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Regular Monthly Meeting
Nov 29, 2010

November 29, 2010

The regular monthly board meeting was called to order by Village President Jeff Wagner with Board Members Laurel Finger, Randy Roberts, Lorrie Hartman and Joseph Roberts present.  Also present were Tim Dornfeld and Jeff Montpas of MSA. 

Budget Approval - Kris explained the tax bill budget scenario she put with their packets.  The debt service payment is increasing the tax levy for the village.  The Board would have the option of using the full debt service of $63,708 or decreasing the debt service to $50,000, taking the difference from different line items,  and then next year increase it to the full $63,708.  Given the scenarios presented, the board felt that they should go with the $50,000 tax levy and pull the monies from line item contingencies so that it balances out.  President Wagner asked for a motion for the tax levy.  Laurel questioned why the budget resolution included both the tax levy and the salary increases.  Jeff Wagner indicated that this was done at his recommendation to save paper.    When asked, Laurel indicated that she had an issue with the wages and the 2% increase.  Kris questioned what she felt needed to be done for the employees to receive a raise since Laurel didn’t feel that the employees should have received a raise the previous year.  Kris indicated that the employees do not receive job reviews and what did Laurel feel we could do to warrant a raise in her eyes.  Laurel indicated that she felt the employees did do a good job but with the economy the way it is did not feel that she could vote in favor of it.  Doug Hartman pointed out that he had to take a 10% cut and did not feel that the employees were doing a bad job but given the economy did not feel the raises were warranted.  Jeff Wagner pointed out that he felt the governmental agencies were using a 2% guideline for increases.  The total amount of the raises amounted to $1,771.16.  The Board had discussion on whether to create two resolutions, one with the tax levy and one with the wages, however, after taking a vote from the Board, Lorrie Hartman, Randal Roberts, Joe Roberts and Jeff Wagner were in favor of having one resolution and Laurel Finger voted against having one resolution.  Resolution No. 2010-007, 2011 Local Tax Levy and Salary Schedule recommending a local tax levy of $199,929 resulting in a tax rate of .009369183 was presented for approval along with the 2011 salary schedule included in the resolution.  Motion by Lorrie/Randy to approve Resolution No. 2010-007.  A Roll Call vote was taken  – Lorrie, yes, Laurel, No, Randy, yes, Joe, yes, Jeff – yes.  Motion carried. 

Approval of Minutes – The minutes from October 25 and the Joint Fire Department budget meeting held on November 1 were given to the Board in their packets.  Motion by Laurel/Joe to accept the minutes as written.  Motion carried. 

Wastewater Treatment Facility Project - Jeff Montpas indicated that the new plant would not be going on line on November 30.   Discussion held on the work that needs to be done on a weekend.  Tim figured that this would save about 5 hours of overtime per week, however, Laurel pointed out that Tim would still have to come in on the weekend and this would have to be worked out.  Jeff Montpas pointed out that Tim may not even need to check on a weekend basis because of all the alarms that are in place.   

Jeff Montpas reported that the HVAC equipment is installed and operational.  The screen is in but has not been started up.  The samplers are in and some training has been done with that.  There is a question about the influent flow meter.  It was shipped with a cord loose but the proper fittings to connect the cord were not supplied.  Some trainings are scheduled in the near future.  It will still be about 2 weeks before Tim will be able to begin moving in.  Tim will have several manuals to train with.  Jeff Montpas  indicated that it will take a good amount of time for Tim to learn the procedures and settle into a mode for checking the system.  MSA will be there to make sure that Tim understands this system.   Once this is up and operating, it will pretty much run itself.  Everything is alarmed with the new system.  By the next meeting, it should be up and going. 

Sale of Old Garage – Jeff M. thought that new statutes provide that whoever finds the contaminated soils, it is their responsibility and they cannot come back on the previous owners.  Kris stated that she has spoken with Steven Hannan and sent an email to Paul Kent about the environmental issues and is waiting to hear back from Paul Kent. 

