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Regular Monthly Meeting
Mar 01, 2010

MARCH 1, 2010 – 6:30 PM

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM by Village President Jeff Wagner with all board members present. 

Minutes of Previous Meeting– Motion by Laurel/Lorrie to accept the minutes of the previous meeting.  Motion carried. 

Wastewater Treatment Facility and DPW Garage:

Project Bids– Jeff Montpas advised that the bids came in February 17.  He advised that eight generals bid the project.  The low bid was from CD Smith of Fond du Lac.  Their bid came in at 2.4M (20% under projected budget).  Jeff M. advised that there is roughly $700,000 of grant funding that isn’t accounted for; however, he felt there should be $200,000 left as a contingency.  The village board needs to make a decision as to whether they are comfortable awarding the bid to CD Smith.  MSA feels CD is very capable of doing the project.  There would be 6 subs under them.  Jeff M. advised that CD Smith will be using their own sub to clean out the lagoons.  He indicated that the bidding process allows for the project to be bid as a lump sum.  A new drive way permit will need to be applied for from Dodge County.  Laurel stated that she has been advised that CD Smith is a good company.  The road and grading is included in the bid price.  Question was raised about using United Liquid Waste (which is a Clyman entity) for the clean out of the lagoons.  Jeff Montpas indicated that he will check on this further with CD Smith to see if possibly ULWR could be used.   CD Smith would actually be responsible for the subs they hire.  Motion by Laurel to award the bid of the wastewater treatment facility project and DPW garage to CD Smith of Fond du Lac in the amount of $2,216,000.  Seconded by Randy.  Motion carried.  Jeff M. will now start the project process.  Jeff anticipates that all documents should be in place by the end of March.  At that time a preconstruction meeting will be scheduled. 

Discussion was held regarding the additional grant funding and possibly completing the items that the   DOJ and DNR wanted done concerning the I/I issues.  Jeff M. felt that the best recommendation would be to do it now since there is the extra funding.   Jeff M. will put together a contract and scope of services so that the Village is aware of what it is looking at spending with regard to doing it all or doing a part.  A lot will depend on what Jeff finds on the sewer tapes.  He will bring this back to the April meeting along with his recommendations. 

Resolution Authorizing and Approving an Application to the Wisconsin Rural Water Construction Loan Program, Village of Clyman Resolution No. 2010-002– This resolution is intended to authorize that the Village has legal authority to submit the Application to Wisconsin Rural Water and has the financial, technical and managerial capacity to repay the interim financing and loan and ensure proper construction, operation and maintenance of the project for its design life, and to express its official intent to use the proceeds of the interim financing to reimburse construction expenditures made prior to the closing of the interim financing.  Motion by Laurel/Ed to accept Resolution No. 2010-002 as written.   Motion carried. 

Right of Way Certificate– This is a form that is required by USDA and states that the village holds continuous and adequate rights of way as well as necessary permits on private lands needed for the WWTF.  Motion by Laurel/Ed to approve.  Motion carried.

Resolution – Use of Streets and Alleys– The purpose of this document is to grant perpetual easements for the use of streets and alleys for purposes of construction and operation of the WWTF.  Motion by Randy/Laurel to adopt said Resolution.  Motion carried. 

Use of Fryberger, Buchanan, Smith & Frederickas Bond Counsel for WWTF Project – Jeff Wagner explained that the village could not use Tom Mountin, as previously agreed to because his firm was not on Rural Development’s bond counsel list.  After reviewing the list provided by USDA and comparing the cost factor, it was determined that Mary Frances Skala of Fryberger, Buchanan, Smith & Frederick of Duluth, Minnesota provided the most cost effective quote.  Counsel needs to be on board before the village can move forward with the funding.   Motion by Laurel/Randy to accept Fryberger, Buchanan, Smith and Frederick as Bond Counsel.  Motion carried. 

Tracy Easement– Kris advised that Steve Hannan stated that he has not heard from Attorney Sciascia.  When Steve called him, Attorney Sciascia said he would get something to Steve in the near future.  Jeff M. advised that Bob is going to put the culvert in next fall.  Jeff M. is hopeful the board will have something to look at by the March board meeting. 

