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Jan 24, 2011



January 24, 2011 - 6:30 PM

Clyman Village Hall


The Clyman Village Caucus was called to order at 6:30 PM by Village President Jeff Wagner with Board Members  Laurel Finger, Randy Roberts, Lorrie Hartman and Joe Roberts present. 


Other Attendees:  Dan Finger, Gale and Doris Roberts, Jenny Leu, Carol Krause, Cindy Roberts, Mike Siegel, Doug Hartman, and John Haase


Nominations for Chairman and Clerk –Laurel nominated Jeff Wagner for Chairman and Kris Kohlhoff for Clerk.  Randy Roberts seconded.  Motion carried. 


Nomination for Village President –Joe nominated Laurel Finger.  Doris Roberts seconded.  Lorrie Hartman nominated Doug Hartman.  Mike Siegel seconded.   After calling three times and there being no further nominations, the nominations were closed.     


Nominations for Village Trustees – Joe nominated Randy Roberts.  Seconded by Laurel.  Doug Hartman nominated Mike Siegel.  Seconded by Lorrie Hartman.  Randy nominated Dan Finger.  Laurel seconded.  After calling three times and there being no further nominations, the nominations were closed.   


Motion by Laurel/Joe to close the Village of Clyman 2011 Caucus.  Motion carried. Caucus is closed. 






The meeting was called to order by Village President Jeff Wagner with all Board members present. 


Minutes – The minutes from the previous meeting had been provided to Board members.  Motion by Laurel/Joe to approve as written.  Motion carried. 


Wastewater Treatment Facility Report – Jeff Montpas of MSA advised that the engineers and contractors did the substantial completion walk thru today except for the electrical engineer.  They also had the monthly RD meeting.  The building is operational.  There are some things that need to be cleaned up and fixed but those do not hamper the operation of the building.  There are some change order items from the contractor that need to be addressed.  The primary one is access stairs in the recirculation chamber.  They are also waiting for a generator which is expected mid-February.  Until that time the building is still the contractor’s however Tim can move his items in.  The Village is still paying the utility bills but a change order will be processed at the end to recover those monies.  Rural Development will continue to reimburse for the bills until that time.  Rural knows that substantial completion is not being issued.  The remaining items to be completed will not be done until the weather warms up.  Jeff does not expect a lot of activity until it warms up.  Once the generator is received Tim can officially move into the building.  There is some additional training to do.  There will be some intermittent training to be done.  Jeff will get the punch list done for the board to look at.  Joe asked if the Board could go out and take a look at the building.  Jeff advised that the Board can go out anytime.  Laurel mentioned about the Board going out as a whole.  Jeff cautioned that they can go out as a board however, it would have to be posted as a meeting which would mean that other people could appear for the meeting.  Jeff suggested that they wait until the punch list is done so that they don’t duplicate efforts. 


The most recent pay request submitted by CD  Smith is just under $27,000.  There hasn’t been a lot going on in the last 30 days.  There are also some invoices from MSA and WE Energies.  The Village purchased the oxygen and PH Probe as Tim is required to take these measurements.  These were purchased out of the grant funding.  The next pay request will be the first step in spending the $206,000 the Village is required to contribute.  There will be future pay requests but probably not until April. 


Jeff advised that the Village did get approval from Rural Development to use the funds for the sewer rehab once the garage and WWTF are done.  Jeff is going to start tracking this to make sure that there are funds available to have this done.  Jeff expects that there will be 1.3M available once everything is done.  He is not concerned about not having enough money.  Jeff is suggesting that the Village purchase another portable generator in the event of an emergency.  He will look into getting a price on this.  Jeff anticipates that it is a $50,000 to $60,000 expense.  Randy asked about having something run off the Village’s tractor instead of a diesel engine.  Jeff indicated that this would be something they could look at.  Laurel asked if the sewer rehab could still get done this year.  Jeff expected that they would be able to given the time frame.  Jeff expected that people would only be out of service for a few hours.  There will be a 48 hour notice of when work is to be done.  Laurel asked Eric Martin if this would impact Seneca.  He indicated that they could work together on this and given the fact that it will only be a few hours down time, they would be okay.  Territorial Road will be the only place where it is going to be dug up. 


They are going to do the base line sewers.  Jeff suggested also that they televise the laterals to the residences.  Then it would be the Village’s decision as to how to go about fixing these as techinically this is the owner’s responsibility.  Randy asked if the same company could line the laterals.  Jeff said it depends on which company is used.  Jeff said that it is not cheap.  These are things that need to be addressed when the bids are put out.  Laurel asked about how much more expense would be involved  if all the laterals are televised.  Jeff estimated $30,000 to $50,000.  He said there should not be any concern about the additional expense.  He expects we will see very competitive bids. 


