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Regular Monthly Meeting
Jun 21, 2010



June 21, 2010 - 6:30 pm

The monthly meeting of the Clyman Village Board was called to order by Village President Jeff Wagner at 6:30 PM with Board Members Laurel Finger, Randy Roberts, Ed Wolff and Lorrie Hartman present. Also present were Utility Superintendent Tim Dornfeld and Clerk/Treasurer Kris Kohlhoff.

Minutes - The minutes of the previous meeting had been provided to the Board Members. Motion by Laurel/Lorrie to approve. Motion carried.

Construction Progress - Jeff Montpas of MSA Professional Services advised that the tanks are done and the interior walls have been poured. It is now ready to be closed up and backfill the tanks. A leak test will be done at some point. The water main is in to the site under County J. Some of the force main is in. There are still some sections to come in for the lift station. Plans for the building have been submitted and it is still the plan to have everything done by late fall. Good progress is being made. Jeff M. indicated that he has talked with Dodge County about the fire hydrants. The hydrants will be flipped to the back side of the main. Dodge County approved the placement of the hydrants but as a safety issue, they will be moved. Fire Chief John Haase questioned the distance of the hydrants off the road. Jeff M. indicated that he will look at this and see what can be done.

Additional Sewer Televising - The Expediters have finished televising the rest of the sewer system as best they could. In order to finish they need to grind out all the mineral deposits, some of which are 2 -3 inches thick. Their estimate for this part of the project was 2 days, 2 trucks, for an estimate of about $7200. After this has been completed, they will proceed into televising the laterals. The mineral deposits would need to be removed anyhow. Laurel asked if money will be available to finish the televising. Jeff M. indicated that the initial estimate had included $235,000 for sewer rehab. Rural Development wants to make sure that the additional funds can be used for the sewer rehab. Motion by Laurel/Randy to continue and finalize the televising. Motion carried.

Pay requests - Jeff M. indicated that the second pay request is $367,312.95. Based on previous approval by the Board, these requests were signed by VP Jeff Wagner. Jeff W. also questioned when the Highway J restoration would be complete. Jeff M. will check on this but estimates it will be about 2 weeks.

Sewer Ordinance - This new ordinance required by Rural Development was put together by Attorney Steve Hannan, Jeff Montpas and Kris Kohlhoff and appears to be pretty straight forward. There were some issues with the semantics for the violations. Connection fees have been established at $4900 which includes paying for the additional capacity of the plant. The smaller the municipality, the bigger the connection fee. The rates and volume charges listed in the ordinance are as follows:

V.C. - Total volumetric chargeV. - Total volume of water used during billing period in units of 1,000 gallons.CV. - Volume unit price - $ 11.37 per 1,000 gallons.Note: The conversion factor used to convert gallons to cubic feet is 7.48 gallons per cubic foot.

$ 1.74 is for operation and maintenance$ 0.76 is for replacement costs.$ 8.87 is for debt retirement costs.(2) Monthly Service Charges

Meter Size Per Month Fee

5/8 inch water meter $34.33

1 inch water meter $61.03

1 ¼ inch water meter $95.36

1 ½ inch water meter $137.31

2 inch water meter $244.11

3 inch water meter $549.25

4 inch water meter $976.44

6 inch water meter $2,197.00

8 inch water meter $3,905.77

Laurel questioned the minimum forfeiture violation but Jeff M. pointed out that this amount is per day of violation. Motion by Laurel/Randy to approve the sewer ordinance as presented. Roll call vote taken with all board members approving unanimously.

Office furniture - Kris advised that she has been looking at office furniture for the DPW office. She is looking at modular furniture and has received two quotes. One quote from Emmons Business Interiors in Madison was for $3300 and the quote from Total Business Solutions in Beaver Dam was for $3500. The Board suggested contacting Total Business Solutions to see if they would price match. Discussion was also held about cabinets for the DPW Office. Jeff M. indicated that cabinets and sink were included in the bid from CD Smith; however office furniture and computer were not included.

Broadband Internet- Dave Roller of Netwurx addressed the board regarding mounting antennas on the water tower for broadband internet. He indicated that he talked with Jeff Montpas of MSA about the possibility of installing something on the tower. He indicated that mountings would be done with epoxy and do not require welding on the tower. He presented the board with a drawing about how it would look. They would sand the paint off and then redo the paint. There would be 16 mounting points on the handrail (safety rail) which they would pay for and install on the tower. He will provide a list of people that we can call to see how they like it. There would be 6 antennas (4 sectors and 2 directional). Looks like a small crown. Netwurx currently has equipment on top of the tower in Reeseville. The cost to residents would be about $40 per month. Netwurx would typically waive the set up fee upon sign up provided there is a clear line of site. If their equipment interferes with Verizon, Netwurx would have 3 days to fix the problem or they have to remove their equipment. Most water towers have other carriers on them. Amy Nehls stated that if Netwurx equipment is on the radio towers it has to be pretty safe. The range depends on which frequency is used but was estimated at 10 miles with clear site and 6 without clear line of site. Netwurx would compensate the Village $200 per month. The Board advised that they could keep moving on the project and provide the board with more information at the next meeting.

