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Regular Monthly Meeting & Joint Meeting
May 17, 2010



May 17, 2010

The regular monthly meeting of the Clyman Village Board was called to order at 6:35 PM, by Village President Jeff Wagner with Laurel Finger, Randy Roberts, Ed Wolff, III and Lorrie Hartman present. Also present was Utility Superintendent Tim Dornfeld and Clerk Kris Kohlhoff.

Minutes - The minutes of the previous meeting had been provided to board members. Motion by Laurel/Lorrie to approve. Motion carried.

Wastewater Treatment Facility Update - Jeff Montpas of MSA gave an update on the project.

Pay Requests - Jeff has received a pay request from CD Smith in the amount of $160,010.27. Rural Development still has authority on final pay requests. These requests will be an ongoing monthly item during the building project. Motion by Laurel/Lorrie to approve the pay requests on a monthly basis as they come in pending review of the Board. Motion carried.

Pay Requests for Rural Water - Jeff has submitted a pay request to Rural Development in the amount of $624,300, which includes the pay request from CD Smith for $160,010.27 as well as all bills to date. These requests will be processed on Mondays and the monies will be wired to the account on Wednesday. Motion by Laurel/Ed to accept the monthly payout request to submit to the Regions Bank for payment. Motion carried.

Construction Schedule - Jeff presented a revised construction schedule. He advised that some walls have been poured.

Rural Development - Garage Funding - Jeff M. advised that he sent a letter to Angie Hanz of RD last week and received a call that RD does not want to fund 90% of the building. Jeff is still working on this. He indicated that Tim needs all the space that is out there to operate the system. We need to prove that this is housing all the equipment of the building as well as the DPW garage. The money is there, already bid, hopefully we will be able to use it.

Sewer Laterals - Jeff M. has received a book and CD on the televising work that has been done to date. He advised that a few problems were encountered. First Street and under Seneca were not done because of calcification in the lines. Jeff indicated that this was not a major concern. They will grind the calcification off. He would like the board to consider retelevising all the sewer mains. They won't be able to do anything in Seneca unless the Village authorizes to clean the line. Laterals are a separate issue. Retelevising all the sewer mains would cost $41,000 and can be paid out of the contingency funding. If the mains are calcified, they will not be able to put the cameras in. There will be an issue of correcting sewer laterals that are on private property through the money that is being loaned or granted from USDA because of mixing public funds on private property. Most of the problems will be at the connection or at the house. This is a tool that the village and engineers can use. If these problems can be cleaned up the longer the plant will last. Expediters will do whatever we request. If we televise now, it can be GPS'd for easier repair. Funding is there but ties into the contingency side of the funds. This would be step one in the sewer rehab work. Jeff M. didn't feel that what has to be done is that bad. The majority is scale and roots. Property owners are liable for everything from the house to the main but the Village has to be able to show where the problem is. This would aid the village with the DNR and gives the village a better understanding of the mains. This would be a starting point. Jeff also advised that MSA is doing a manhole assessment by popping each manhole cover to assess them. If the brick is not falling apart they can go in, spray it down and clean it. Motion by Laurel/Randy that the Village continue with the manholes and televising so that everything is current. Motion carried.

Once done, MSA will put together a report as to what has been done, what will be done, what needs be done, and how much it will cost.

Jeff M. also advised that Expediters did not have a place to dump so they had to haul it to Johnson Creek for a cost of $750. We will check with United and see if we can use them.

Bircham Wireless Broadband Utility - Dan Herr addressed the board regarding water tower space rental for broad band in exchange for offering free internet for 3 entities. He still has to see if this would work. Going on lower bands is much more difficult than on the top. He advised he will have to put six boards up, and can do this by using high powered magnets on the top of the tower which he feels is pretty open. He felt that this would work with Verizon and not interfere with Verizon's equipment. He advised that broadband with his company would cost the customer about $40 per month for service. He would like permission to check into this further. The Board gave their approval to continue to pursue this and bring back to the Board.

Class Reunion Parking Request - Kris advised that a class from Watertown High School is holding their reunion at the home of Stan and Sherry Jones and a request has been made if attendees could be allowed to park in the green space across the street from the Jones property The Board did not have a problem with this provided the weather did not allow for muddy conditions.

Baker Tilly Audit - The Board received a copy of the audit report from Baker Tilly. Jeff Wagner also indicated that he had a conversation with the auditor from Baker Tilly. The audit report was discussed as well as what could be done to comply with suggestions made by the auditor. Ed asked if the summer help could possibly review the numbers entered by the clerk to make sure that they are entered correctly. Kris estimated that this would take approximately 1-2 hours a month and will look into this suggestion further. Also she advised that she is working on putting together a “red flag” policy and also indicated that the utility has purchased a $14,000 CD as recommended for the bond redemption account. Kris will also continue to look into additional training.

Park Tree Stumps - Randy indicated that he obtained a quote of $315 for taking the park stumps out but the village would have to remove the chips and fill in the space with top soil. This amounts to $2 per inch. Tim indicated that he can get rid of the chips and do the top soil. Laurel inquired about taking down other trees in the park. These will be looked into. Motion by Laurel/Ed to approve having the stumps removed at a cost of $315. Motion carried.

Police Report - Chief Enright had prepared the report for the board. The Board had no questions.

Citizen Comment - Laurel indicated that the Thompson property on First Street has thistles and burdocks growing on it which is in noncompliance with the noxious week ordinance of the Village. Mention was also made about the length of the grass on the Shea and JW Investments Properties on Territorial Road. Kris will send letter citing compliance with the ordinances.