Jeff also advised that there has to be a report made regarding the CDBG grant stating that we have spent more than $50,000 of federal funds and that he has taken care of this. 


Tim presented three estimates on an air compressor and welder.  The low price for the welder was from Tractor Supply for $800 and the low price on the air compressor was from Farm and Fleet for $700.  Randy noticed that the one from Farm and Fleet is a different model.  These have to be submitted to RD for approval.  Laurel asked if we are required to purchase the lowest price or could we purchase what we want.  Jeff advised that justification would need to be provided as to why a more expensive purchase was being requested. 


Railroad Resolution 2011-008 – Since the railroad has failed to act on repairing the culvert near Highways J and M which would alleviate the debris being washed down with the discharge, the Village prepared a resolution to be sent to the Railroad Commissioner requesting he order the Union Pacific Railroad to take action.  Motion by Laurel/Lorrie to approve Resolution No. 2011-008 to get the RR culvert fixed.  Motion carried. 


Possibility of Using Movers– Tim advised that he received one bid from Two Men and a Truck out of Waukesha in the amount of $891.  This is for one day involving 9 hours.  Joe asked if this would be sufficient.  Randy asked about what is involved.  This company would like Tim to have it boxed up.  Jeff advised that Tim take what he wants and leave the scrap there as CD will demo and haul away.  Tim figured that it would take at least a day.  Laurel questioned about whether this company would give some organization to Tim.  Laurel asked if there was a company closer.  Tim will check some companies that are in Beaver Dam.  In the meantime, he will start boxing up things. 


Appointment to Wastewater Treatment Advisory Board  - Kris advised the Board that Amy Nehls will step down from the Advisory Board if Jeff Wagner would be appointed in her place, since Jeff will be unable to continue serving on the Village Board.  Motion by Lorrie/Randy to appoint Jeff Wagner to the Wastewater Treatment Advisory Board.  Motion carried. 


Seneca Water Mains - Eric Martin of Seneca addressed the Board and advised that there is a lack of definition as to who owns the mains under the Seneca warehouse.  He cannot find any easements on this which was installed in l966.  There are references about easements and quit claims about this, however he doesn’t believe anything has been filed.  In 2005 there was another main break that happened and at that time Designtech Engineering looked into it and there were some easements granted but not for the 4” main.  Seneca has repaired it.  The primary concern was to get the 500 gallons per minute for the hydrants.  They decided to go with the most economical way to fix it.  He estimates that they have a 1928 well casing down there.  He is unsure how much longer that will be useful.  They did enough to get them operational for now.  Tim estimated that the pumping capacity would be okay handling this.  Eric feels that there needs to be a loop in the event of a problem with the 8” main.  Eric wants to make sure that their risk is mitigated if there is a break.  Eric wants to know who owns the lines that are underneath the building.  The Village has maintained and operated the lines since that time.  The Village agreed to abandon the street but no agreements can be found.   The property itself was purchased from the individual property owners.  Laurel questioned how the village street became Seneca property.  We need to figure out who owns the water and sewer lines.  Jeff Montpas believes that there is documentation that the village still owns and has access to the sewer lines even though the streets were abandoned.  The cost of repair was approximately $25,000.  Eric asked about the limiting factor.  Tim advised that the village could give them 2.5M a day.    Jeff will check in to this further. 


Approval of Operator’s Licenses – Scott Hoeft requested an operator’s license to work in The Hardware Store.  Due to issues with bond conditions on disorderly conduct matters in 2004 and 2010, the Board questioned the issuance of this license.  The case for 2010 was dismissed, however with the 2004 case, Mr. Hoeft was convicted of disorderly conduct.  Mike Siegel advised that he was aware of the bond conditions for the 2010 matter but not the 2004 matter.  He asked that Mr. Hoeft be given a chance.  Lorrie said that she was unsure given the circumstances.  Laurel didn’t want to issue one to him.  Joe asked if the license could be rescinded if something happened.  The license could be issued with the clause that any infraction by him personally in the bar would cause the license to be rescinded.  Laurel stated that he must answer the questions honestly with the next application in June. 


Operator License Applications were also requested for Jennifer Sanden and Jared Schreiber, for which no problems were noted. 


Motion by Lorrie/Joe to accept the operator’s license applications with the condition stated above being applied to Scott Hoeft.  Motion carried. 


Police Report – Officer Peggy Kramer was present and  represented the department.  Peggy advised that she had medical issues last month which is why she did not have any hours.  She advised that the squad printer is up and going.  They have also discussed expanding night and weekend hours.  Officers Olbinski and Kluck mainly work nights however, Officer Kluck has been out on medical leave.  They are going to meet regarding the hour expansion.  Laurel questioned the time paid out to Officer Davidson for the Elks basket delivery.  Chief Enright noted on his report that Village residents do receive baskets from the Elks organization and Officer Davidson picked up those baskets from Beaver Dam and delivered them to residents in the village. 