Maintenance Compliance Resolution - Tim explained the DNR maintenance compliance resolution filing requirements to the Board for their approval. Motion by Laurel/Randy to accept the resolution as presented. Motion carried.

Liquor and Operator Licenses - Copies of liquor license applications for the Clyman Lions, Mercer T's and the Hardware Store were provided to the Board. The Board also received operator license applications from Steve Lehmann, Martin Pint, Neal Kohlhoff, Lyle Elske, Nancy Basol, Dean Elske, Bobbi Niemuth, Ashaly Adkins, Timothy B. Mercer, Malissa R. Adkins, Alexandra Elaine Mercer, Colleen R. Krause, John Butske, Brad Batcher, Gerald Polster, William D. Siegel, and Donald Raffaelli. Cigarette Licenses were also requested for The Hardware Store and Mercer T's. Motion by Laurel/Ed to approve all liquor, operator and cigarette licenses. Motion carried. Jeff Wagner recommended that places put an ashtray out for their customers that go outside to smoke.

Police Report - Police Chief Chad Enright presented his report to the Board. He advised that the department is still in the process of completing the computer upgrade in the vehicle. Lorrie asked about getting Officer Olbinski something for his perfect score in shooting or recognizing him in some way. Chad will look into this. Laurel questioned the vehicle maintenance schedule such as the vehicle washing and Chad indicated that if they go to Juneau, they have the inmates wash the vehicle for free. Chad indicated that the officers will be splitting their time before the first and last half of the month.

Dirt Bank at the Corner of Church and Territorial - Tim advised that residents have brought this issue up to him as they are concerned about pulling out into oncoming traffic. Tim will bring back more information at the next meeting.

Fire Department - Chief John Haase presented bills for payment. He also advised that he received a $100 donation from Jeff and Jeanne Kreuziger. He also provided a copy of a FD grant application for the DNR which would require a $2150 payment if received in 2011.

Suspension of Hourly Training Benefit (Resolution No. 2010-004) - Kris explained that given the budget situation of the Fire Department, a way for the Department to conserve money would be to suspend the amounts paid to members for their time going to training as well as mileage payments. She advised that the Town of Clyman recently passed the same resolution. John also confirmed that area departments do not cover time and mileage for training. Motion by Randy/Laurel to accept Resolution No. 2010-004 - Suspension of Hourly Training Benefit for Clyman Fire Department and Emergency Medical Responders due to Budget Constraints. Motion carried.

Mutual Aid Box Alarm System Agreement (MABAS) - Chief Haase explained that this is a new Midwestern state agreement that municipalities are adopting which provides for a broader range of mutual aid. As it is now, when a call is made for mutual aid, only 20% of the surrounding area can respond. This agreement expands the territory. The state is pushing this. If Clyman doesn't go with this, then basically they can't be called for aid by another MABAS county. The chief will still have jurisdiction over who is called. The Township passed this at their last meeting. Motion by Laurel/Randy to approve going with MABAS. Motion carried.

Fire Department Personnel Policy - Laurel and Kris expressed concern that they felt the policy was written more for a bigger full time department given some of the items that were in the policy. Tim Whitman of the Fire commission advised that he felt that the Boards wanted the commission to get a personnel policy in place and this is what they went with. Laurel advised that she wished the Boards could have reviewed the policy before it was given out to the members.

First Responders - Coordinator Marty Pint advised that Randy Key and Lorrie Hartman had put up a flyer at Seneca about trying to recruit members. Randy questioned about what would be paid for regarding training if recruitment involves non-residents. The Board advised that this would have to be decided at a joint meeting. Chief Haase indicated that when they get someone to sign up, then it will be discussed at a joint meeting. Tim Whitman indicated that the books and tuition should be applied across the board because Seneca was paying for their time on a call.

Citizen Comment - Laurel advised that she has received a call about the mess of the yard around the Shea property. She felt that a silt fence was needed around the dirt and a fence or cover should be placed around the open basement. Kris will get in touch with Steve Hannan and see what can be done. Laurel also had pictures of the Thompson property showing the thistles and weeds. Kris advised that Barry Thompson had called indicating that he would have it taken care of by June 28th.

Laurel stated that she felt the summer employees need to have a shirt on and their pants pulled up when working. Tim advised that he will talk with the employee. She would also like to have the wood chips from the stump grinding in the park cleaned up and would like the playground area checked for weeds and sticks.

Kris advised about a foreclosure matter where a village resident received CDBG grant funds from the village. As a result the Village of Clyman is named as a defendant in the foreclosure action. Attorney Steve Hannan has filed a notice to receive any funds that may be remaining upon the completion of the foreclosure.

Trustee Ed Wolff advised that he will be moving from the Village effective August 1, 2010. He will still be retaining rental property as well as his business within the Village. The Board will need to seek appointing a replacement for him given the fact that he was elected to a 2 year term in April.

Motion by Laurel/Lorrie to approve the invoices and pay the bills. Motion carried.

Due to vacations, the next meeting date will be August 2 at 6:30 PM.

Motion by Laurel/Ed to adjourn. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted:

Kris Kohlhoff, Clerk/Treasurer

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