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Jul 18, 2011

 July 18, 2011 – 6:30 PM

The meeting was called to order at 6:31 PM by Village President Doug Hartman with Randy Roberts, Lorrie Hartman, Joe Roberts and Mike Siegel present.  Also present were Jeff Montpas of MSA, Scott Block of CD Smith, Eric Hudson of Wolter Brothers, Fire Chief Eric Howlett, Annette Hartman, Karen Tibbitts and Laura Muchowsky.

Minutes – Minutes from the previous meeting had been provided to board members.  Motion by Lorrie/Joe to approve the minutes as presented.  Motion carried. 

Wastewater Treatment Facility – With regard to borrowing additional monies from the State Bank of Reeseville to cover the additional monies needed for the Village Garage, Mike asked if there was any possibility of recovering some of the other monies from the liquidated damages.  Doug explained that the chances were unlikely.  The shortfall is $10,500 due to an accounting error.  Motion by Randy/Mike to approve borrowing  the additional $10,500 from the State Bank of Reeseville to pay off the Village portion of the garage.  Motion carried. 

Liquidated Damages – Scott Block from CD Smith appeared at the meeting along with Eric Hudson from Wolter & Son.  Doug explained that a meeting was held with Scott from CD Smith and Jeff from MSA.  At the present time, a stipulation is being prepared regarding the additional monies the Village had to pay out because of the failure to meet the completion date.  These monies will be deducted from the final payment to CD Smith.  Tim’s overtime has been paid out by the Village and it was felt that these monies should come back to the Village.  Scott indicated that he would like to know what the utility bills, attorneys’ fees and engineering fees will be.   He would like to see an accounting of the engineering fees.   The big concern is draining the ponds.  June 1, 2012 is when the permit expires.  Scott has told us that by October 31, the ponds should be done.  Scott is comfortable with the draft stipulation however just wants to know what the exact damage amounts are. 

Eric Hudson of Wolter Brothers advised that there are a couple farmers that have signed site approval requests.  He has forwarded these on to the DNR for approval.  The first set of farmers has wheat that is coming off in a week or two.  The next set of farmers has a soy bean field for stand by.  Because of the spring weather, it was difficult to get out in the spring.  Another farmer pulled the plug on them.  They are trying to do everything right however will come down to the very end.  They will be faced with taking and collecting soil samples and these will be done at Wolters’ expense.  Doug asked about getting the permits.  Eric indicated that whomever he is working with at the DNR does allow for a fast turnaround.  Eric figures he should have the permits by the end of the week.  Then it is just a matter of the farmer having the field cleared.  Doug asked if two fields were enough to handle the sludge.  Eric indicated that there was about 120 acres with the two fields and he figures it should be able to handle it.  The fields are located on Highway J.  Doug asked if they would feel comfortable getting this done by October 31.  Eric indicated that it was a loaded question and because of the spring, he is unsure.  If the weather cooperates, he would feel comfortable with getting it done on time.  There should be no issue with the farmer’s next planting.  Scott will let us know when he gets the approval, farmer harvests, etc.  They will have a person on site when they are harvesting and to find out when they will be able to be out there.  They should be able to get the soil samples back in about a week.  They may have the results back by the time the farmer is done with the fields.  He does have another field in the event this does not work. 

Doug asked Scott about the weeds that are growing on the properties.  Scott advised that that they will replant in the fall.  Joe asked about spraying the weeds with 2-4-D.  Scott indicated that we could mow them if we wanted to and that he will get someone here to look at it.  Jeff Montpas asked about the mesh in the straw and grass.  It is biodegradable but it does take a while.  Karen Tibbitts asked about native plants.  Doug indicated that there are wildflowers planted there.  Doug asked if she would be interested in doing research on planting native plants and she advised that she would. 

If the areas need to be reseeded, that will be done by CD Smith.  Doug advised that as soon as we hear from Attorney Karla Chase and Rhoda Fleming of USDA, we will get that stipulation signed. 

Jones Lawsuit – Doug went through the Court’s scheduling order we received.  Kris explained the various types of pleadings and hearings that are scheduled on this matter.  The trial has been scheduled for April 30, May 1 & 2, 2012. 

