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Regular Monthly Meeting
Aug 23, 2010

August 23, 2010

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM by Village President, Jeff Wagner with board members Laurel Finger, Randy Roberts, Ed Wolff and Lorrie Hartman present. Also present were Utility Superintendent Tim Dornfeld and Engineer Jeff Montpas of MSA .

Minutes – Laurel pointed out an error whereby the phrase should have been Rural Development instead of just Rural. Motion by Laurel/Ed to approve the minutes with corrections noted. Motion carried.

Wastewater Treatment Facility – DNR has reissued the discharge permit. It states that the influent samples will be taken at the lift station, however, Jeff Montpas said they will being taken at the plant. DNR is basing their PH limits on samples from the lagoon when it will be coming from the sand filter which will increase the limits. Jeff M. indicated that he will write a letter on this. DNR put all the agreed reporting in the permit. The abandonment date of the lagoons needs to be changed to 7/1/11.

Jeff M. advised that construction is moving forward. All steel was to be delivered for the building on August 20 and also placing the media for the sand filter. The middle of September expects to have the sand filter ready to go. The screen room is expected to be finished and the frame work for the building will be put around it. The fire hydrant moving is done. Everything is on schedule to have the plant operating by mid-October. There is a lot of stuff to be done but it is ahead of schedule.

The fourth pay request for the contractors is $299,258.59. This is consistent with what they have asked for. To date a total of $1.26M has been spent and we are about half way done with the project. The fourth pay request from the loan is for $319,765.74. Jeff M. also had a signed copy of Change Order #1. Change Order No. 2 is engineering proposal #4 for the yard hydrant at the lift station. The proposal is to run 1 ½ metered water service. The value of the change order is $3,351. Motion by Laurel/Ed to accept Change Order #2, item No. 4, pending final approval at the building meeting on August 24. Motion carried.

Railroad culvert – Jeff M. indicated that he has not heard anything from the railroad. He is also waiting for the signed copy of the easement with Mr. Tracy. Tim questioned if Jeff could get the railroad to move faster. Jeff said he will try but we have the agreement with Mr. Tracy who is legally bound by the agreement. We will keep pushing on this and see where they are at. Jeff has advised the DNR that we are working on it. It is scheduled to be done, is not fully blocked and water continues to flow through it.

Deobligation letter – Jeff has not received an explanation letter back from USDA. Jeff M. stated that USDA representatives would like to talk to us about it but Jeff has advised them that we still want it in writing.

Run off Problem at the South End of Church Street – The biggest problem is the water run off that is it coming into the village and the village having to deal with it. Gil Hantzsch and Jeff M. took a look at it and discussed if there is a way to take it into the well house. This would keep the problem within the town. Tim questioned it flooding a farmer’s field. Rerouting the water would ultimately involve a DNR decision. As it is now, the crops come up to 4 or 5 feet within the berm. A suggestion was made to raise the cover on Territorial to allow more water to drain into it. This problem is overloading the village system but is coming from an off sight source. A buffer would help to slow it down and allow it to build up in the field. This will need to be a collaboration with the town and property owner. Kris will check with the Village Attorney about this. Jeff M. suggested a high water overflow pipe that would take the water west.

Broadband Internet – Bertram Wireless will not be submitting a bid per a letter received on August 23, 2010. Netwurx submitted a proposal and advised that they have received approval from Verizon to attach to the tower. The proposal is to mount on the equipment that is there now. Netwurx will have to come to an agreement with Verizon and provide proof to the Village. Netwurx is proposing to pay the Village $250 a month on an annual basis. Netwurx antennas will not touch any of the paint or tank surfaces that have not already been engineered. They can co-exist with Verizon utilizing their equipment on the Village tower and it will not be touching any coating on the interior or exterior of tower. Netwurx ground installation is a 3x3x1 pad and they would need a 10 amp circuit. They still have to work out the fine details with Verizon. Laurel suggested that we have something in the wording about the contract length and consistent wording. A suggestion was made to have the tower maintenance company, Utility Service, sign off on the contract also. Motion by Laurie/Laurel to accept the Netwurx agreement provided the Village receives an agreement letter from Verizon and Utility Service. Motion carried.