Doug Hartman asked if the money is not funded for the DPW garage, would the Village be able to fund the garage. Jeff Wagner indicated that MSA is trying to let us use the available funding. Question was also raised if doing the lateral televising was included in the contingencies.

Personnel - Laurel questioned why Tim had overtime with Pump #2. Tim advised that there was a problem with the pump.

Tim advised that the 8 inch water meter has been installed at Seneca. Storm sewer projects are starting soon and the water tower painting will begin in the next 5-7 days.

Invoices - Motion by Laurel/Randy to accept the invoices and pay the bills. Motion carried.

Next Meeting Dates - Board of Review is scheduled for June 2 at 6:00. The next regular meeting dates will be June 21 and August 2 due to vacation schedules of board members.

Fire Association - Tim asked Association President Eric Howlett if the Village could dump dirt and rock at their site. He was advised that it was felt DNR would not allow that. The site had to be strictly used for drills.

First Responders - Coordinator Marty Pint had nothing to report.

This concluded the Village portion of the meeting.


Village President Jeff Wagner called the joint meeting of the Clyman Village Board and Clyman Town Board to order with all members of both boards present. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss fire department and first responder issues.

Fire Association Resolution - A resolution on behalf of the Fire Association was presented to the Boards for the purpose of the Fire Association retaining ownership of the drill site, Parcel No. 012-1015-2723-001, with the understanding that the property would remain under the Village tax number and would be used for fire department purposes only. However, in the event a need would arise or there is a desire to sell or pursue the land for other than fire department purposes, said sale could not be accomplished without a majority approval of each of the Clyman Village Board, Clyman Town Board and Clyman Fire/EMS Association. If any proceeds are received as a result of a sale, the Clyman Fire/EMS Association, as the owner of the parcel, would receive said funds after all payment of bills is made.

On behalf of the Village of Clyman, a motion was made by Lorrie/Laurel to accept the Clyman Fire/EMS Association resolution as presented. A roll call vote taken was taken as follows: Lorrie - Yes, Laurel - Yes, Randy - Yes, Ed - Yes, Jeff - Yes.

On behalf of the Town of Clyman, a motion was made by Nancy/Dave that the Clyman Town Board accept the Clyman Fire/EMS Association resolution as presented. A roll call vote was taken as follows: Nancy - Yes, Chuck - Yes, Dave - Yes.

Fire Department Financials - Discussion held regarding the Town and Village grant funding portion as the 5% match will amount to a total of approximately $6,000 to e split between the municipalities. Question was raised as to when this money will be needed. John indicated that he did not expect it to be needed for at least a few months yet. With regard to the pumper repair bill, the Boards were advised that Attorney Griggs is hoping to get $5000 as settlement from the pumper company. At the present time, the monies for the pumper repair can come out of the Fire Department savings account which currently has $10,000+. Kris advised that she was able to get Rennerts to waive the interest due on the pumper repair bill, making the total due $8526.85. Once a settlement is reached with the pumper company, the amount received will be put back into the Fire Department Savings account. Motion by Dave Blank to pay the Rennert bill out of the FD savings account. Seconded by Ed Wolff. Motion carried unanimously by both boards. The overage of the FD budget was also discussed and the need to have someone keep track of their financials so that they know where their budget stands.

First Responder Daytime Personnel Recruitment - Coordinator Marty Pint had previously advised that the first responders have extremely limited personnel during the day and would like to possibly recruit employees of Seneca to help out during the day. This would cover the period from approximately 6:30 AM to 4:00 PM. It was indicated that Plant Manager Eric Martin would agree to allow employees to be involved in this. The training cost would be $342 per person, which would cover $140 per book plus instructor fees. Question was raised as to a cap of employees needed. Marty suggested 4-5. Suggestion was made that training time and mileage be donated. Question rose as to training people who reside out of the area. What is being proposed would only allow people who work at Seneca to be trained from outside the area. Marty indicated that the FR have always been short-handed during the day. Suggestion made that maybe Seneca would consider a stipend for this expenditure for these people as it would be a benefit for Seneca. Laurel Finger indicated that she would not have a problem paying for the class but would not want to pay for time and mileage involved. Marty indicated that he will set up a time to talk to Eric Martin about this however it was suggested that this should be presented in a more formal manner with both the Fire Chief and FR Coordinator involved with the presentation of this to Seneca.

Billing for Oxygen - FR Coordinator Marty Pint indicated that he has checked with Lifequest on whether oxygen usage can be billed. He was advised that they cannot do this however the First Responders can raise their equipment rates to cover this cost. Suggestion was made to consider this at budget time. However it was felt that this should be discussed within the Fire Department and First Responders and brought back to the boards.

Fire Association Meetings - The Fire Association would like to hold their meetings back at the Fire Station because they feel it would be more convenient. Chief John Haase suggested that meetings could be held downstairs at the town hall as the upstairs is his office and that he has items to do prior to the meetings. Association President Eric Howlett indicated that fire association representatives became upset when Dave Blank stated that they could not meet at the Town Hall. Doug Hartman indicated that he would like the meetings to continue to be held at the Village Hall. Dave Blank indicated that the Association could use the town hall. Chief Haase does not want them meeting upstairs at the Fire Dept.

Motion by Laurel/Randy to adjourn. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:47.

Respectfully submitted:

Kris Kohlhoff

Clerk Treasurer

Village of Clyman

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