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Village Board Meeting
Aug 22, 2011



August 22, 2011

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM by Village President Doug Hartman with Randy Roberts, Lorrie Hartman, Joe Roberts and Mike Siegel present.   Also present were Utility Superintendent Tim Dornfeld and Clerk Kris Kohlhoff. 

Minutes – The minutes from the previous meeting had been provided to board members.  Motion by Lorrie/Joe to approve the minutes as presented.  Motion carried. 

Village Dump Truck – Doug Petsch from Lakeside International Trucks provided the Board with information on a dump truck that he has for sale for Village consideration.  He brought the truck for the Board to view.  He advised that it is in need of a dump box.  Our truck box would fit on this truck.  Doug had put a proposal together on making one truck out of their’s and our’s.  Their’s is a 1996 International with 99,000 miles.  5600 hours are on the truck.  It is an International diesel engine.  It is a wet sleeved engine and a 6 speed.  They would start off with a DOT inspection and will bring it up to DOT standards.  They will then replace and repair what’s needed.  He estimates this will get us by for 5 years.  They would pay River City to tow our truck to their facility.  They would lightly sandblast the truck, prime and repaint.  The cab is exceptionally clean.  They would use our subframe and hoist assembly and dump box along with the tailgate spreader.  They will put the front plow on and make sure that everything is working  with that.  The cab protector will need to be adjusted.  They will move the sidewing and clean up the chassis.  The package they are offering is $25,900, and with the trade of old stock there would be a discount of $1,100, making the final price $24,800.  They would keep the old plow.  This truck has a much better plow hook up.  Doug Hartman advised that he contacted Sun prairie with regard to a similar truck and they wanted $50K.  Petsch advised that used snow plow equipment is very scarce.  He felt if this truck were new it would be $150,000.  Joe asked if the plow was in good shape and was advised that the cutting edge was very straight.  This plow requires less horsepower to push.  Tim advised that he drove it.  While they cannot give a warranty, if something fails within the first 3-4 months, they will work with us 50/50.  However, we will need to call them before we go to another repair agency.  Doug Hartman asked about the rear end fluid and was advised that they would check that.  Laurel Finger asked where the truck was from and was advised that it was from the Town of Clifton.  She asked if the Fire Department could use the old truck for practice and was advised that they did not feel that this was practical.  Doug Hartman asked what monies would be available.  Kris presented them with the funds that we would have available which total $27,035.  Tim estimated that he puts on approximately 500 miles per year with the dump truck.  They are looking at a turn around time of 4-6 weeks which would be mid-October.  Tim felt that this was acceptable.  They will keep Tim involved with the process.  Motion by Joe/Randy to go with the proposal presented on the 1996 International to purchase from Lakeside International Trucks for $24,800 which will include changing of the rear end axel.  Motion carried with Mike dissenting.  Motion by Joe/Doug to use monies from the proceeds of the old truck in the amount of $6475, along with a CD in the amount of approximately $8760 and contingency fund monies for the remainder.   Joe felt that we should use less out of the fire truck monies.  Any monies not needed would go back for the FD truck fund.  Motion carried with Mike dissenting. 

Doug Petsch will present us with a formal contract to be signed.  He feels combining these two will make one nice truck. 

Ordinance Codification Proposal – Mike advised that he talked with some of the community references.  He feels that we need to take a look at if we need to actually do this.  Doug explained that he is looking toward the future and feels that we need to do this at this time.  The board would like to table until after the budget meetings.  They want to do this but would like to see what we can put in the budget for next year. 

Fire Department – Chief Eric Howlett was present to answer questions for the board.  He also presented the Board with his monthly expense report.  He advised that the Department purchased 4 radios and thanks to Joe’s pursuit of the matter, were able to get the radios for $180 each instead of $2500, which they normally cost.  He advised that his truck radio will need to be upgraded and that the Department  will be purchasing some equipment out of the 2% monies.  They will be starting the grant writing this week.  They made $361 on the brat fry.  He figures by budget time, he should have a good handle on what the Department needs.  They have 3 new fire members and 1 possible EMS person. 

Police Report – Kris advised that Kevin Kluck has not worked since April and that Peggy Kramer is still out on medical leave. 

