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Regular Monthly Meeting
Sep 27, 2010

Regular Monthly Meeting
September 27, 2010-6:30 PM

The meeting was called to order at 6:35 by Village President Jeff Wagner with board members Laurel Finger, Randal Roberts, Lorrie Hartman and Joe Roberts present.  Also present were Jeff Montpas from MSA, Tim Dornfeld, Utility Superintendent and Kris Kohlhoff, Clerk. 

Minutes – The minutes had been provided to the Board Members and Laurel noted a mistake under the “Fire Commission Report” whereby the minutes stated “Police” Commission, when it should have read “Fire” Commission.  With these corrections, motion was made by Laurel/Lorrie to approve the minutes as presented.  Motion carried. 

MSABuilding Update – Jeff Montpas reported that the outside of the building is done, inside studs are going in, rough electrical and rough plumbing is being done.  The sand filter is done.  The electrical panel is set on the tanks.  The lift station panel is in.  It is hoped that seeding and mulching can be done in the next week.  Work is on schedule with the exception of the screen and Jeff doesn’t know when that will be in. 

CD Smith has about 55 to 60% of their work completed.  One thing that may happen with the pay request is that Rural Development may ask the village to hold off submitting the Rural Water pay request and just doing a direct payment from Rural Development.  This would delay payments by about 3-4 days.  Village President Jeff Wagner signed the fifth pay request. 

Deobligation of Garage Funds– A letter has now been received explaining the deobligation funds in the amount of $216,000 which represents $206,000 for the garage and $10,000 for office furniture which will come out of the contingency funds.  Motion by Laurel/Randy to approve the deobligation of funds.  Motion carried.

Debarment Letter – Jeff Montpas indicated that he possibly has that documentation and will provide that to the Village. 

Garage Funding – Kris advised that she has checked with the State Bank of Reeseville about funding the garage vs. going with the State Trust Fund.  The State Bank of Reeseville is willing to offer the loan at 3.5 percent versus going with the State Trust Fund Loan, which is 4.25 percent.  This would be a 10 year amortization with a 5 year balloon payment.  In addition, by going with the State Bank of Reeseville, the Village would be able to pay off the two State Trust Fund loans currently outstanding, plus a line of credit that is outstanding.  This would result in an annual payment of $63,708 per year,  which is only a $10,000 increase over the present State Trust Fund Loan.  The State Trust Fund Loan does not allow the Village to pay off the current loans and the Village would have to take out a new loan which would increase the yearly payment by approximately $25,000 to $30,000 instead of the $10,000 increase.   Motion by Laurel/Lorrie to proceed with the State Bank of Reeseville loan.  Motion carried. 

Resolution No. 2010-007,providing for the issuance, sale and delivery of $2,317,000 taxable sewerage system mortgage revenue bonds (build America bonds-direct pay) of 2010; establishing the terms and conditions therefor; directing its execution and delivery; creating a special redemption fund therefor; and awarding the sale thereof.  This is the reason why the Village is closing early on the Rural Water interim loan which will allow the Village to qualify for the building America bonds which will allow the Village to recoup 35% of the interest paid on their loan per year which was created as part of the stimulus package.  However, in order to qualify for this, the closing has to be held before October 15.  Motion by Laurel/Randy to approve Resolution No. 2010-007 for the issuing of the bonds.   A roll call vote was taken with all board members voting aye.  Motion carried. 

Furniture–Kris had previously provided the Board with the furniture bids for the garage as well as some items for the Village Hall.  JL Business Interiors of West Bend had the lowest bid of $5,047.   Motion by Joe/Laurel to approve the bid from JL Business Interiors. Motion carried. 

