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Village Board Meeting
Apr 25, 2011

April 25, 2011 – 6:30 PM

The regular monthly meeting of the Clyman Village Board was called to order at 6:30 pm by Village President Doug Hartman with board members Randy Roberts, Lorrie Hartman, Joe Roberts and Mike Siegel present.  Also present was Utility Superintendent Tim Dornfeld, Clerk Kris Kohlhoff, Jeff Montpas from MSA and Jeff Wagner, Wastewater Treatment Facility Advisory Board member.

The Pledge of Allegiance was said.  

Minutes – Minutes from the previous meeting had been sent out.  Motion by Lorrie/Joe to approve the minutes of the previous meeting.  Motion carried.    

Wastewater Treatment Facility - Jeff Montpas of MSA advised that the punch list is nearly complete.  Grading hasn’t taken place because of the weather.  Restoration around the lift station still needs to be done.  Demolition of the lift station and garage will be done the week of May 9.  Tim asked about substantial completion and once the test is done on the generator which has been done, substantial completion has been done.  There have been a few glitches along the way.  Jeff is dating the substantial completion date as of April 12.  The warranty now begins to run.   MSA will continue to monitor for warranty purposes.  After the 12 month period, it becomes the village’s responsibility.  The punch list completion is not required for substantial completion.  Final completion requires everything to be done from the punchlist.  Warranty starts at substantial completion.  Final completion is expected for June 2.  Tim asked about delaying of the demolition of the shop.  He has an issue – he feels that the items in the old shop will not fit into the new shop.  Jeff advised that the village will have to ask for an extension on the final completion.  Laurel Finger asked if there would be a monetary issue involved for extension of the final completion.  Tim indicated that he needs additional shelving and needs to figure out what he needs.  Jeff M. will check with RD to see if they will grant an extension of demoing the building.  The lift station can be demolished.  Chad Enright offered to have the officers help Tim move.  

The lagoon abandonment is going forward.   

Motion by Mike/Joe to accept substantial completion by CD Smith on the WWTF as of April 12, 2011.  Motion carried.  

Sewer Rehab – Jeff needs to check with RD regarding the demolition of the old building and moving forward with the sewer rehab.  Jeff is hoping to bring this before the board next month.  This would involve just televising and relining the sewer mains with the exception of Territorial Road.  Design fees are estimated to be between $56,000 - $59,000.  Jeff is hopeful that bids will go out mid-July.  Dan Finger advised that there should be a clause in the contract about getting it done on time.  Jeff expects that the lining will take approximately 3 weeks.  Final completion should be November at the latest.  

April Pay Request – The amount of the pay request is $11,361.35, $1657.65 were utility bills,and MSA in the amount of $9,703.70.  Utility bills will need to be prorated for April.  The garage power will be shut off May 16.  Motion by Lorrie/Joe to approve the pay requests.   Motion carried. 

Easements – Once the village takes substantial completion, Mr. Tracy wants the easement abandoned with the exception of access to the drainage ditch.    The abandonment of the lagoons is being taken care of by the contractor.  Motion by Mike/Lorrie to approve issuance of the easement release to Mr. Tracy.   Motion carried. 

Railroad Resolution – Nothing has been received  on this matter.  Kris will check on it.   Dan Finger reported that the DNR was called today about the silt fence so CD Smith should be advised of this.  Tim asked about the restoration of the old force main.  Tim questioned about the restoration of the property near the force main.  Jeff indicated that this was not included with the lagoon abandonment.  He will talk to CD about this.  Tim indicated that there is a valve box on the Tracy property however by recording the quit claim deed, this would preclude the Village from going on his property to do this.  We will need to check with him how he wants this handled.  

Police Report – Chief Chad Enright was at the meeting.  He had the monthly report for last month which was handed out.  Chad is looking at options for a burning ordinance.  Joe asked if this had to be witnessed by an officer.  He was advised that it does not – any credible witness can be a witness.  The witnesses just have to be aware that they may need to testify in court.  Chad asked for a key to the new plant in the event they needed to get in there.  