Annexation of Wastewater Treatment Facility and DPW Garage Land– Kris and Jeff M. advised that they have been in touch with Steve Hannan regarding the annexation of the land.  According to Wis. Stats. No. 66.0223, the Village will need to pass an Ordinance annexing the territory.  Thereafter, 7 certified copies along with copies of the plat showing the boundaries needs to be sent to the Secretary of State.  Town Chairman Dave Blank had been informed that this proposed annexation was going to be on the agenda and understood that the Village needed to do this.  Motion by Laurel/Ed to accept Ordinance No. 2010-003 Annexing Territory Located Adjacent to the Village of Clyman.  Motion carried.    

Bank Facility to Use for Funding the WWTF Loan and Grant Funds– Kris asked the Board if they had a preference as to what banking facility the Village should use for this project.  She advised that the auditors did feel that the Village should try to utilize other banking facilities so that in the event something happened with the State Bank of Reeseville, they would have funds available in another banking institution.  Kris also stated that there have been some issues with the State Bank of Reeseville that have been experienced, however, it is convenient.  Kris advised that she has been talking with CEO Jerry Adams regarding this funding and feels that she would have no problems in dealing this him.  The Board agreed to keep the funding with the State Bank of Reeseville provided we would be dealing with a senior officer.

DNR Action Against the Village of Clyman - The Judgment in the matter has been filed and the first installment of $2,000 of the $5,000 settlement is due April 5, 2010.  Kris inquired as to whether the DNR progress reports would have to continue to be filed once the treatment facility and DNR compliance issues are met.  Jeff M. indicated that he will continue to do the DNR progress reports. 

Utility Rate Increase –Jeff M. advised that USDA Rural Development requires that we have an ordinance establishing a sewer. While the Village does have a sewer ordinance in place, it is outdated.  Jeff is currently working on one and will continue to get that in place.  He further advised that he estimates that the sewer charges will rise to approximately $17.16 per 1,000 gallons compared to the current rate of $6.49.  In addition the meter base charge will be $17 per month compared to current $8.40 per month.  Jeff M.  Indicated that these numbers will not go up but could possibly come down.  He estimates that sewer charges will be approximately $81 per month however; he anticipates that water usage will go down.  Kris advised that at the previous board meeting, the Board had agreed that Kris should look into increasing the water rates by three percent; however, John Andres of Baker, Tilly, suggested that the village hold off on the increase because the Village may not qualify for it and also to getting the sewer charges in place.  Jeff M. indicated that he will get with John to further discuss this.  Jeff will also get with Steve Hannan to review this.  He will then get together with some of the board to go over the details such as forfeitures, etc., which need to be in place before the sewer ordinance can be completed.    Jeff M. will provide the Board with information as to how he came up with the rates. 

Fire Department – John Haase was not present for the meeting due to being on vacation.  Doug Hartman, representing the Clyman Fire Commission, wanted the Board to be aware of statutes regarding disciplinary actions against subordinates involved with the Fire Department.   He indicated that he knows that this has to go before the Commission.  He also indicated that he feels that the Fire Department, Village and Town could be open for a lawsuit against sexual discrimination involving a FD member.  He stated that Tim Whitham (Fire Commission chairman) advised him that he takes his order from the Boards.  Kathy Vergenz asked where the Fire Commission was at.  She was advised that they are currently trying to get job descriptions in place.  Kathy advised that she is aware that with the last 3 First Responder calls there was only 1 person that responded.  Doug feels that the community is being put in danger because of the pettiness that is going on in the Fire Department.  He was advised that it takes time for the Fire Commission to come up with ideas and to gel together.  Question was asked about what the Fire Commission was in place to do.  It was felt this Commission would take up issues and bring a recommendation back to the board after review.  Dave Blank suggested that there be a joint meeting to further discuss the fire commission.  Ed asked who put the disciplinary letter regarding Dave DeCono in the paper.  Doug indicated that he does not know and won’t speculate.  He would appreciate it if the Village Board members could attend the next Fire commission meeting.  Michele DeCono gave a background on the grant process that occurred.  Ed asked if Chief Haase had talked to the fire commission before the disciplinary letter against Dave DeCono was handed out but that was unknown.

