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Regular Monthly Meeting
Oct 25, 2010


October 25, 2010, 6:30 PM

The meeting was called to order by Village President Jeff Wagner at 6:32 with Laurel Finger, Randal Roberts, Lorrie Hartman and Joseph Roberts present.  Also present were Utility Superintendent Tim Dornfeld, Kris Kohlhoff, Clerk/Treasurer and Jeff Montpas from MSA. 

Minutes – Minutes from the previous meeting had been provided to the Board members.  Motion by Laurel/Lorrie to accept the minutes as written.  Motion carried. 

Louise Szerbat Land Split– A request was received from Dodge County as to whether the Village had any objection to the property being split.  The reason this came to the Village is because the property lies within a certain distance of the Village.  The Board had no objections to the land split.  The County will be informed that the Board had no objection.

Police Report – Laurel questioned how long Kevin Kluck would be off on paternal leave.  Officer Peggy Kraemer advised that he had returned to work.  Kris reported that a Dodge County Officer had shot a  sickly raccoon that was roaming around the village.  Tim advised that he disposed of it. 

Fire Department  – Chief John Haase presented bills to be paid.  He also had donation checks from Randal and Cindy Roberts and John and Sherry Haase for the equipment fund.  He also had a check from Dave Decono for copies he received. John advised that on November 9,  the department will be having an auto extrication drill at the park.  Jeff asked about the current roster numbers.  John advised that there are about 25 members in the department however, not all are certified.  He advised that there are about 3 or 4 emergency medical responders besides the cross-trained people.  He estimated that there are 6 or 8 total with cross training.  Jeff asked about the records request being handled for Dave Decono.  John advised this is being taken care of.

Fire Commission Member – Jeff advised that there was a person from Racine interested but he would like to wait until the next round.  The two Village candidates are Marty Pint and Toby Anfinson.  Jeff advised that he felt doing a ballot vote would be fair.  The ballot vote revealed 3 votes for Toby and 2 for Marty.  Motion by Joe/Laurel to accept the ballot vote and present to the clerk.  Motion carried as verbally authorized. 

Citizen Comment – Doug Hartman asked if it was possible to advise an officer to sit in their driveway to run radar to deter speeders on First Street.  Laurel also advised that they can sit in their driveway also.  Officer Kraemer said that they can sit in individual driveways provided they receive permission to do so. 

Letter to Board from Ed Wolff re Fire Commission – The Board acknowledged receipt of a letter from former Village Board Member Ed Wolff expressing his concern regarding the number of meetings that the Fire Commission would need to hold for 2011.  Jeff indicated that he concurred that they did not need as many meetings.  It was felt that 4 times a year should be the most unless there is a problem.  This will be addressed at the joint meeting.  Doug Hartman asked about their budget.  Jeff indicated that money is budgeted for the meetings.  Kris advised that any office supplies and such would be considered as optional powers which are not granted to the Commission.   Lorrie and Jeff felt that 5 meetings per year would be sufficient. 

Public Works Garage – Jeff Montpas advised that everything is coming together very well.  They did a little extra paving around the building just past the driveway.  The dirt is pushed around about 90% complete.  They are hoping to get it seeded this year.  The lift station is fairly complete.  The new driveway for the lift station will come off of Collins Street.  It won’t be paved until next year.  Substantial completion is set for the end of November.  The screen hopefully will be here the middle of Nov.  Preliminary startup might be the first part of December.  They are looking at a change on the screen to make cleaning easier for the operator.  Paving may be an additional change order.  Jeff estimates that there will be one more change order for probably a few thousand dollars.  Question of occupancy was raised.  There is not electricity in the building yet.  Furniture is ordered. 

Jeff Montpas advised that Bob Tracy has cleaned the railroad  culvert on his end and the existing ditch on the east side of his property.  The project is moving along well.  Jeff will check with CD Smith on what needs to be finished.  The chain link fence will soon be installed.  Change order #3 is for a motorized gate instead of the manual gate.  The price from CD Smith would be $7200 for the gate, controls, wiring, vehicle controls and the boxes out on the fence.  The electrical was $1500 alone.  Eric Howlett of Midwest Electric who was in the audience felt that was high and suggested another quote be obtained.  The gate and the labor for the gate was $5350.  Jeff Montpas didn’t know if another contractor could be brought in on site.  The total for the gate is $8,000 because there needs to be another man gate in the case of power failure.  The Board suggested that Jeff Montpas ask for a break down on the cost.  Lorrie suggested that we get more information before approval.  Jeff M. will get more info for the board and bring back to the board. 