Citizen Comment – Laurel  Finger read a statement thanking the citizens for serving them.  Her statement also included that she felt that the procedures for how the recount was done were not fair to her.  She is returning the flower pots, keys and park reservations.  She also read a statement from her daughter, Erica, regarding the recount.  Doug addressed Laurel’s statement and backed the Village Clerk in her actions on handling the recount.  Dan Finger also indicated he did not like the way the recount was handled.  

Annette Bauer addressed the Board regarding Tim’s move.  She felt that Tim should work with someone so that he knows where things are.  

Laura Mahusky requested clarification about the pond drainage.  Jeff Montpas advised how this will be handled.  Once the ponds are down to dirt, the DNR will be brought out, the burms will be breached, grated and shaped and turned back into wetlands.  

Eric Howlett questioned what the monetary compensation was going to be for late completion.  Jeff indicated that it was up to the village to pursue liquidated damages.  Attorney Hannan has been informed that the village may be going after CD for late completion.  Jeff stressed again that unless there is physical harm to the owner, liquidated damages cannot be a penalty.  Jeff felt that this discussion needs to be raised with the attorney.  Joe asked if Hady Electric had dropped the ball on the generator and Jeff advised that Hady did drop the ball.  Laurel asked also if some other concessions can be made either monitarily or otherwise.  

Seneca – This matter was tabled to discuss with Eric further. 

Park Tree Trimming – Nick Haas from Nick’s Tree Trimming addressed the board regarding the park tree trimming.  This was discussed at last month’s meeting.  The cost would be done in a 2 year time frame.  Nick will provide proof of insurance before he does the job.  Park should be addressed first.  Tim suggested that the box elder tree in the park be addressed first.  Nick advised that he has a bucket truck.  Doug asked about coming back before the board in January to tell what needs to be done with the trees remaining.  The hauling fee is to haul away the brush.  Mike asked if the Board could table this until next month.  Nick will hold his bid until May 24.  Doug thanked him for his patience.  

Fire Department -  Joe presented the report for Chief John Haase.  Joe advised that when the 2% money comes in, they  would like to look at purchasing a wench for the tripod.  The price is $1497.97.  This is a safety related thing.  Marty questioned if the 2% money could be used for that.  Eric advised that 2% can be used for this type of purchase.  Motion by Lorrie/Randy to approve.  Motion carried.  Doug requested that he be provided with a current fire department roster with names, addresses and certification of the members.  He would also like copies of run sheets from the first of the year to the present and would like these at every meeting hereafter.  He would like these to show the call date, response time and how many responded.     

Lorrie sugested that with the high gas prices, perhaps we could limit the number of trucks that are used for drills. 

Operator’s License – An operator’s license was requested for John Siegel.  Nothing was found on CCAP regarding John.   Motion by Lorrie/Joe to approve an operator’s license for John Siegel.  Mike Siegel abstained from voting.  

Resolution #2011-010 - Designating Public Depository and Authorizing Withdrawal of Village of Clyman and Clyman Utility Commission Moneys -  Motion by Joe/Lorrie to approve Resolution No.  2011-010 as stated.  Motion carried. 

Personnel – Three applications were received in response to the posting for summer employment –

Jennifer Leu, Alex Neevel and Larry Sellnow applied.  Question was raised about using Huber prisoners.  It was explained that Huber prisoners have been used in the past but there is a transportation issue with them as well as a supervisory issue.    Interviews of the candidates will be conducted.  Motion by Lorrie/Joe to approve hiring on the recommendation of the interview panel which will include Doug, Kris and Tim.   Motion carried.  

Doug requested Tim to please shut the truck down instead of leaving to idle when he is parked. 

Board of Review Training – Kris advised that at least one person on the board needs to do Board of Review training and this can be done over the internet.  Doug and Mike indicated that they would  be interested.  Kris will set this up for them.     

Invoices – Motion by Joe/Lorrie to approve the bills and pay the invoices.  Motion carried. 

 Next Meeting Date – The next meeting date is May 23, 2011 at 6:30.  

Tim advised that he got a new roof quote for the pump house, however he is looking at obtaining other quotes.  

Motion by Joe/Mike to adjourn.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at  8:05 PM.  

                                                                                Respectfully submitted: 

                                                                                Kris Kohlhoff, Clerk/Treasurer

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