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Regular Monthly Meeting
Aug 02, 2010



August 2, 2010 - 6:30 PM

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM by Village President Jeff Wagner with Trustees Laurel Finger, Randy Roberts, Ed Wolff and Lorrie Hartman present. Also present were Utility Superintendent Tim Dornfeld and Clerk Kris Kohlhoff.

Minutes - Minutes from the previous meeting had previously been provided to the board members. Motion by Laurel/Lorrie to accept the minutes as written. Motion carried.

Fire Department - Chief John Haase presented bills for payment. John advised that there was a donation to the FD for a new siren on one of the fire trucks which came from Eric and Jackie Howlett and United Liquid Waste Recycling in the amount of $2675.25. The Board expressed their appreciation for the donation. John advised that he is in the process of determining how much is left in the budget before they go ahead with further schooling and education. Lorrie questioned when the EMS would get their paychecks. John advised that he has been unable to get with Marty to go over the information needed to pay the first responders.

Tanker Repair - Kris advised that the Attorney Griggs has been unable to secure a settlement on the repair of the fire truck tank with UPF, who is the manufacturer of the tank. Attorney Griggs is requesting that suit be commenced against the company in an effort to try to achieve a settlement. Kris advised that she did not know how Attorney Griggs would bill for the commencement of the suit, but that normally, the attorney takes a percentage of the amount collected. Motion by Lorrie/Laurel to advise Attorney Griggs that the Village would support commencement of a lawsuit with UPF. Motion carried.

Fire Commission Report - Lorrie questioned whether the interview panel was being paid and who was providing the lunch. This information was not known. She also asked about going into closed session at the joint meeting on August 30 indicating that she did not feel the boards should go into closed session. Jeff advised that the boards will have the right to vote on whether to go into closed session. Jeff also advised that the interview meeting does have to be posted based on information from several attorneys. Kris advised that she has talked with Dave Beal and that if the Board has questions, they should be submitted to him as soon as possible.

Construction Progress Report - Jeff Montpas of MSA advised that everything is going along well. The force main and water main are in and the process tanks are complete as far as pouring the concrete. Foundations have been poured for the building. The sand filter has been rough graded. Jeff is pleased with the progress so far. The lagoons could be abandoned this fall.

The televising of the main sewer lines is done. The manhole assessment is done. Jeff is not going to have them do any work on the laterals because Rural has said they are only willing to fund Main, Territorial, Collins, and First and Seneca. Jeff is doing an amended facility plan report to include all laterals. He is hoping to have that done in the next week. Jeff is not intending to give them a full breakdown in the report because they already have the first report. There are pipes and laterals that are broken that need to be fixed and this amended plan will address this.

Jeff presented Pay Request No. 3 in the amount of $428,864.60 which included bills from CD Smith, MSA, and the Village of Clyman. There being no objections, Jeff Wagner signed the pay request.

Change Orders - Jeff Montpas went through the change orders in the total amount of $9,948. He explained that the hydrant valves are also included in these change orders which cost approximately $1,000 each. These were not a change order, but were just overlooked in the original proposal. Jeff advised that the driveway permit is a separate permit and needs to be in compliance with county regulations. Laurel questioned MSA being aware of these items. Jeff advised that the proposal using the control building sewer discharge point from the splitter box is a better situation in the event of sewage backup. Question was raised about putting a check plug in the lateral. Jeff advised that if the check plug gets plugged up, then Tim can't use any of the facilities. There are several ways to correct this, but this would be the best situation. Jeff indicated that there are 5 different change orders out there, but we have only received 4. These change orders come out of the contingencies of $325,000. Motion by Ed/Laurel to accept change order No. 1 as proposed. Motion carried.

Deobligation Letter from USDA - Jeff Montpas advised USDA wants to deobligate $216,000 from the funds they have granted to the Village however, their letter does not provide an adequate explanation for deobligating the funds. Jeff Montpas and Kris both advised that they have requested another letter from USDA further explaining the deobligation of the $216,000. The current letter does not indicate the breakdown and the reason. Until that letter is received the deobligation letter will not be signed.

Railroad Culvert - Jeff M. advised that the railroad culvert is on line to be replaced. He has been advised that water is currently flowing through the culvert, but the culvert is scheduled to be replaced. By the time increased flow is expected, it should be replaced.

Kris advised that she has been checking on the state trust fund loan information. She will have further information on this matter for the next meeting. The Board will look into combining the current loan with the new loan.

Laurel advised that recently she drove by the plant and there were people working on the site without hard hats on. She advised that no one from CD Smith was there however, a subcontractor was working and she felt that they were on sight under unsafe practices. They did not have hardhats or shirts on. Jeff M. advised that he has talked with representatives of CD Smith and that this was also going to be discussed at the contractors meeting on Tuesday. Hardhats are an OSHA issue and shorts and shirts are a contactor issue. Jeff asked that if a board member goes to the site, borrow a hardhat or stay beyond the sign and advise that you are a board member.