Change Order – Jeff has a change order with 3 components – the Wildflower mix, a change in the driveway at the lift station and the utility allowances.  There is a contract deduction of $6,311.06 which requires approval of the change order.  Rural Development has said they will sign it and approve it.  These monies will go back into the grant funds.  Motion by Joe/Lorrie to approve change order No. 7 as provided.   Motion carried.  The total changes with the project were about $23,000 which is about 1% of the project.  Jeff indicated that no set of plans is perfect and things can always be done differently.  Jeff indicated that we have received approval for the sewer rehab project.  It will be put out for bids in mid-August.  Doug asked about having time for the attorneys to review the contracts.  Joe and Randy indicated they would like to see the contracts completed before asking the attorneys to look at it.  The Village will also be asking for references on the companies bidding.  Jeff indicated that some of this work will be done in the spring and they will continue to work through the winter.  Jeff will be continuing with the project. 

Jeff asked about the control issue on the pumps.  Tim indicated that there is still an issue with this.  Jeff and Tim will discuss this further. 

Cummins Maintenance Proposal – Jeff indicated that CD should provide us with a 5 year warranty which Jeff feels is a basic warranty.  The maintenance proposal is an extended maintenance warranty.   Jeff doesn’t think that CD will cover this.  Jeff will check with CD and Cummins on this and what is included and the requirements to keep it in effect.   This matter will be tabled until next month.  Discussion held on the warning notification on the lift station.

Fire Department – Eric Howlett explained the Financial Report that he will be presenting to the Boards.  He also advised that Kris Kohlhoff will be the third signer on the bank accounts along with Eric and Joe Roberts.  Eric advised that the budget is at about $13,000 - $14,000.  This does not include wages.  He is working with Juneau fire Department about getting their older newer turnout gear which they would donate it to Clyman. 

Kris explained that Board approval was needed to withdraw an additional $679 out of the Lifequest funds which is the remainder in that account from donated funds.  At last month’s meeting, the Board had approved taking $585 out of the account to pay a bill from Bendlin which also was donated funds.    Motion by Lorrie/Randy to withdraw $679 from the Lifequest Savings account.  The $679 will then be placed in the FD Savings account to allow them to do with what they want because it is donated funds. 

Doug asked about the returning members.  Eric said it was going good - they have interviews this week and next week.  Eric said at the last meeting they had 29 people.  They have 3 new people interested.  Doug thanked Eric and all the officers and members in attendance for their efforts.  The department is in the process of having emergency phone number cards printed out.  They are looking at filling the vacant officer position in December. 

Police Report – Kris advised that they are running an advertisement for the position of police chief in the Beaver Dam and Watertown papers.

Delinquent Utility Accounts – Lengthy discussion held on the delinquent utility accounts which amount to $8,336.99.  Kris advised that she has been able to get some of the delinquent accounts to sign payment agreements and with some other accounts, she has sent letters stating that they need to make a payment amount by a specific date.  If they fail to comply, their utilities will be turned off.   The Board felt that they will continue to monitor this situation and will check this again next month.  With regard to Trianon Properties, Doug will contact the owner to speak with him about getting his bill paid on time. 

Weed Commissioner – Attorney Hannan suggested that the Village appoint a weed commissioner.  He also suggested that if a letter was sent out to a Village Resident regarding weed control, the village will need to take action.  Along with this is the establishment of charges to residents for providing this required lawn maintenance services.  Resolution No. 2011-12 - Establishing Charges to Residents for Maintenance Services  - was reviewed.  The following fees were suggested in the resolution:  Spraying noxious weeds  - $150, weed whacking - $50/hr; lawn mowing - $75/hr. and miscellaneous expenses incurred such as brush removal, tree trimming, etc. - $30/hr, and all will be billed at a minimum of one hour of service.  Discussion was also held on having a police officer present at all times when maintenance is being performed.  Motion by Randy/Lorrie to adopt Resolution No. 2011-12 - Establishment of Charges to Residents for Maintenance Services.  Motion carried. 

Doug advised that he has talked with Dan Finger about taking the position of Weed Commissioner.  Dan indicated that he would take the position however; he was not present at the meeting.  Doug appointed Dan to a three year term pending his acceptance of the position.  Joe suggested that the Village purchase a digital camera that could be used for this and other things.  Kris will pick one up. 

Citizen Comment – Laura Muchowsky indicated that at the previous meeting, she had asked about the sale of the pond property and would like that to be part of the minutes so that it is public record. 

Correspondence – Correspondence was received enclosing that the FEMA grant money of $1199.23 from the February 1 snow storm.  These monies will be placed in the general account. 

Personnel – Lorrie asked about the new summer helper and Tim said that she is working out good. 

Invoices - Motion by Lorrie/Randy to approve the unpaid bills and pay the invoices.   Motion carried.

Next meeting date is August 22, 2011 at 6:30 PM. 

Motion by Joe/Lorrie to adjourn.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 8:41.

                                                                                                Respectfully submitted:

                                                                                                Kris Kohlhoff





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