Jeff Montpas presented a pay request for CD Smith for $218,986.14.  Motion by Laurel/Joe to approve.  Motion carried.    

Jeff Montpas advised that $277,341.54 is the Rural Development pay request.  The next checks will be issued through Rural Water and that we will now be into the grant money.  Jeff M. is still working with Rural Development regarding the sewer rehab project.  He advised that the feds are leary about approving funds over and above the initial proposal.  We already have $235,000 available for sewer rehab.  Jeff M. feels they will give us something, he just doesn’t know how much. 

Jeff M. also advised that Clyman is moving up the ladder on the clean water funding through the DNR.  There is a potential that we could get grant funding from the DNR to do the sewer work.    The cost to do the application would be $5,000 and needs to be done by November 15.  Jeff would like to bid it as a total project street by street so that if funds are not there, we can pull out what we can’t afford.  Laurel felt that it should be bid out as a total project for the best price.  The board felt that we should pass on the DNR clean water fund application. 

Kris advised that Stan Jones has indicated that he has someone interested in the old garage.  Discussion held on the possibility of the environmental  impact.  Depending upon what the property is zoned, there could be issues with what would go in there.    The tear down cost is $14,000.  The board felt that the impact on the village liability would be too great.  Citizens in attendance concurred that it would be best not to sell it and just tear it down. 

Kris advised that the Village has to decide on a person to file Form 8038-B so that the Village can receive a portion of the interest paid on the loan.  Three names were given for the board to pick from.  The cheapest person would be David Drown of David Drown Associates, Inc., 5029 Upton Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN, who indicated he would charge $100 per filing twice a year.   Motion by Randy/Laurel to accept David Drown Associates to prepare the Form 8038-B.  Motion carried. 

Seneca Water Main – Tim advised there is a broken water main underneath Seneca’s floor.  Eric Martin was here to represent Seneca.  There are a couple different options available to fix this.  There is an 8 inch line going through there with a 6 inch line going for fire protection.  Eric wants to make sure that if the well goes down that there would be enough water going through the 8 inch line.  The biggest concern is making sure they have fire flow.  This doesn’t require digging a big amount of pavement.  In the past the village has always taken care of the water mains.  Eric felt that this needed to be clarified at some point.  Joe questioned about who would be covering this repair cost.  Seneca still wants fire protection.  Tim estimates that it may cost about $5,000.  Eric advised that Seneca will get it repaired and will then come back at which time the Village and Seneca can haggle over it. 

Tim thanked Eric and Seneca for all their help and patience with the problem. 

Correspondence – Charlie Kingman wanted the Board to be aware of the truck traffic he felt was a problem on Morgan Street as well as speeders on Morgan Street near the park when children were present.  Kris and Lorrie felt that there was not a lot of traffic on Morgan street.  Tim will check on the speed limit sign. 

Joe asked is something could be done about the trees at the corner of Morgan and First Street.  Kris will send a letter to the residents to trim their trees.  Laurel also asked if one could be sent to the residents near the railroad on First Street whose trees need trimming. 

The Lions had requested if the Park Hall could be kept open until after December 4 as they would like to hold a fund raiser for Charlotte Elske.  The Board had no objection to this.    

Invoices – Kris presented the outstanding bills for payment.  This was not the usual report presented because of her computer being down.  Jeff indicated that he did not see anything unusual with the checks that he has signed.  Kris advised that the insurance company has paid the claim for the pump No. 2 in the amount of $5,166.  Total cost of the damage was approx. $6300.  Motion by Laurel/Joe to approve.  Motion carried. 

Next Meeting Dates – A joint meeting  with the Fire Department and Fire Commission has been scheduled for November 1 at 6:30.  The budget meeting will be held November 8 at 6:30 and the next regular board meeting will be held November 29 at 6:30. 

Tim thanked Joe Roberts and Isaac Dornfeld for helping out while Tim was on vacation.  Tim reported that the bolts had rusted out on the pump no. 2 as well as additional bolts in the line.  He advised that there will be another charge for the replacement of these bolts which could be quite substantial. 

Motion by Laurel/Joe to adjourn.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned. 

                                                                                                            Respectfully submitted:


                                                                                                           Kris Kohlhoff

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