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April 10, 2011 Election Recount Minutes
Apr 10, 2011





Date of Recount:     April 10, 2011 – 9:00 AM                                         County:  Dodge


Office to be recounted:  Clyman Village President and Clyman Village Trustee


Original Result of the April 5, 2011 Election:          Village President

         Doug Hartman – 57 Votes

                                                                                         Laurel Finger – 56 Votes


                                                                                                Village Trustee

                                                                                                Michael Siegel – 55

                                                                                                Randal Roberts – 54

                                                                                                Daniel Finger - 53


Canvass Board Members:  Helen Kennedy, Beth Baehmann, Annette Bauer.  It was explained that Annette Bauer is the mother of Doug Hartman.  Upon checking with Dodge County Clerk Karen Gibson on whether Annette could still be a member of the canvassers, it was found that only spouses are considered to be a conflict on interest. 


Other personnel:  Kris Kohlhoff – Village of Clyman Clerk/Treasurer


Others Present:  Jeremy Finger, Erica Finger, Phil and Jeannette Singletary , Doug and Lorrie Hartman,  Janelle Finger , Evan and Ava Finger


Notification:  The petitions for recount for the office of Village President and Village Trustee was duly filed and accepted by Kris Kohlhoff, the Clerk/Treasurer of the Village of Clyman on Friday, April 8, 2011.  Thereafter, the candidates involved with the recount were notified by personal service of a copy of the Order for Recount, Public Notice and Petition for Recount as follows:


Doug Hartman                   April 8, 2011

Laurel Finger                      April 8, 2011

Mike Siegel                         April 8, 2011

Randal Roberts                 April 8, 2011

Daniel Finger                      April 8, 2011


NOTE:  With regard to the Public Notice for the Village Trustee Recount, there was one place noted on the form where it referred to Village President when it should have said Village Trustee.  This was corrected on the original Public Notice prior to the recount. 


The first item completed was reconciliation of the poll list.  The numbers from the poll list were read by Helen Kennedy, with Annette Bauer comparing the numbers on the other poll list.  Beth Baehmann circled the numbers to compare that all numbers were accounted for.  The poll list was reconciled and 117 voters were accounted for. 


The next item was the absentee ballot review.  There were 4 requests for absentee ballots.  After review of the absentee log and envelopes, it was found that the absentee ballots were properly received and counted.  There were no rejected or defective absentee ballots. 


Examination of the Ballot Container - Verification of the tamper evident serial number on the ballot container, No. 02603316, was verified and found to be the same on the inspector’s statement as it was on the ballot box.  No irregularities were noted. 


The ballot box was opened by Helen Kennedy at 9:18 AM by cutting the seal off.  This seal was then taped to the top of the ballot box for proper return to the Dodge County Clerk to continue the chain of custody for the ballots.  She then removed the ballots for the ballot count which was completed.    Several ballots were noted to have just have “X’s marked on them instead of completely filling in the oval.  Question was raised as to whether the machine would count those ballots so a call was placed to the Dodge County Clerk who verified that the ballots would indeed be counted by the machine.  There were no rejected, defective or objected ballots. 


The ballot numbers were reconciled and found to be correct with what was reported on the poll list.  All ballots were perused to make sure that there were initials on them.  All were found to be properly initialed.  There were no provisional ballots or late arriving military ballots. 


Kris had received the reprogrammed memory card from Dodge County Clerk Karen Gibson which would only show the recount races for Village of Clyman President and Trustee.  This memory card was in a sealed envelope and removed from the envelope by Helen Kennedy.    The voting equipment was tested and verified and found to be in proper working order.  After proper testing, the ballots were inserted into the optical scan machine by the election inspectors.  There were no defective or recreated ballots. 


During this time, it was stated to those present that no one had voted on the touch screen machine at the April 5 election, therefore, no ballots needed to be counted on that machine.   


117 ballots were inserted into the optical scan machine by the Board of Canvass members which was verified by the counter on the optical scan machine.  The results of the recount election are as follows:


 Village President:

Doug Hartman – 57

Laurel Finger – 56


Village Trustee

Mike Siegel – 55

Randal Roberts – 54

Dan Finger – 53


After the results were tallied, the memory card was removed from the machine and sealed into the envelope with seal no. 127607.  The ballot box was sealed with seal no. 0263323. 


The recount was completed at 10:45 AM. 


                                                                                                                Completed by:



                                                                                                                Kris Kohlhoff

                                                                                                                Village of Clyman Clerk/Treasurer

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