Fire Department – Chief Haase presented bills to be paid.  Kris advised that she included in the Board Packets a proposed agreement for the Fire Department because discussion has been held regarding the FD taking over their budget monies.  Due to the annual audits, Kris advised that the auditors will require an agreement on file in order for this to occur and this agreement will allow a paper trail as to how this should work.  Kris explained that in the agreement, she went with a four time a year payment to the FD based on when the transportation aids are received by the Municipalities.  She advised that talk had been done at the Town Meeting about doing a semi-annual payment to the FD, however, this would not be a viable option for the Village due to when they receive monies and bills that need to be paid.  Kris advised that a joint meeting will need to be held to further discuss this agreement.  Kris asked Chief Haase if he had any comments regarding the agreement to discuss with the Board and he advised that he will save his questions for the joint meeting.  Kris will work on setting up a joint meeting with Village and Town officials. 


Kris also advised that Lifequest is requesting that the Fire Department  keep a minimum of $1,000 in the Hometown Bank Account, which is the account that Lifequest uses to deposit monies collected from accidents, which they eventually transfer into the Village checking account.  Lifequest would like this minimum amount so that in the event a collection results in a NSF check being submitted, there would be funds in the account to cover this.  The funds can be paid either by making a $1000 deposit directly or as Lifequest receives the monthly amounts, they would allow the funds to continue to accumulate and not pay them out on a monthly basis, until $1,000 is in the account.  Motion by Joe/Laurel to go with Option 2, whereby Lifequest would accumulate the monies in the account.  Motion carried. 


Chief Haase said that there is a $1600 credit with Bendlin Fire Equipment for credit received from the sale of equipment and uniforms from the Department which were sold by Bendlin to another department.  Thursday, February 3, is the first class for the five new 1stresponders which are John Haase, Lorrie Uecker, Patti Hartman, and Amy and Scott Nehls.  These will be held at the Fire Station. 


John advised that they have purchased equipment for the 2011 DNR grant at a cost of $2,138.28.  These monies need to be paid by 2/13/11 in order to be eligible to recoup ½ of the funds paid out.  They purchased cover hoods, back packs, watering cans, goggles, and light duty gear.  The compressor is up and running.  John advised that the new lap top which the administrative assistant will use does have Quick books on it.  The funds for the laptop came out of the equipment grant.  There is $6,000 remaining in the grant account.  $5,000 of that money can be used for equipment so they are going to buy another air pack and bottle.  The rest has to be used for fire prevention and safety.  They are filing an extension with FEMA so that they can get more equipment.   


2011 Mileage Rate – Kris advised that the mileage rate for 2011 is $.51/mile. 


Citizen Comment – Kris advised that the awning on the Town Hall has been damaged again by snow falling off the roof.  This is the second time in a few years.  The Village holds the insurance on that building because of the Fire Department.  Discussion held that possibly the Town will need to take over the insurance on that building or they will have to do something regarding the awning so that this is not a claim on the Village insurance.  This will be put on the agenda for the joint meeting. 


Kris advised that due to an error in the rate that was entered for the sewer base charge during the months of July through August, 2010, customers will be receiving a credit on their utility bills anywhere from $.09 to $1.68 for the four months of readings. 


Personnel - Randy asked how Tim’s time is paid out for Holidays.  Kris explained that Tim is paid for the 8 hour holiday and then for the sewer and water work that he must perform, he is paid double time.  Laurel advised that when Tim comes in for snow plowing, she doesn’t feel that he should be paid the extra hours that day for the sewer and water work he is required to perform.  Tim expressed that he still has to come in to do the snow plowing and he still has to do the water and sewer checks which may occur at a different time.  Joe felt that Tim is guaranteed those hours and that the snow plowing was separate.  Tim advised that he would like to start looking for someone to help him with some of his duties given the new requirements of the plant.  Laurel asked if that person would need to be certified.  Tim is not clear on that.  Laurel asked about the training.  Tim said that he is unsure about what training he needs but he knows that he has to pass a test issued through the state.


Payment of Bills –  Motion by Laurel/Joe to approve the checks and pay the bills.  Motion carried. 


Jeff Wagner’s Resignation – Since Jeff has moved from the Village, he submitted a letter resigning as of January 31, 2011.  He suggested appointing an interim Village President until the April election.  Motion by Randy/Joe that Laurel be appointed Village President from February 1, 2011, until the April election.  Motion carried. 


The next meeting date will be February 28 and Kris will check on a meeting with the town for a Wednesday night. 


Motion by Joe/Laurel to adjourn.  Motion carried. 


                                                                                                Respectfully submitted:



                                                                                                Kris Kohlhoff



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