Power Gate – Jeff M.  did receive some further information back.  He reported that the cost is so high because of the need of the stainless steel box that can withstand the elements.  Lorrie pointed out that the price of the gates does not match the last proposals.  Jeff M. explained how the costs were arrived at.  Jeff M. stated that everyone he has talked to advises the cost is $7,000.  It was recommended that Tim keep the gates locked when he is not out there for safety purposes.  It was felt that the village should go with the gear driven vs. the belt driven because of the elements.  Motion by Laurel/Randy that the Village go with the power gate at the WWTF and that we go with the gear driven from Century Fence.  Motion carried. 

Jeff M. indicated that there will be some additional change orders.  He reported that he noticed some issues when he was out there that should be changed.  This was a design defect.  One more crane cable needs to be changed.  Three out of the six biotube filters need to have additional holes drilled in them.  There will be a phone jack put in the garage.  There also needs to be an additional data port run in the office.  There is no welder outlet in the garage.  There will also need to be an air compressor outlet installed.  Jeff figures this will cost an additional $30,000, which will come out of the grant funds.

Jeff M. indicated that we have received verbal authorization from USDA to do the sewer rehab work.  The estimate is about $620,000 for the project.  He is working up a street by street estimate.  Rural Water wants to make sure that there is enough money to do the work.  Jeff indicated that we will be able to recoup monies from previous work that has been done by MSA which amounts to approximately $100,000 to $130,000.  Jeff would like to get the sewer rehab work started next Spring.  Kris has checked with Paul Kent to see if the DOJ/DNR will agree that this will meet with their approval but has not heard back from him.  Jeff hopes to hear from Rural Development by the December board meeting.  He expects this to be minimal disruption to the streets. 

Pay Requests – The total pay request of $375,693.96.  Kris asked about the $206,000 for the garage funds that the village needs to cover.  Jeff will check with Rhoda on this.  There is a one year warranty from the date of substantial completion for any general work that has been done. 

Randy indicated that Bob White had asked about purchasing the old building.  The Board will table this to next meeting pending an answer from the attorneys. 

Village Audit – Motion by Laurel/Joe to accept the proposal letter from Baker-Tilly which is a required and mandated audit by USDA for both the village and utility.  Motion carried. 

Police Report – Officer Don Davidson was present for the meeting to answer any questions the board may have.  Discussion held on the police parking their private vehicles in the garage when they are working.  It was felt that then people would be unaware of the officers working and allow them to catch some of troublesome drivers. 

Fire Department – Kris acknowledged that Aurora Tibbitts had sent a check for $100 for the equipment fund for the FD.

Citizen Comment – Joe mentioned that there were some issues with the Dumpster Day items that were brought which should be addressed for future collections.  It was felt that they should no longer take tires.  The people can do this on their own.  There were 21 brought in this year.  It was felt that the people can be advised where they can take them to be disposed of.  It was also felt that we should not take TV’s or anything with Freon in it.  We will also come up with a list of where people can take them for disposal and include a list with the spring letter. 

Correspondence – Kris advised that she has received notice from Charter that they will be imposing a $4.99 fee for the TV’s that the Village has which Charter previously provided for free. 

Invoices – Motion by Laurel/Lorrie to accept the invoices and pay the bills.  Motion carried. 

Park Tree Trimming – Tim has someone that will come in to give us an estimate on the trimming.  Tim will look into this a little more. 

Next meeting dates – The next regular monthly meeting will be Monday December 20, and the Caucus meeting will be January 24 at 6:15 PM. 

Jeff Wagner advised that he will be moving out of the area but is unsure of the date.  He indicated that he will at least be around until the January meeting.  His job requires that he be closer to work so that he can be used in an emergency event.  The board felt that Jeff should stay on the Wastewater Advisory Board to complete the project.  This will be put on the next agenda. 

Motion by Joe/Lorrie to adjourn.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned. 

                                                                                                                              Respectfully submitted,


                                                                                                                              Kris Kohlhoff





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