Police Report – Kris advised that she did not receive the police report .

Fire Commission Report – Kris reported that PoliceCommission Clerk Amy Nehls requested possibly purchasing a gift card for the interview panel that will be conducting the officer interviews. Kris advised that the mileage from BD would equal 30 miles and there was one representative from Grand Chute which would be 160 miles. Lorrie expressed disappointment that $100 was spent on lunch without approval from the Board. The Board recommends a $20 gas card be purchased for the interview panel.

Fire Department/EMR Report – John Haase presented bills for payment. He also had a $500 donation from the Watertown Lions Club. John indicated he will take care of sending a thank you note. Kris questioned about the grant funds and when the monies would be needed. John indicated that the equipment has been ordered.

Railroad Crossing – Kris advised that she has been advised from the Railroad Commission Office that the hearing has been postponed for one week to allow Union Pacific to fix the crossing so that the hearing can be eliminated. This is at Union Pacific’s request.

Citizen Comment – The Board agreed that citizen complaints need to be addressed in person at regular board meetings or in writing so that these can be addressed in the minutes. If a complaint is received in writing, it must be signed by a resident. Letters without a signature will not be addressed. Doug Hartman felt that he understood the Statutes to state that the Fire Commission can only appoint the Chief and the Chief must appoint the officers. The Board will actually be appointing them on the recommendation of the commission. It was felt that both municipalities should be on the same page. Doug suggested that the rules of the meeting be stated at the beginning so that people are aware of how the meeting process will work. It was suggested that the Boards convene into closed session to choose the Chief first and then come out of closed and announce who the chief is. Then return to closed with the new chief to go through the appointments of the remainder of the officers. Doug felt that this would satisfy his issue with the Chief being involved in choosing the officers. This will be relayed to the Fire Commission.

Correspondence – Tim advised the Board about the Tarkenton water issue. He said that since the sump pumps are now working, the problem doesn’t seem as bad. Tim reported that the problem is also being addressed with the basement water repair company.

Personnel – Kris advised that Tim had the Village Truck repaired from the accidents during the winter and spring. Kris advised that she has received a request from Chuck Burkholz, regarding his payment request of $150 per quarter to maintain the website. The Board felt that $600 a year was a lot and for that amount of money, could provide training for Kris to maintain the website for a lot less. The domain name belongs to the Village so we should check with Chuck about paying for the domain name and allow Kris to get training to maintain the website.

Election Worker – Kris advised that Jeanne Hoevet is retiring as an election worker. Kris indicated that Michelle Murphy is interested in taking over the position. Motion by Laurel/Ed to approve Michelle Murphy as an election worker. Motion carried.

Village Trustee – Four candidates applied for the vacated seat of Ed Wolff. Those applying were Mike Siegel, Barb Klingbiel, Jackie Hartman-Tollefson, and Joe Roberts. Jeff Wagner asked that since the Board is familiar with everyone, would anyone have an objection to a ballot vote, to which no one had an objection. A ballot vote was taken. Tim collected the ballots and Kris and Tim counted. There were 2 votes for Mike Siegel and 3 votes for Joe Roberts, therefore, Joe Roberts will be the new trustee. Ed was thanked for his service on the Board and to the Village.

Invoices – Motion by Lorrie/Ed to approve the bills and pay the invoices. Motion carried.

Eric Howlett advised that on the posters for the fire department dinner, it should say that the proceeds will go to the fire association but he made a mistake and it only says the fire department. This was an oversight on his part.

Next Meeting Date – The joint meeting with the Fire Commission will be held on August 30, 2010 at 7:00; and the next regular board meeting will be September 27 at 6:30 PM.

Tim advised that Well No. 2 is putting out less and less and having problems. Tim had Midwest Electric out and they took an average reading. Tim thinks that there is a hole in the pipe. He was just letting the board know and will keep them informed. Tim thanked Joe Roberts for filling in when he was on vacation.

Kris advised that she has contacted Baker Tilly to project a budget for the sewer since this has not been completed before but which is needed for the Wastewater Project.

Motion by Lorrie/Ed to adjourn. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM.

Respectfully submitted:

Kris Kohlhoff

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