Police Chief Salary –At the police commission meeting it was brought up if the Village wants to consider reducing the starting salary for the new chief.  Chad advised to first look at the experience the candidate has to pay them fairly.  The board felt we should keep the current pay level and would consider a probationary period. 

Fire Department – Kris presented the Board with the finance report she received. 

Amendment of Fire Department Financial Agreement – Kris explained the current financial procedure recently put in place is causing some financial issues for both the Village and the Town and with the agreement of the new fire chief, they would like to amend the agreement whereby the Fire Department would present their bills on a monthly basis to the Boards and the Boards would then issue a check to the department to cover the bills.  Eric Howlett, as the new chief, indicated that he would work with the Boards to do whatever is easier.    Motion by Lorrie/Joe to amend the payment schedule with the fire department from a quarterly to a monthly payment schedule.  Motion carried.  The town will be advised of the Village’s position on this matter in the event they want to have the same agreement. 

Bendlin Fire Equipment Bill – John Haase requested monies be taken from the Lifequest Account to pay this bill as this bill should be covered with donated monies that were placed into that account.  Motion by Joe/Randy to pay the bill out of Lifequest for $585.  Motion carried.  The town will also need to approve this before any monies can be taken out of the account. 

Dodge County Emergency Management Letter – The Board reviewed a letter received from the Dodge County Emergency Management regarding the January 2013 Federal Narrow Band Mandate for UHF and VHF.  The Board acknowledged the receipt of this and proper signatures will be obtained.  Joe mentioned that the Utility Superintendent should have a portable radio complying with this.  Eric Howlett advised that the cost is approximately $2,000/radio. 

Eric advised that he has submitted a DNR grant application for $3200 of which the municipalities will be responsible for 50% if they receive it.

Park Tree Trimming – Tim advised that the person submitting the proposal will not come for $1200.  Mike asked if we checked with any other tree trimming companies.  Tim advised that he did check with K&B and they are much more costly.  Motion by Randy/Mike to table this matter until the December meeting to consider combining this year’s and next year’s funding to have it all done and to make sure that the ground is solid.    Motion carried. 

Citizen Comment – Dan Finger advised that with the liquidated damages, the Village should make sure the punch list is completed, as he feels that the with the punch list, the owner can be blamed for causing the damage since the Village has occupation of the building.  The owner can set a date for completion.  Dan stated that at the building site the weeds are high and the grass seeding looks terrible.  These should be taken care of but should be the contractor’s responsibility. 

Dan still expressed concern about the Barry Thompson property.  It was explained to him that we are working on this and have been in contact with the attorney on this as well as other properties around the village.

Dan Finger also expressed that with his Open Records for delinquent water bills he is aware that there is a large amount outstanding on resident bills.  Kris advised that when he was given the information on the delinquent water bills with his open record request, this was done at the beginning of the month when many of the bills had not yet been paid.  Steps are being taken to get delinquent bills paid.   The problem delinquent water bills will be placed on the next agenda. 

Joe commented on the appearance of the mill property and felt that it should be cleaned up.  It was stated that this is a commercial property and different ordinances apply.  Ruth Zwieg commented on the bonfires that are held on the hill behind the mill.  Doug advised that the next time this happens she should call the non-emergency number to report it. 

Laurel asked if the Village was having the hamburger stand painted as it was her recollection that no more money would be stuck into this building.  Doug advised that he and Tim have checked the hamburger stand and they do not feel that it is getting any worse and that the building still gets a fair amount of use. 

Laurel stated again that she is still upset about the recount.  She, as well as her daughter, feels that it was not handled properly although she did not say in what regard it was not handled properly.  She stated she talked to the state elections board and after hearing her, the person she talked to also felt it was not handled properly however, he wished her good luck if she is on the ballot again and that possibly , the election board  should receive training on this so that in the future, it is done properly.

The Tibbetts family representatives asked about the continuing work on the ponds.  Tim advised that he has not heard anything and this will be brought up at the meeting with CD Smith. 

Ruth Zwieg advised that the post office hill needs to be mowed.  It was felt that this was the property owner’s responsibility.  She said that she would be willing to work with these people. 

Correspondence – Among the correspondence was a bill received from Midwest Electric for work done for the Village as well as the Fire Department which was donated.  The Board thanked Eric for the donation.    

The 2011 mileage rate increased to 55.5 effective July 1, 2011.  Lorrie advised that the Village has always went with the federal guidelines.  Motion by Lorrie/Joe to increase the mileage rate to federal rates effective July 1, 2011.  Motion carried.   

Invoices – Joe asked that Tim check if a yellow light is needed on the ATV to be in compliance with the law.  Motion by Lorrie/Randy to approve the bills and unpaid invoices as presented.  Motion carried. 

Motion by Joe/Randy to adjourn.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 8:42 PM. 

                                                                                                Respectfully submitted,


                                                                                                Kris Kohlhoff



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