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Regular Monthly Meeting
Mar 22, 2010

March 22, 2010 @ 6:30 PM

The regular monthly board meeting of the Clyman Village Board was called to order at 6:35 PM by Village President Jeff Wagner with Laurel Finger, Randal Roberts, Ed Wolff, III and Lorrie Hartman present.

Minutes– The minutes from the previous meeting had been provided with the Board packets.  Motion by Laurel/Randy to approve the minutes as presented.  Motion carried. 

Fire Department – Fire ChiefJohn Haase presented bills for payment.   Kris advised the Board that the Fire Department and First Responders had each received $650 from Seneca.  She advised that she will be sending a thank you to Seneca for these donations.  Discussion held regarding grant applications and the fact that these monies need to be put in the budget yearly and run just with that budget cycle.  Monies are not carried over from year to year if the grant monies are not received unless set up in a specific account such as a CD or savings account.    

John questioned if the Fire Commission was to handle Fire Department problems.  He was advised that the Fire Commission is to handle FD problems but Jeff indicated that he did allow people to speak regarding the FD at the last meeting however he did tell them that the forum for FD problems would be the Fire commission. 

Fire Association– Lorrie asked if the Association could make copies on the village copier when they hold meetings at the Village Hall. The Association would pay for any copies made.   The Board had no problem with this.   Lorrie will put a note on Kris’ desk as to how many copies are made and when there is a billable amount, Kris will provide the Association with a bill.   

First Responder– Coordinator Marty Pint had nothing to report.

Police Report - Chief Chad Enright presented the board with his monthly report.  He inquired as to whether replacement funds are being put aside for a replacement vehicle and was advised that they are being put aside in CD’s.  Randy advised Chad that his mother-in-law who lives on Church Street, had found a duffle bag with booze in it near her residence and that he dumped the booze out. 

Utility – Water Main at Seneca.  Utility Superintendent Tim Dornfeld advised that instead of repairing the water main at Seneca, he would rather replace the 6” meter inside the plant.  The cost for the meter would be approximately $2,100 and the installation fee would be about $1500.  Tim advised that he had called Jeff about doing this since it went over the limit for purchasing and he felt that time was of the essence so that this meter could be up and running before Seneca got into their busy season.  Tim explained that this would be a mag meter that would electronically sensor the water going through it.  Seneca has agreed to help out with the installation of this meter.  Tim indicated that the current meter had an estimated yearly maintenance on $300.  Motion by Laurel/Ed to approve the purchase of the Badger mag meter for Seneca.  Motion carried. 

Kris advised the Board about a Seneca billing error which resulted in a large credit to Seneca involving one of their bigger meters. 

Wastewater Treatment Facility Loan Resolution - Jeff Wagner went through the Loan Resolution needed to close on the WWTF loan proceeds.  Motion by Randy/Laurel to accept and approve the Loan Resolution as presented.  A roll call vote was taken of the Board with the full board voting in favor unanimously.   

Phase 1 of the Project– Jeff Montpas advised that because the village had originally allocated money in the project for sewer rehab, it could continue to move forward with the sewer rehab program.  Jeff indicated that there may be remaining sewer that has not been cleaned and televised so the village would need to get a bid on doing this work.  From this report they could look at an overview of the village sewers and advise where work needs to be done, whether it needs spot repair or full repair or doing a full lining project.  MSA would prepare a report and advise of possible ways to rehab, prepare a time schedule and a time table to implement.  Phase 1 would involve which sewer contracts the board wants to implement.  Phase 2 will be dependent on what the Board does regarding Phase 1.  Jeff Montpas presented an amendment to the contract that would include Phase 1.  The monies for this were already set aside in the contingency aspect of the fees and would involve a budget line item per street.   MSA would also put together a map that shows where the service needs to be done.  Jeff would like a recommendation from the board to sign the change order for an additional $15,827 for this sewer work.  These monies will be coming out of the USDA funds.  Motion by Laurel/Ed to approve the change order for $15,827. Motion carried.  Randy asked if the contingency fund would cover the cost of these repairs to which Jeff M. indicated that he felt that it would. 

Lorrie inquired if Jeff Montpas had talked with CD Smith about using United Liquid Waste to clean out the old lagoons.  Jeff indicated that he received a call from a United Liquid Waste representative and advised them that they should call CD Smith directly.

Jeff Montpas advised that he has scheduled a preconstruction meeting for April 1 at 10:00 at the Village Hall.  He anticipates it to last approximately 2 hours. 

Kris advised that the Groundbreaking Ceremony will be held on April 23 at 11:00.  A reception will be hosted at the Village Hall afterwards.  Jeff Montpas indicated that his company will provide shovels and hardhats. 

Jeff Montpas also advised that Rhoda Fleming of USDA is still working on the financing for the garage.  The papers for the annexation of the land have been forwarded to the State and the County.  Kris will check into whether an address can now be assigned. 

Sewer Ordinance– Kris, Jeff Montpas and Steve Hannan will talk about this and bring back to the board. 

Sewer Rate Charge– Jeff Montpas advised that in an effort to reduce billings the Village could adopt a fixed sewer rate of $31/month and a volume rate of $11/1000 gallons usage per month.  Laurel asked if this would cause a drop in volume usage and result in a problem with the chemical dilution.   Jeff advised the Village will see a drop in usage initially but it will not affect the chemical dilution.  Jeff Montpas also advised that another way to reduce the utility bills would be to place an amount toward general obligation on the property taxes.  If this Village wants to consider this, they will have to involve the accountants for the Village. 

Jeff also advised that he has heard that there is a new bond program coming out whereby the Village would have the ability to save 20 to 30 percent interest on the loan by purchasing certain US bonds. 

Pursuant to Section Wis. Stats. Sec. 19.85(e), a motion was made by Laurel/Randy to go into closed session to continue discussing ongoing negotiations with Robert Tracy regarding an easement for his property.  Aroll call vote was taken and all Board Members voted aye.  Motion carried.  The Board convened into closed session. 

Motion by Laurel/Lorrie to come out of closed session.  A roll call vote was taken with all members voting aye.  Motion carried.  The meeting reconvened into open session.    

Motion by Randy/Ed to advise Attorney Steve Hannan to extend a final offer to Mr. Tracy based on the closed session discussion.    Motion carried.

Wisconsin Flag from Josh Engel - Kris advised that Josh Engel presented the Village with a Wisconsin Flag that had flown over his company in Iraq.  Suggestion was made that the Village purchase 2 flag stands – one to hold a US flag and the other the Wisconsin Flag from Josh. 

Swimming Lessons - The Board was advised that the village and town will again be sponsoring swimming lessons in late July and early August. 

Dumpster Day - The Village has scheduled spring dumpster day for May 1 from 7:30 to 11:30 AM.  Kris will check with the Town to see if they wish to go in with the Village again.   The truck will again be parked by the Village Garage and brush may be brought to the vacant area across from the Village Hall. 

Motion by Laure/Ed to accept the invoices and pay bills.  Motion carried.

Next meeting date– The next meeting will be April 26 at 6:30 PM.

Motion by Laurel/Lorrie to adjourn.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned. 


                                                                                                            Respectfully submitted:


                                                                                                            Kris Kohlhoff

                                                                                                            Village Clerk

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