Sewer System Evaluation Report - Jeff Montpas  presented the Sanitary Sewer Evaluation report that includes an evaluation of the televising of the sewer mains.  There is a lot of data that was used to support this report.  Basically the system is 50+ years old.  There is an  I&I problem.  There is scale in the pipe.  There are roots in the sewer, obstructions, manholes that leak, laterals that were offset and pipes that were offset.  There is now an updated system map.  There is also a map which is a summary of all the defects in the system.  This all relates back to what Expediters found while doing the televising.  Jeff is hoping that USDA will allow the village to use the grant monies to repair the bad sections on Territorial, First and the Seneca easement.  Most of the pipes do not have to be dug up but can be lined.  MSA put together a priority map which shows that about 90 percent of the system needs to have something done with it.  They did a manhole inventory to see what kind of shape they are in.  Jeff also presented a map which showed which laterals can be lined.  There is a section on CTH J that needs to be dug up.  It is less than 400 feet.  Jeff explained the lining process.  There are a few spot repairs but these could be spot lined. The subtotal for this work would be about $616,000.  This report is also going to Rural Development so that they can see what all needs to be done.  Jeff M. said that if using the monies is allowed, the Village should this work.  Jeff is hoping to hear by mid-October whether USDA will allow the Village to do the work.  Laurel asked about doing the lining without touching the contingency funds.  Jeff feels that it is better to do as one package.  There will be one general contractor.  Most of the contractors are local.  Jeff estimates the project would take a couple months.    It is time consuming but doesn’t involve tearing up the streets. 

Driveway Permit– Jeff M. advised that he had a conference with the officials at the Dodge County Highway Department.  Brian Field had previously indicated that the driveway was fine.  When the County inspector came out, he indicated that the Village would have to share a joint driveway.  After meeting with the county, Jeff M. stated that the Village can have their own driveway, provided the Village obtains a fire number.  The Village can still use the 5000 Forced Way, but Dodge County is requiring the fire number.  It is a geographically annexed piece of property.  Motion by Laurel/Joe to apply for a fire number for the treatment plant.  Motion carried. 

Railroad Culvert– Jeff M. stated he has talked to Tom Running of the Railroad Commission Office for an update.  Jeff got a copy of the memo issued by Tom Running to the UP Railroad officials regarding the drainage issue and track safety.  No decision has been made yet.  Bob Tracy has indicated that he has the culvert but is reluctant to put it in because of the track culvert problem.  Jeff advised him that it is his choice whether to put it in but Jeff advised him that it is his maintenance.  If he does it, he will have to submit the invoice for the work. 

Aurora Tibbetts Right of First Refusal– Aurora Tibbetts had presented the Board with a request for right of first refusal regarding the sale of the abandoned lagoons.  Kris advised that she has talked with Attorney Steve Hannan who advised that because a Right of First Refusal was refused to Bob Tracy for purchase of the lagoons, any other requests should also be refused.  Steve felt that when the village is ready to get rid of the property, it should be put out for sale/bids, whatever the board decides for getting rid of the property.  The Tibbetts were present and were advised to watch the minutes and paper as to when this might be happening which may not be for some time.    

Gerald UselmanDrainage Problem– Gerald addressed the Board requesting the possibility of having an elbow pipe for drainage issues to keep the stones and gravel from washing on his property.  Tim said there is open area on Circle View Circle which causes this problem.  Gerald indicated that he has dug a trench and still has the problem.  Tim indicated that the Village would need to put a solid pipe in the problem section to carry the rocks.  Tim will look into this further and get some bids as to what it will cost. 

Rettschlag Field Runoff– Kris advised that she has spoke with Ronnie Rettschlag concerning the problem of the water run off at the south end of Church Street and Ronnie indicated that he will talk with Jeff Kreuziger, who currently farms the land and ask him to provide a buffer zone to try to slow the water down to see if this helps with the problem. 

Police Report – Officer Peggy Kramer advised that the police computer is working and that there is a lot of railroad traffic coming into the Village.  Laurel asked if the police could have more of a presence on Halloween when the children and residents are out trick or treating.  She felt that it would be good if the officers were out walking among the people and being friendly.  Peggy felt that this could be arranged.    

Fire Department– Chief John Haase was absent but Laurel asked the officers present about her son, Jeremy, being required  buy on-line smoke detectors for his home remodeling.  With the new on-line detectors, if one goes off in the home, they all go off.  She was advised that the ones previously given out are still ok, but if a house is rewired or is a new construction, they have to be online smoke detectors.  She also questioned about what the 2% money is used for and was advised that this has to be used for fire education in the community. 

Railroad CrossingRepair– The railroad crossing by Seneca has been redone and Randy reported that it is good so a hearing is not necessary. 

