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Dec 19, 2011



December 19, 2011

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM by Village President Doug Hartman with Board Members Randy Roberts, Lorrie Hartman, Joe Roberts and Mike Siegel present.   Also present were Utility Superintendent Tim Dornfeld, Police Chief Randy Kramer, Fire Chief Eric Howlett and Rick Schultz from City of Watertown. 

The Pledge of Allegiance was said.

Minutes– Minutes of the previous meeting had been provided to the board members.   Lorrie noted that the correct initials for the Mutual Aid resolution was MABAS.  Motion by Joe/Lorrie to approve the minutes with corrections noted.  Motion carried. 

Wastewater Treatment Facility – Kris advised the Board that no report has been received from Walter Bros. regarding the DNR sanction letter.  She will check with Jeff Montpas on this.  Tim advised that the oxygen sensor has been fixed, which should take care of the red light flashing.  Doug signed the pay request in the amount of $14,489.09.

Kris advised that she contacted Baker Tilly because of the recommendations made by the DNR regarding the Village doing a PSC rate case study to raise the water rates and to create a financial plan for the water.  Tim advised that as another recommendation, the DNR would like Well No. 4 to be pulled to make sure that there are no problems with it. 

Police Report– Chief Randy Kramer gave the monthly police report.  He provided the board with matters he has been working on.  He advised that he will not be at the January meeting due to Chief’s training.  He has been in the process of updating the policies.  He is going to get copies to all the commissioners to approve and then put the policies in force.  He is going through the old records and determining which ones need to be retained.  He is also taking care of getting ID cards for the officers since none of the officers have these.  He is hoping to have those cards soon.  He does not expect this to cost anything.  He is also working to assign responsibilities.  He is working on obtaining a grant for the Tracs program.  He advised that the squad video is outdated and is experiencing problems.  He is looking at another program and can possibly obtain a grant to secure this equipment.  Officer Schlegel is working on this project.  Officer Oblinski has accepted to be the firearms instructor.  Officer Davidson will be the community service officer and hopes this will get the community and police department in closer communication.  Officer Kramer will take care of all the training and evidence.  She will be involved with Tracs and the TIME system.  Randy will be working on getting the officers future training.  He advised that they talked about getting their hours in and having coverage all month instead of just at the end of the month.  He also discussed a new policy with the uniform allowance.  In the future they will buy or submit a price and then will be reimbursed for just that amount.  Doug asked if there was an officer designated to attend court.  Randy advised that he has appointed Officer Davidson to that position for the time being.  Lorrie asked if we could get a copy of the ID’s so that they could be hung up in the hall or in the post office so that the community knows who they are. 

Fire Department– Chief Eric Howlett asked if there were questions on the financial report.  He advised that the turn out gear has been ordered and should be coming shortly.  The siren will be coming shortly after the first of the year.  They are hoping to get a $70,000 grant for turnout gear.  They are up to 35 members.  The members have agreed to do $8 per hour across the board.  Truck No. 61 just got new tires through the county. 

Garbage/Recycling– Kris advised that she contacted Steve Hannan regarding the two contracts.  He advised that we should ask for a more formal contract from Watertown and upon receipt of that, we should send a certified copy of a letter to Veolia advising that if they cannot meet the Watertown contract item for item, the village will be cancelling their contract with Veolia.  Rick advised that bulk pick up will be every week, and that Clyman will be included in their clean sweep program.  Clyman would also have availability to dispose of yard wastes, appliances, and electronics.  Watertown would be willing to enter into a 2 year contract unless they absolutely have to have an increase because of landfill increases which are currently at $54/ton.  Rick advised that Watertown is very close to taking mattresses and box springs.  He is also working with Kecks on upholstered furniture. 

Engine Braking– Doug advised that currently the Village does not have an ordinance for engine braking and several complaints have been received.  Signs would have to be put up when the new ordinance goes into effect.  Motion by Randy/Joe to approve Ordinance No. 2011-009 regarding engine braking.  If there is a violation of the engine braking, people should get as much information as they can including date, time, company, license no., etc.  Randy suggested they also leave a message on the police phone here.  This information will be included in the spring newsletter.  Motion carried. 

Utility Billing – The delinquent utility bills were reviewed and a list of those that had accounts placed on the tax roll were provided to board members. 

Citizen Comment– Laurel Finger asked what is happening with the Stan Jones law suit.  She was advised that this is still confidential information; however, the trial is set for April 30, May 1-2. 

Election Workers– Kris presented Resolution No. 2011-018 naming the Village Election Officials for the 2012-2013 election cycles.  Chief Deputy Inspectors will be Helen Kennedy and Sandra Rettschlag.  Election Staffers will be Sandra Tarkenton, Molly Annette Hartman, Beth Baehmann, Michelle Jordan and Dianne West.  Motion by Lorrie/Randy to approve said resolution and election officials.  Motion carried.   

Tires for Village Pickup Truck– Tim presented proposals for the purchase of tires for the pick up.  Tire Rifik was the best price for the Michelin’s that the truck currently has.  Tim will wait until after the New Year as long as he can.  Grinwald’s proposal was for a heavier lug tire which would not wear as well.  The last tires were put on in 2007, so they have lasted a long time. 

Dump TruckRepair – Tim noticed that the auger would not discharge and that oil was coming out of the auger motor.  Tim took it to the county for repair.  They figured it was a bad seal.  This would not be covered under the new dump truck.  It’s a wear item that went bad. 

Tim advised that the City of Watertown would not be charging the Village for the second leaf pick up because they forgot to come on the day scheduled.

Tim also advised that he has talked with the Town of Emmet and in an emergency; he may be able to get sand and salt there rather than having to go to Trenton. 

Jeff Montpas, Scott Block and Tim will be meeting at the ponds to view how the burms have been breached. 

Invoices – Motion by Lorrie/Randy to approve the invoices and pay the bills.  Motion carried. 

Next Meeting Date– The next meeting date will be January 23 which will also be Caucus.  Caucus will be at 6:30 with the regular meeting to follow.

Motion by Joe/Mike to adjourn.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 7:40 PM. 

Respectfully submitted:

Kris  Kohlhoff


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