Church Street Field Run Off - Doyle Rettschlag addressed the board concerning problems with flooding on Church and Klatt Streets. He indicated that when he moved in over 30 years ago, he did not have a flooding issue but that there was a rock wall on the side of the field near the end of Church Street. That wall was removed and since then there has been flooding. When Armond Schmidt was president, there was a burm put up to deter the water but this has since deteriorated. Doyle indicated that there is no top soil left in the field. He thinks this could be an easy fix but doesn't know if the land owners will accept it. Tim stated that the village problem exists as a result of a township field. Doyle indicated that he drove through 2-1/2 feet of water to get to work. Tim indicated that we cannot take the water to the west because that would cause flooding problems in another area. To put a bigger pipe down Church Street would be a very expensive proposal. Tim stated that the catch basin pipe could be made bigger. Doyle said that he believed that an agreement was reached back in the 80's with the land owners that an acre buffer would be put in along with a wall that would hold back the water. This may come down to a legal issue. Tim will work with Jeff Montpas and Gil Hantzsch on this issue. This could possibly fall under the highly erodible land issue with the DNR. The Village will contact the town and the owners, Ron and Alan Rettschlag, about this problem.

Doyle also asked if he could fill in the low spot in his back yard so that water does not pool there. This would be considered basically a landscape issue and he would be allowed to do it but if the water then goes to the neighbor's, this would then be a matter between the neighbors.

Summer Sewer Credit - Baker Tilly had prepared a letter for the Board to review questioning whether the Village should continue to grant a summer sewer credit to the village residents. This summer sewer credit is given to the residents during the months of May through September. The Board felt that with the recent increase in rates, this was a way to help the residents save a little bit on their utility bills during those months. The Board decided to let the summer sewer credit continue.

Broadband Internet Proposal - Two companies were represented, Bertram Wireless and Netwurx. The board advised that they were comfortable with going forth with the broadband connection on the water tower. Netwurx has been working with Verizon and was advised by Verizon that they have problems with the vertical antennas. Compensation was the issue for the village. Question rose if both companies can operate together on the tower. This may cause conflicts. Netwurx advised that MSA did not want to draw up the plans for their company because MSA felt it would be conflict of interest since they represent the Village. The bottom line will be who gives the best proposal and what is in it for the Village. Both companies will submit sealed proposals to be opened at the August 23rd meeting. The proposals will have to include written approval from Verizon, an engineered stamped drawing of the mount to the tank, Utility Services approval, and compensation to Village. The submitted proposals will be opened at the next meeting on August 23.

Police report - Chief Chad Enright advised that officer Kevin Kluck is on family leave due to the recent birth of his son. The laptop has been installed in the squad and the officers have attended training for it. Chad has had a departmental meeting and wants to be proactive with the department. The current rule in place is that the officers work 20 hours per month. They will get 3 unexcused strikes, after that Chad will decide what kind of punishment they receive. They will now sign up for half of their hours during each part of the month. One officer a month will be assigned to check the phone calls. Chad will evaluate this process until the end of the year. He is trying to be accommodating to the officers so they remain with the village. Discussion held regarding the smoking ban.

Dirt Bank at the Corner of Church and Territorial - Tim advised that he has had the county look at it and the county feels all expenses would fall on the Village. After discussion Lorrie suggested putting up a dangerous intersection sign. The board felt that this avenue should be explored first before any expense is incurred.

Resolution Approving Policy for Review of Alcohol Beverage Operator License Applications - Motion by Laurel/Randy to accept Resolution No. 2010-006 as written. Motion carried.

Regulation of Smoking Ordinance - Motion by Ed/Laurel to accept Ordinance No. 2010-007 regarding the regulation of smoking within the Village. Motion carried. Kris advised that she has noticed that there are a lot more cigarette butts on the streets outside the bars. The Board suggested that a letter be written to the business owners asking that in lieu of stricter enforcement of the litter ordinance, if the owners would voluntarily clean the streets in front of their businesses on a regular basis.

Utility Commission Work Request - Kris advised that the Village currently does not have a policy by which village utility work is performed and often times, residents ask Tim to perform work on weekends and as a result, the Village ends up paying overtime. Also, sometimes this can result in work processes getting lost and residents not being billed properly. Using this form would require residents to fill out the form so that the work could be properly scheduled and this would also allow for a paper trail of the resident's request. The Board gave their approval.

Citizen Comment - Laurel indicated that she had a citizen express concern about how fast Eli drives the 4-wheeler and lawn mower. Discussion held on this. It was stated that there may be a perception that the vehicles are being driven faster than they actually are. Eli has not had any accidents or damaged any equipment because of his pace.

Personnel - Kris advised that she and Tim will both be on vacation. Kris will be out of the office August 9-10, returning August 11, and Tim will be back August 10 or 11. Chris Spilker will be holding village office hours while Kris is gone.

Invoices - Motion by Laurel/Ed to approve the invoices and pay the bills. Motion carried.

Laurel again requested that Eli wear a shirt. She has checked with other municipalities and they require a shirt to be worn. Tim indicated that he requested that Eli not wear a shirt in the park because there is another person that works at the park and he doesn't wear a shirt. Laurel feels that this is a safety issue. Tim indicated that he advised Eli that when he leaves the park he must wear a shirt. Tim felt that since Laurel was the only one that had the issue with this, she should handle it. Randy, Lorrie and Ed did not feel that anything could be enforced because the Village did not have a dress code.

Ed Wolff's letter of resignation was accepted. Jeff and Laurel indicated that they had talked to two different individuals that may possibly be interested. The Board will request letter of interest to be submitted to the Board by August 23 for review at the next meeting.

Motion by Laurel/Ed to adjourn. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 9:23

Respectfully submitted:

Kris Kohlhoff


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