Request to Use Village Hall for Fire Association Meetings.  – Doug Hartman indicated that the Association has been told that they can no longer use the Fire Department facility to hold their meetings.   Lorrie Hartman felt that the village hall would be more handicap accessible.  Laurel feels that they should be meeting at the Fire Department and should be allowed access, but since they have been told that they can’t, she does not have a problem with them meeting at the Village Hall.  The Board agreed that they could hold their Fire Association Meetings at the Village Hall. 

Emergency Medical Responders - Coordinator Marty Pint presented bills for payment.  Laurel advised him that that she has read that there is an organization that will prepare Wills for first line personnel at a discounted or free rate.  Marty indicated that he will try to get further information on this. 

Police Report– Chief Chad Enright gave his monthly report.  He also gave a presentation regarding the 2010 mobile data computer plan that he would like to further explore on behalf of the village.  Chad indicated that upon his initial investigation into this it was priced at $10,000.  After looking at different alternatives, he purchased a refurnished computer for the squad at a cost of $500 with left over budget money from 2009.  At a training exercise, he learned that the Village of Hustisford got hooked up to the mobile data computer for considerably less.  He indicated that the county has changed their policy regarding the software and that municipalities can now “borrow” the software.  Having this available in the squads would allow the officers to check driver’s license, driver’s photos, do records checks, print and issue citations.  In order to get approval from the County to have this access, Chad would need approval from the Board.  It would involve a $500 onetime fee to get access to the County’s Tiburon software program.  In addition, he would need to get the Verizon wireless internet plan which is estimated at $40 per month.  He would also need to purchase a thermal printer.  Chad gave a break down in the cost and estimates that for a year the cost should be about $1600 with a $50 annual maintenance fee with Dodge County and $480 for internet access.  He is not asking for any additional budget monies.  The Board advised Chad to continue to pursue this and had the Board’s backing. 

Utility Audit– Kris advised that Baker Tilly had discovered that some of the rate changes had not been made when the rates were increased in 2009, and as a result the utility suffered a loss in revenue.  Baker Tilly advised that they could correct the problem for a fee of approximately $1,000 to $1,500 or the board could forgive the loss, correct the rates and proceed from here.  The Board felt that the rates should be changed and move on from here given the cost of the report to correct the problem. 

Water Tower Color– Tim Dornfeld presented the Board with various water tower colors to choose from.  The Board felt that it should be painted clear sky and tnemec white. 

Seneca Water Main– Tim Dornfeld advised that Seneca is in the process of rerouting some of their water mains.  Tim indicated that it is in that area where most of the breaks occur.  Since Seneca wants to move these mains, Tim would like to replace a section of the main.  While he did not have any figures, Tim estimates that the maximum cost to replace the Village section would be $10,000.   The Board requested that Tim get an estimate and bring back to the board or advise the board what the cost would be. 

Use of Village Dumpster by Clyman Sportsmen’s Club - Randy Roberts requested to use the Village Dumpster about once a month to dump the shells from the Sportsman Club.  The Board did not have a problem with it because the Sportsman Club is a community organization. 

Humane Society Contract - Kris advised that she has talked with the Director of the Humane Society regarding the Village having a set amount contract with them.  The Director felt that the Village should continue with their per call contract for this year to see what the Village actually ends up paying for this year.  The Director felt that she didn’t want the Village to overpay if there are not that many calls and doesn’t want the Humane Society to lose out if there are many calls.  We can then review it next year to see how the figures came out.  Kris also indicated that they will also be more cognizant of whether it is a Town or Village of Clyman call. 

Property and Liability Insurance Quote– Kris advised that she contacted R&R Insurance – League of Wis. Municipalities to obtain an additional quote but did not hear back from them.  Richards Insurance provided a quote for $17,661, compared with $16,523 for 2009.  Motion by Ed/Laurel to accept the Richards Insurance proposal   Motion carried. 

Invoices– Motion by Laurel/Lorrie to approve and pay bills.  Motion carried. 

Next meeting date– The next meeting date will be March 22 at 6:30. 

Motion by Laurel/Lorrie to adjourn.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 9:30. 


                                                                                          Respectfully Submitted:

Kris Kohlhoff




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