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Joint Meeting with Town of Clyman
Nov 01, 2010

November 1, 2010 – 6:30 PM

The meeting was called to order at 6:32 PM by Village President Jeff Wagner with Laurel Finger, Randy Roberts, Lorrie Hartman and Joe Roberts present along with Town Chairman Dave Blank and Supervisors Nancy Schlender and  Chuck Burkholz attending. 

Others in attendance were Town Clerk Chris Spilker, Town Treasurer Sandy Thoma, John Haase, Dave Beal, Ron Woock, Marty Pint, Dawn Pint, Caroline Bailey, Mike Seigel, Eric Howlett, Toby Anfinson, Doug Hartman, Dave Decono, Brad Bailey, Mike Thoma, and Gene Grulke. 

2011 Joint Fire Department and Emergency Medical Responder Budget – John presented the 2011 budget request.  He indicated that salaries are the same except for the EMR Leader.  He felt that this wage could possibly be cut back some.  He indicated that the Fire Lieutenant  is helping with EMR drills and Fire Captain is helping with Fire Department drills and that the duties are being split up more. 

The Fire Commission expects to hold 4-5 meeting per year unless something happenes  There was discussion about hiring a clerk/treasurer to do the clerk responsibilities of the fire commission.  Kris advised that she would recommend that the Fire Department take back and be responsible for all their financial records.  They could establish their own checking account, obtain their own credit card, etc., and be responsible for all their financials.  They could present their bills to the boards properly divided and the municipalities would issue a check for the percentage owed.  The Fire Department would then be responsible for paying the bill.  Fire commission member Dave Beal agreed that he felt this would be a good idea. 

John indicated that they would pay someone $10 per hour to do the Fire commission Clerk duties and the Fire Department financials.  This person would not need to attend the Fire Commission meetings unless specifically requested to. 

John advised that the siren upgrade money has been budgeted required for the new frequency.  The 2010 amount is $2,000 and the 2011 amount is $2000. 

The total amount of the Fire Department and Emergency Medical Responder budget is $66,200.  This is $9800 over the previous combined budgets but includes grant monies and previously non-budgeted items. 

Chuck Burkholz questioned how the grant monies work.  John asked that the budgeted grant monies be put in a CD until used and if they would not be used, then these monies would roll over into the next year.  Once the monies would be needed, they would be replaced the following year.  Dave Decono brought up that the application for the $5000 grant monies for the AFG grant is closed for this year and could not be applied for until 2012.  John would still like to have the monies in their account in the event they would be needed.  The soonest the grant monies would be spent would be 2012. 

The Village share of the budget would be $18,345, and the Town share would be $47,855.  Dave Blank, Randy Roberts and Joe Roberts abstained from voting on the the wages because they are Fire Department personnel.   Lorrie questioned the EMR Leader salary as she did not feel that position should be making more than the Fire Captain and Lieutenant. Lorrie also questioned about the current available turn out gear.  John indicated that there are 7 sets of turn out gear equipment and it has always been his intent to get 2 new ones per year.  He indicated that they may have a few that are not compliant with the new laws.  


Motion by Laurel/Nancy to approve the Fire Department/Emergency Medical Responder budget in the amount of $56,750 less wages.  Nancy, Chuck, Laurel and Jeff voted to approve, Lorrie opposed.  Motion carried.  Motion by Nancy/Laurel to approve the Fire Department/EMR wages in the amount of $9,450.    Nancy, Chuck, Laurel and Jeff voted to approve, Lorrie opposed.  Motion carried. 

Chief’s Spending Cap – It was pointed out that the Village has a spending cap of $1500 for its Department Heads.  John is considered a department head and should be required to comply with that cap.  Motion by Dave/Laurel to approve setting the fire chief spending cap at $1500.  Motion carried. 

Pumper Repair  - John explained that he felt that the 20 year warranty was up in June of last year.  In May, 2009, a piece of the pump failed.  The pump had been rebuilt a year prior.  The boards decided to go after the tank company trying to get monies to resolve the $8000 bill.  The last settlement offer from the tank company is $1,000.  The Fire Department would like $5,000 but Dave requested the attorney  try to get $2,000 because of worry about the cost of the legal fees eating up the settlement.  Chris Spilker indicated that the attorney fees are well over $500.  John didn’t think a $1,000 credit would be useful to the department.   John did not expect anything to be purchased in the next 5 years.  It was felt that cash would be better.  Chuck asked about a National Fire Association to help with this issue.  John did not know of anything like that.  Motion by Dave/Joe to approve accepting a $1,000 cash settlement.  Motion carried.

Motion by Dave/Laurel to adjourn.  Meeting adjourned 7:32 PM. 


                                                                                                            Respectfully submitted:


                                                                                                            Kris Kohlhoff










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