Police Commission – Armond Schmidt and Doug Manske are up for appointment.  The position was posted .  Doug Manske is not interested in being reappointed.  Armond would be willing to stay on.  Other people interested  are Dodge County Detective Brian Drumm, Dodge County Drug Investigator Chad Haase, and resident Bev Hutto.  Lorrie indicated that she would like to see Todd Grady stay on if he is willing.  Kris indicated that she had tried to reach Todd, but had not heard back from him.  Doug would like to see Armond stay.  Laurel Finger indicated that her uncle might possibly be interested.  He lives in Beaver Dam.  She was advised that the position was posted for those that are interested.  Joe indicated that Chad grew up here and also works at the Sheriff Dept.  Doug has the authority to appoint.  He appointed Armond, Todd and Brian Drumm.  He is reserving the right to appoint in the event Todd does not want to accept reappointment.    (Since the meeting, Todd has advised that he does not wish to be reappointed, therefore, Doug appointed Chad Haase to the Commission.)

Hazard Mitigation Plan – The board reviewed and went through the survey received from the Dodge County Emergency Management Department and felt comfortable with their answers.  Joe indicated that with regard to the Rettschlag property at the end of Church Street, wheat has been planted and they feel it has helped considerably  with the flooding issues. 

Delinquent Utility Accounts – Kris advised that most everyone that was on the list from last month has paid and some of the new ones added on this month have already paid.

Appointment of Weed Commissioner –Doug asked Laurel if Dan had thought about and was willing to accept the position of weed commissioner.  Laurel didn’t feel that she should speak for him and give an answer on his behalf. 

Flag Pole at the Village Garage – Kris indicated that two quotes were received.  One from Hady Electric and one from Uncommon.usa.  Doug indicated that he would like to see a flag pole at the garage.  Suggestion was made to check if this could be included under the grant monies since this is a federally funded building.  We will check into this further.

Operator Licenses – Request presented for operator licenses for Russell Zastrow and Gena Seidl.  Kris advised that each had clean records.   Motion by Lorrie/Joe to approve.  Motion carried. 

Citizen Comment – Laurel Finger asked if the people at 634 First Street had been advised to trim their trees and weeds.  She was advised that they had been.  Then she asked about the garage wild flowers plantings and how this would be maintained so that there are no weeds and flowers so that they are in compliance with the ordinances.  Doug advised that there is a special meeting coming up with CD Smith and that item is on the agenda.  Tim advised that he met with the Karen Tibbitts and Laura Muchowsky about the native plants program.  They are willing to work with the Village on this matter.  Randy advised that his siding has sustained damage from embedded rocks in the top soil being thrown by the mower that was used cutting the lawn by the old garage.  Joe advised that the grass is growing somewhat but because of all the weeds, the grass is getting shaded out.  Laurel also asked about the tractor trailer that sits on Main Street in front of Walker residence. She felt that this also did not comply with the ordinances.  Doug advised that if the ordinance had to be enforced, it will be enforced for everyone.  She felt that parking this vehicle on Main Street could cause problems for the fire department.  She was advised that the truck would not cause problems for the fire department.  Doug stated that with all the truck drivers that currently reside in the Village, he didn’t want the Village to become unfriendly to trucks. 

Correspondence – It was noted that the Village population has grown from 388 to 422. 

Personnel – Kris advised that monies are now being taken out of Tim and her checks for their share of retirement.  Kris also advised the Board that effective January 1, 2012, Tim will also have health insurance deducted from his check.  These deductions will amount to approximately $1,900 for Kris and $4,850 for Tim.  Mike advised that he felt that the monies saved on the flag pole could be used to put toward what Tim and Kris are losing from their checks.  In addition, Mike does not take his salary and would like that to be used for Tim and Kris.  Kris advised that she will be at the Clerk’s conference in Wisconsin Dells on Wed and Thurs so the office will be closed on those days. 

Invoices -  Motion by Lorrie/Randy to approve the invoices and pay the bills as presented.  Motion carried. 

At the end of the meeting Doug presented Laurel Finger with a plaque and a Watertown Chamber of Commerce gift certificate for her years of service. 

Next Meeting Date – A special meeting has been scheduled for September 1, regarding the Wastewater Treatment Plant and Village Garage.  Joe inquired about having citizen comment on the agenda.  Doug advised that we would like to have this meeting to hammer out the problems that we have been experiencing with CD Smith.  Citizen Comment will be placed on the agenda however, those wanting to speak must sign up before meeting and will be limited to 3 minutes per person.  The next regular village board meeting will be held September 26 at 6:30. 

Randy felt the new roof on the pump house looks excellent.  The rest of the board agreed. 

Motion by Joe/Lorrie to adjourn.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned. 

                                                                                                Respectfully submitted:


                                                                                                Kris Kohlhoff

                                                                                                Clerk Treasurer

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