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Regular Monthly Meeting
Feb 28, 2011



February 28, 2011 – 6:30 PM


The regular monthly board meeting was called to order by Interim President Laurel  Finger at 6:30 PM with Randy Roberts, Lorrie Hartman and Joe Roberts present. 


The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. 


Minutes – Minutes  from the previous month’s meeting had been provided to board members.  Motion by Lorrie/Joe to approve the minutes as written.  Motion carried.


Wastewater Treatment Facility/Village Garage  – Prior to the start of the meeting, board members took a tour of the facility.  Everything is up and running however there are still a few problems to work out and the facility has not been turned over to the Village.  The generator still has not shown up.  Once here, it will need to be tested to make sure everything is operational.  Once that is done, the contractor will have met substantial completion.  Once the substantial completion letter is issued, that will begin the 12 month warranty period.  Thereafter at 11 months, the contractor and engineer will sit down to see what needs to be fixed.  They are looking at rewiring the current village owned generator that could work at the lift station instead of buying two.  The abandonment of the lagoons and paving will have to wait until the weather warms up.  Jeff Montpas will modify the pay request to Rural Development for approximately $15,400 and send back for Laurel’s signature, then to be submitted to RD. 


Change Orders –Jeff Montpas submitted a change order for the installation of the bracket and man gate which covers CD Smith’s work for looking at the installation of the power gate but Rural Development turned down.  Jeff pointed out that the brackets are installed for possible installation in the future.  Lorrie questioned if the Village is responsible for this since it was installed prior to it being approved.  Jeff advised that the Village had previously approved this with Change Order No. 3.    Everything is there, the Village would just have to hook up the motorized gate after buying and having it installed.  Questions raised about submitting this change order again with the indication that this would allow additional entry should something happen that the gate could not be opened. 


Jeff also had updated prices from CD Smith for the dedicated outlet for the compressor and welder, and dedicated phone and data jack.  The electricians are running rigid conduit lines.  Jeff felt this was because of a protection line.  This cost is $1800 for 130 ft of heavy duty conduit.  Question about not hooking up the data port in the garage.  Tim did not feel this was a necessary installation.  Tim questioned about the gate being shut each time he leaves the building.  Jeff indicated that DNR might have some security policies that may have to be dealt with regarding this.  Also the installation of manhole steps in the recirculation chamber needs to be completed.  As part of the outfall sewer, the contractor has installed 15 additional feet of pipe at $38/ft for $600.  The original CO was $10,600.  Jeff will also update the painting price.  Because of this, Jeff cannot give a definite on the change order cost.  They will not do the work without the change order.  Jeff indicated that it will be less than $11,000 and will provide us with the revised CO.  Motion by Joe/Lorrie to approve Change Order No. 6 contingent upon the cost being less than $11,000.  Motion carried. 


At the present time, nothing is being done on the sewer rehab.  Jeff Montpas estimates there should be about $950,000 left for the sewer rehab work.  However, this can’t go forward until the WWTF is completed.  Discussion held on possibly using the remaining funds for sewer lateral work.  Question raised about informing residents that this may possibly be going on since the residents will be responsible for the repair.  Laterals are the responsibility of the residents to repair.  Kris advised that this could turn into a nightmare for keeping track of this type of problem. 


Seneca Water Main Repair – Kris forgot to notify Seneca of the meeting so this matter was tabled until next month. 


Police Report – Officer Don Davidson gave the police report.  He indicated that they have been working with Seneca regarding security due to recent incidents that have occurred there.  They are also updating policy and procedures and are working with the squad computer.  They are going to be going online with TRACS which will allow them to input tickets via computer instead of handwriting them.   Officer Kramer  has been working on the policy management data software so Clyman will now have a database for this information. 


Fire Department – John presented bills for payment.  The Board reviewed the final  agreement reached at a joint meeting held with the Town of Clyman and the Fire Chief concerning the Fire Department handling their own expenses.   Joe asked if the Village had a truck account over and above what funds could potentially be put aside from funds not spent according to the agreement and he was advised that the Village does have funds put aside.   Motion by Lorrie/Joe to approve the joint financial agreement.  Motion carried.  The agreement will now be sent to the Town of Clyman Board for approval and signatures.


John advised  that he has some old pagers which nobody in the area wants.  Suggestion was made about putting them for sale on the internet.  The board felt that if John can get rid of them, whether selling or donating, that he should do it. 


Humane Society Contract – Kris advised the Board that this contract was the same contract that we had last year whereby the Village is charged on a call basis and before the Humane Society can accept any animals from residents, it must be cleared through a Village offical.  Motion by Randy/Joe to accept the contract as presented.   Motion carried. 


Village Insurance Coverage– The Village received a quote from the current provider, Richards Insurance, for $18,484, while G2 Insurance Company from Brookfield, Wisconsin, provided the Village with a quote for similar insurance coverage of $15,760.  Discussion held on the differences in the coverage.  Motion by Randy/Lorrie to accept the G2 Insurance policy for 2011/2012 effective March 1, 2011.  Motion carried. 


Open Records Policy – Kris advised that she has requested policies from the various municipalities involved with the Clerk’s network and advised the Board that most municipalities charge $.25/page.  If the request is going to involve over $50 worth of time then the requester would be billed for the time involved plus the per page copy.  Kris will put together a policy to be presented at the next meeting. 


Citizen Comment – Kris advised the Board about the Erdmann/Kocher utililty issue involving the request by Kocher to reconnect the water at 408 East Street.  Upon reconnection, the residence sprung a water leak which the residents didn’t become aware of until the next day.  As a result, approximately 7800 gallons of water had been used.  After discussion, motion was made by Joe/Randy  to offer a settlement of paying ½ of the bill which would amount to approximately $49.  Motion carried. 


Tim inquired if the Board would consider instituting a policy whereby water could not be shut off during winter months unless in the event of an extreme emergency due to the difficulties incurred during the winter months.  Laurel suggested this be administered when we redo the ordinances. 


Kris advised that Dodge County District Attorney Kurt Klomberg would like to address the Board at the March meeting.  The Board advised that they would allow him to do this provided his presentation was limited to 5 to 10 minutes. 


Joe questioned about the timing of Tim’s snowplowing.  Tim indicated that it is easier to plow when no one is around.  If it is snowing hard, the people aren’t going out and Tim does come in early to do the plowing. 


Personnel – Kris and Tim asked the Board’s consideration about hiring someone for summer work which may include learning to read water meters.  The board suggested posting the position to see who may be interested. 


Invoices – Motion by Randy/Joe to approve the bills as presented and pay the bills.  Motion carried. 


Tim presented the board with a bid for trimming trees in the park.  This will be put on next month’s agenda. 


Discussion held on moving items from the garage.


Next Meeting Date – the next meeting date will be March 28, 2011 at 6:30 PM.


Motion by Joe/Randy to adjourn.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 8:49 PM.


                                                                                                Respectfully submitted,



                                                                                                Kris Kohlhoff


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