Citizen Comment– Kris advised the Board that she finally did receive an apology from Fire Commission Member Dave Beal for sitting behind the counter during a meeting when it was clearly posted to refrain from going behind the desk due to the sensitive nature of materials there.  She expressed dismay at the amount of time it took to get the apology and the round about way it eventually happened. 

Dave Decono presented the board with a copy of an open records request which he previously presented to Fire Chief John Haase.  The Board felt that John should be responsible for answering this request since the information was in his possession. 

Kris advised the board that she attended the recent Firefighters Unlimited banquet which she felt was a lot of fun and a great success.  The proceeds of the event would be divided among the Clyman Fire/EMS Association, and the Juneau, Lebanon and Hustisford Fire Departments.  She encouraged the Board Members to think about attending if it was held in the future. 

The Board acknowledged receipt of a letter whereby $100 was donated to cover the cost of the Fire Department Interview Panel Lunch on August 7 after a board member expressed concern that this expense did not receive prior approval.  Lorrie Hartman advised that she did not have an issue about the lunch just that it was not brought to the Boards for approval prior to the incident. 

Kris addressed the board regarding concerns she has about things that she knows are happening which involve Village issues and expenses which she feels neither she nor the Board is being properly made aware of.  She feels that she is in a difficult position and wanted direction from the Board as to what the Board wants her to do or they want to know when these issues come up.  The Board felt that they should be advised when she feels there is a matter of concern. 

Kris stated that she has received a question from Doug Hartman about whether the Fire Department budget could be reduced by a percentage of the loss of members in a department.  Kris indicated that she has a call into Steve Hannan about this but Steve did not think it could be reduced.  In addition, the Board did not feel comfortable reducing the budget because of personnel as more personnel may come on.  He also questioned whether all equipment needed to go out for drills.  Joe Roberts indicated that the equipment taken out for drills depends on the type of drill being done. 

Correspondence– The board advised that they will only consider addressing letters that are signed by a citizen’s name or if a citizen appears in person to address their concerns. 

Personnel  - Laurel asked Tim about the chlorinator work that was listed on his time sheet.  Lorrie questioned the Fire Commission Clerk’s hourly wages plus the per diems.  She does not remember this position being approved for both the hourly wage and the per diems.  Laurel agreed and felt that it was to be more of a voluntary position.  Dave Blank also agreed that the issue was never addressed as to receiving both the per diem and the hourly wage.  The Board agreed to pay the per diems, mileage and expenses but to hold off on the hourly wage.   Lorrie questioned about Committee personnel following the “chain of command” and felt that Fire Chief John Haase should have come to the board before getting the locks at the Fire Department changed.  Dave Blank stated that John did come before the town board and they gave approval.  It was felt that these issues should be addressed at a joint meeting with the boards and fire commission. 

Trick or Treat Hours - Motion by Randy/Joe to have Trick or Treat on Sunday, October 31, 2010, from 3:00 to 5:00 PM.  Motion carried.  The Board felt that the Fire Department should be out to act as public relations. 

Fall Clean Up Day - Motion by Randy/Joe to hold Fall Clean Up Day on November 6 from 7:30 to 11:30.  Motion carried. 

Motion by Laurel/Randy to approve the bills and pay invoices. 

Jeff Wagner advised that he has been using his personal cell phone to take village business calls and as a result he has been going over by $40 to $50 per month.  He advised that for $15 per month, he has added additional minutes to his phone which he feels would be adequate.  The Board felt that paying this $15 per month was fair to Jeff.    

Next Meeting Dates – The Board tentatively scheduled a budget meeting for October 18 however, Kris wasn’t sure if she would have enough documentation to do the budget by that time.  The next regular board meeting will be October 25 at 6:30. 

Fire Truck Settlement– Kris advised that she had received a copy of an email from Attorney Griggs concerning the repair of the fire truck.  Attorney Griggs indicated that the company was willing to offer $1,000 for the repair.  Attorney Griggs felt that to take this matter to litigation would result in considerably more expenses to the Village and Town.  The Board would like Atty. Griggs can get as much as he can but would like to see the case settled. 

Tim advised that he is going on vacation from Wednesday, September 29, 2010, through the following Thursday, October 7.  Joe Roberts will be filling in for him. 

Motion by Laurel/Joe to adjourn.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM.


                                                                                                            Respectfully submitted:

                                                                                                            Kris Kohlhoff



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